Why hip pain during pregnancy and after childbirth?

If you sore hip joint during pregnancy – this suggests that softening of the joints and extension of the bones of the pelvis. Usually, the pain occurs in the area of the pubis and groin. It is associated with profound hormonal changes in the expectant mother. However, if a pregnant woman suffers from chronic pathologies of the skeletal system, such as coxarthrosis, or in the past has been traumatic damage to the pelvic bones, maybe the old diseases are felt by pain in the joint.

hip Pain during pregnancy

the skeletal system and pregnancy

It Should be noted that during pregnancy hormonal changes of the female body and affects the bones. This is manifested in the serous impregnation of all components of the hip joint (bone, cartilage, ligaments, etc.), which leads to their softening. In some women, the softening of the pelvic bones is significant, then, in the birth process leads to a pathological divergence of the symphysis pubis.

Most Often this happens if a pregnant narrow pelvis or a large fetus or a combination of these two factors. In addition, pregnancy increases the mobility of the hip joint and increases its volume. Moreover, this increase is due to the divergence of the pubic bone. It is necessary to tell that in norm the divergence of the pubic bones should not exceed 1.0 cm, which in some cases becomes the cause of flat feet. According to some medical experts, these changes in the skeletal system can be attributed to a form of toxemia of pregnancy.

In addition, pain in hip joint during pregnancy can remind myself old injury or chronic bone disease (coxarthrosis, etc.). As to the softening of the bones of the hip joint in pregnancy, it may not be yourself, but some expectant mothers are experiencing this discomfort or even pain. Also, apart from the fact that during pregnancy sore bones of the pelvis, many women have sore lower back because the lumbar-sacral region of the spine experiences a lot of stress associated with child bearing.

Old injuries cause pain in the hip joint

However, after 3-6 months postpartum musculoskeletal system is returned to its usual condition, disappear discomfort and pain.

It Must be said that changes in the skeletal system of a pregnant woman associated with a major restructuring of its endocrine system, which is designed to ensure the normal development of the fetus. Thus, during pregnancy increases the secretion of several hormones, for example, increases the production of growth hormone, which leads to some increase of the hands, jaw, brow, etc. On the other hand, during pregnancy decreases production of other hormones, for example, reduced function of the parathyroid glands, which leads to disruption of calcium metabolism and, consequently, to the appearance of cramps in the calf muscles, etc. It Should be noted that all these changes are temporary, and after birth the endocrine system of women normalizes the work of other vital systems of the body, including the musculoskeletal system.

causes of pain in hip joint

Based on the foregoing, we can highlight the following reasons why sore hip joint during pregnancy. This is because:

  • softens components of the joint under the influence of hormonal changes;
  • exacerbated chronic bone disease;
  • "like" about an old injury.

exercises for the prevention of pain in the hip joint

I Should say that the hip joint bears the lion's share of the burden of carrying the baby. He plays a great role in the process of labor activity, especially when a large fetus, narrow pelvis in women or a combination of these factors.

It Should be noted that in the case of narrow pelvis in a pregnant woman or a large fetus, or by combination of these factors can be pathological during childbirth, which can lead to divergence of the pubic bone, which is accompanied by intense pain. In this case, after the child is born, the woman complains of severe pain in the pubic area, especially during the movements of the legs, which increases when palpirovanie. In the diagnosis of divergence of the pubic bone, usually prescribe drug therapy, fixing bandages and bed rest for 3-5 weeks.

Prevention of pain

Because pregnancy places high demands on the female body, if there is pain in hip you should consult a doctor to determine the true cause of pain and correct destination safe treatment.

In General, if you are sick of the hip bone shouldto observe some simple rules, namely:

  • time to rest
  • regularly to keep leg horizontal to prevent swelling and varicose veins;
  • move slowly and smoothly;
  • to avoid physical activity and not to carry weight;
  • take a multivitamin (as directed by doctor)
  • to perform relaxation exercises of the muscles.

In addition, during the pregnancy and incontinence is recommended to perform exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that will help during labor and speed up the recovery of the female body after the baby is born.

These simple rules will help to maintain good health and prepare for a difficult and demanding process of childbirth.