Than to treat the joints of the hands and feet if they get sick?

When pain in the joints of hands and feet, than to treat them? Doctors prescribe complex therapy. In the first place should be appropriate anesthesia. It is chosen so that is guaranteed to save people from discomfort. Doctors recommend the use of pills and injections. Since aching joints completely immobilizes and does not give the person lead a fulfilling life, eliminate aching pain, you can begin to complete the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

the Problem of pain in the joints

At all times it was believed that joint disease is characteristic only for the elderly. However, pain affects young people and children. If the patient goes to the doctor on time, at a time when the pain only made itself known, the treatment will be more effective, and the patient quickly recovered.

Causes of diseases associated with musculoskeletal disorders

The Pain in the joints of the limbs indicate a number of ailments, some of which are quite serious. The conditions for their occurrence is a number of factors:

  1. a Way of life. In that case, if he moves a little, it promotes blood circulation, that after a certain period of time breaks the joints.
  2. Lack of micronutrients that contribute to normal operation of the propulsion system.
  3. Poor immune system.
  4. Sprains or broken limbs.
  5. weight.
  6. genetic predisposition to diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Weak immune system is the cause of joint pain

Often has pain in her joints for reasons that characterize the following diseases:

  1. Arthritis rheumatoid type.
  2. Osteoarthritis.
  3. Gout – the deposition of salts of sodium.
  4. Rheumatism.
  5. Flat.
  6. Chondrocalcinosis the deposition of calcium salts.

the Main type of diagnosis in these cases is x-ray examination. Sometimes an elastic bandage and rest will provide relief from pain. The doctor will prescribe painkillers and some medicines. Ointment which should be rubbed several times a day, get rid of inflammation in the tissue and exacerbation of joint disease. It will take the swelling down.

Universal tool that can remove the pain for a long time and provide the necessary rest to the joint, scientists have not yet invented. Need diagram of how to treat the diseased organ, will tell the doctor. The joints in inflammatory processes in them do not need to warm up. This contributes to the deterioration. Don't believe the hype that says that scientists have recently invented a medicine for the treatment of joints. As a rule, under the guise of such products hiding ordinary dietary supplements. They are not categorized as drugs.

Pain in the area of the hands

overweight is the cause of joint pain

The Most common cause of visits to doctors – unpleasant sensations in the hands. The brush is a very fragile mechanism. But when he's healthy, able to withstand immense pressures. Many joint disease interfering with the normal functioning of the hands and feet. Acute and discomfort in the joints – arthralgia. It leads not only to loss of efficiency, but also to an inability to perform elementary actions in a domestic environment. Only therapy can improve quality of life.

Diseases that cause loss of proper function of the hands, a lot. The reasons may be:

  1. Inflammatory nature. They stifle joint and not give him a normal move. Often the skin in this place swells and reddens.
  2. Mechanical. Occur due to injury. Pain comes only when moving.

The Nature of the disease and a detailed description of the patient's symptoms and sensations that he experiences in the arms, help physicians to choose a particular therapy. To ease the condition can drugs General action. At the end of the complex treatment necessary functional development of the hand. Rehabilitation lasts a few months.

Only a doctor can identify on an individual basis for each patient how to get rid of pain in the joints of the hands. The main thing – correctly to pick up the medication. The most often prescribed anti-inflammatories, which gives a great effect in eliminating the symptoms associated with diseases of the hands.

Heredity is the cause of joint pain

Care Must be taken at their reception, as there are often adverse reactions in the stomach and intestines. Treat hands and glucocorticosteroid hormones. They contain potent substances, which relieves inflammation. Relief comes rather quickly.

what to treat and what to prescribe, the doctor determines.

The Right treatment is the combination of several funds. The doctor may choose non-pharmacological methods, when the human body is unable to perceivethose or other drugs.

Folk remedies in the treatment of joints of the extremities

Sometimes a man may not time to come on reception to the rheumatologist or physician. What to do in this case? You can use folk remedies. The simple and effective remedy to cure your pain can be compress or lotions of such composition: honey, aloe, vodka or alcohol. Will you hold him for 3 hours in the place where there is inflammation.

When the joints ache periodically, prepare a tincture in advance. Its main component is the grass sprouted potatoes. Fill them with vodka or alcohol and infuse for 14-15 days. With the help of such folk remedies you can do without expensive creams or drugs.

No less popular in patients with various diseases of the joints treatment oil balms. Mix sesame and olive oil and drip a solution of vitamin A. Pre-soak hands or feet in water with addition of soda. It should not be hot. Dry the skin and RUB the tool in the joint area. On your hands you can wear gloves. So, the oil will be absorbed better and will stay longer in the skin.

Use olive oil for joint pain

Another tool that I use to this day in the villages, the leaves of burdock and cabbage. They simply apply to the sore spot. In the treatment of ailments of the joints is not less effective and Bay leaf. 20 leaves pour 2 cups boiling water. Now the product should be boiled for 5-7 minutes. Then the infusion is poured into a thermos and leave for a few hours. Broth drink 3 small SIPS of the day in several approaches. Then make a week break and repeat the course.

food is necessary to consume aspic and jellied dishes of all kinds. They are the prevention of disease, are often used in the recurrence. The pain from this, of course, will not work instantly, but your body will get the necessary substances, it will be easier to cope with the disease with medication. To prepare this wholesome dish is ideal meat Turkey or chicken. They can be combined both with each other and with beef, pork. Cook the meat long, up to 10 hours on low heat. To include in your diet such food is necessary on a regular basis and use it at least once in 20 days.

will Help to deal with the pain in the joints of the shells of chicken eggs. It is a source of calcium. Need to pound very finely the shell 1 eggs and add the powder in small amounts to food.

rye Grain help those who suffer from ailments of the joints. 250-300 grams of beans boiled in 2 l of water. Cool the decoction and filter. Add honey, 500 g of vodka or alcohol, a few spoonfuls of barberry root. All this is to insist 3 weeks. Take on an empty stomach 2-3 tablespoons a day. The roots of barberry can get it in the pharmacy would be problematic. About buying this plant you can negotiate with the gardeners.

Shell eggs for joints treatment

joint pain will save the chestnut, horseradish, rice, onion, beeswax, apply rubbing of tincture of cinquefoil. The diet should include lots of calcium-rich food. Folk remedies more intensively should be used in winter and summer to give your body a break.

How to get rid of ailments related to the joints

First of all, you need a fresh attitude to his diet. Already at the stage of diagnosis (prior to treatment) add to the diet of more vegetables, moderate amounts of salt, avoid spicy dishes with lots of spices. Avoid eating large quantities of sweets.

In the treatment of people with excess weight, need to lose weight. If this is not achieved, then those extra pounds will put pressure on knees and ankles. Pain can increase. Will help swimming, gymnastics. Doctors recommend some time to be on therapeutic fasting.

Avoid drinking alcohol forever. It cancels the effect of some drugs and increased side reactions to medicines. Acute inflammation do not tolerate high temperatures and heat. You need to apply ice cold water. In the treatment of chronic diseases of the joints use warm compresses and baths.

Well to help with joint problems mud. Do not refuse from SANATORNO-resort treatment. But in house conditions it is possible to arrange the procedures similar to those carried out in medical institutions. These are baths with essential oils. Anti-inflammatory effect will give:

  • calendula
  • John's wort
  • eucalyptus
  • thyme
  • sandal.

Doctors recommend in the treatment of add and sulphur. Suitable diuretic teas: Linden, nettle. It is appropriate to use anti-inflammatory herbs.

Before we can understand how to treat the joints, radiologists are often prescribed a number of tests: analysis of blood biochemistry and the definition of common indicators. Need a chest x-ray, CT scan, densitometry (a type of x-ray to determine the bone density), ultrasound diagnosis.

The Necessary information the doctor will give and endoscopy of the joint cavity. From the joint take a biopsy for laboratory analysis.

After therapy, at the stage of rehabilitation, the doctors prescribe homeopathic remedies. To prevent illness you may continue to use traditional recipes. But remember that in any case need to measure.