Why joints ache during pregnancy and after childbirth and what to do about it?

If the aching joints during pregnancy, you should have a good understanding of the causes of this condition. Also important are time and timing, when there was such discomfort. After all, if they originated in the third trimester, it can occur that a fetus is already starting to gain weight and my mom's getting hard to carry your baby. Then the pain would occur not only in knees, but in the lumbar area. But as for early payment, then the cause may lie much deeper. Treatment will be determined based on various factors of pain.

joint Pain during pregnancy

Why is there discomfort during pregnancy?

Many women face this problem, such as pain in the joints. Why does it occur? And can hurt not only your knees, but even the fingers, though the load on them during this period is not so great, unlike feet. The main thing – to understand the reason, and there can be several.

joints Ache in pregnancy because it:

Change of a hormonal background. once a woman is pregnant, her body begins to actively relaxin are produced. TOOOhis hormone helps to relax the connective tissue, absorbing the water molecules, causing tissue razvlekayutsya. Such a process is activated in the later stages, to the pubic symphysis and sacrococcygeal joints were ready for the passage of the baby through the birth canal. But relaxin has a relaxing effect on all muscle tissues of the body, making regular physical activity and even the familiar weight begin to affect the joints differently.

This process is called arthralgia. There is a group of joints that are particularly mobile, such as the knees. With their constant movement and parallel relaxation of soft tissues, there is compression of the nerve roots, and those, in turn, cannot transmit nerve impulses in the adjacent joints.

overweight is the cause of joint pain

If joint pain during pregnancy due to changing hormonal levels, then treatment should:

  • maximum to reduce the burden on the patient or all of the joints in General;
  • to appoint a special locking device which limit the movement of the diseased joint;
  • to pay attention to the weight of the expectant mother, since every extra kilogram can be given pain.

Gout. This disease is a change in the exchange urates. Salts of uric acid in the body becomes too much, what starts the sediments and their accumulation in the internal organs, especially in the joints. This disease usually affects the metacarpophalangeal joints in the hands, and in most cases suffer first phalanx. Pain felt often at night, and the prerequisites for them there is a compliance with diet, specifically, the abuse of meat and wine.

Gout can long time not to be felt, if a pregnant would be to follow a diet. But any deviation in women will experience severe pain in the affected joint. Treatment in this case should be dealt with immediately, as in a protracted form of the disease to help the pregnant woman will be much more difficult.

gout Diet

Usually for the treatment of disease use medical therapy, which includes drugs that help to decrease the production of urates and helps to eliminate them from the body. But such treatment cannot be a woman in the position, as all these medicines provoke defects in the development of the baby and can worsen the condition of the pregnant woman. And so the mother will have to adhere to strict diets, and after childbirth to treat gout medication.

What is the cause of pain?

Rheumatoid arthritis. This autoimmune illness has a beginning. As to triggers, they can be completely different, and the pregnancy may be among them. As a result of this disease the articular tissue begin body be regarded as alien, respectively, the immune system includes the control programme. In this process begin to form toxic cells and antibodies.

If the problem is caused due to rheumatoid arthritis, the affected joints will start to swell, redden, and the process of disease development will be accompanied by pain. The discomfort will increase in all movements, starting from walking and ending with physical activities.

Treatment begins to be engaged only when the main trigger of the disease. But in any case, the pregnant woman will have to take drugs to suppress the immune system (glucocorticoids). They will relieve inflammation. There is a group of medications that are allowed during pregnancy.

Stage osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis. This disease makes you break down cartilage tissue, which are a kind of shock absorbers. The smaller they become, the harder it is to move the joints.Often osteoarthritis – a disease of the older age category, but sometimes it occurs in pregnant women. In this case the treatment will include medications that have analgesic effect, and chondroprotectors.

The Pain in joints tend to appear for various reasons. You need to see a doctor, who will prescribe a course of tests and obtained results will be able to judge medical care. Self-medication for pregnant women is absolutely contraindicated, as it can have dangerous consequences not only for the mother but for the baby, until the miscarriage. Therefore, before taking the medication, need to think about it, what's more important: your own comfort or the life and health of the unborn child.

How to improve your condition?

Usually the pain goes away after pregnancy, but what about all those 9 months? Not torment yourself if you eat the majority of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is prohibited. In this case, you can give a number of recommendations that will help to ease the pain and not harm the child:

the Benefits of swimming for pain in the joints

Swimming. Water in the body, thus the load on painful joints to be several times less. In this case the woman exercises, developing joints and muscles, allowing you to prepare for childbirth. In addition, there are many courses on swimming gymnastics, where experienced trainers will help to determine the right set of exercises.

As an alternative, you should use lukewarm shower or bath. But the keyword is "warm", as hot water can only do harm and cause uterine contractions.

The Bandage. Prenatal bandage is recommended to start to wear in the third trimester, which will allow to control not only your posture, but will evenly distribute the load on all the joints and muscles. A pregnant woman in the late stages it is better to be in a reclining position and not on his feet.

From how sharply and quickly gaining weight will depend on the condition of the joints.

To avoid discomfort, it is necessary to take products, which are composed of calcium, fatty acids and multivitamin complexes.

It is Best to lean on marine and dairy products.

Also helps to relax the joints warming massage. But this procedure is best done by the professionals, as if the problem in osteoarthritis, inexperienced hands can only do harm cartilage tissues.

It Happens so that joints ache after giving birth and not just during pregnancy. In this case, they just need to "relax" after 9 months of carrying valuable cargo. But if the pain is severe and long runs, you should see a doctor, and a specialist will advise what to do.

Pain in the joints of the knees are the norm, especially in the later stages, so once again drama is not worth it. But negligence shouldn't be here, so if discomfort tends to grow and increase its intensity, without the help of a specialist, alas, can not do.

It is better to identify the cause at an early stage and give her a fight than to start the disease and then instead of the joys of motherhood, to feel the bitterness of trips to the doctors, tests and undergoing unpleasant procedures. But every man has the right to decide. Only the pregnant woman is responsible not only for yourself but for your unborn baby. The main thing is that this was the right decision.