Ointments and gels for sore joints and muscles: which is better?

Ointment for joint pain remedy is a wonderful local nature. Preparations in this form, help to eliminate pain, remove swelling and remove redness and other symptoms of local character. Some of them help the pain from muscle. Of course, to completely cure the disease, they can not, but as an auxiliary treatment they are most effective. Besides designed not only ointments, and gels with a similar therapeutic effect.

the Problem of pain in the joints

Types of ointments for the joints mechanism of action

There are a large number of medicines in a form that helps to eliminate pain in the joints. However, they are so many that without the help of an experienced doctor is very hard to choose the suitable substance for the treatment of disease. Depending on where it hurts the joint, as well as on causes of such phenomena, the doctor may prescribe completely different drugs that are available as ointments.

For example, there are several types that are designed to treat the knee joint. The first group includes warming the medication to treat. Most often in the compounding of such drugs include animal and vegetable components. They help to trigger the flow of blood to the place where the joint is damaged. So there comes a warming effect. Due to this pain disappears very quickly and the recovery is harder. Such ointment the pain is better not to use in the first moments after the injury or in the early stages of the inflammatory process. This may cause burns or allergic reactions.

To check the medication and the body's response to it, you can a small amount be applied to the elbow, to the place in the back near the armpits or the crease brush. If no adverse reaction, the medication can be applied to other joints. If knees hurt, you can apply the medication on the basis of capsaicin. He is part of red pepper and this creates a burning effect.

Voltaren for joint treatment

Among these preparations proved to Finalgon, balm "gold star" (or simply known Soviet means "Star"), Capsin, Espol, Nikofleks and others. In addition, there are tools that contain salicylic acid. For example, well-known, such as drugs Viprosal, Niemisel, BOM-Benga, Efkamon, and more.

The second group of medicines that eliminate joint and muscle pain are remedies with anti-inflammatory action. They are fighting against the inflammatory processes in the joints. Such tools can be divided into the usual classical and hormonal. The main task of such tools is to eliminate the inflammatory processes in the area of damage. The compositions differ, however, in any case, they include effective powerful tool, which helps to numb.

refers To a non-hormonal Voltaren, Diclofenac and Fastum gel. Among nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the most effective ointment is Nise, Finalgel, indometacina and Ketonal. They can be used without doctor's permission. When the disease becomes more severe, the doctor prescribes remedies based on hormones. Their action is stronger, however, long use of hormonal drugs for the pain of joints and muscles is prohibited.

Diclofenac for joint treatment

Allocate and the third type of funds, which have a cooling effect. Because of this, they are well suited for relieving pain. They quickly anesthetize, if the joint was injured. These drugs are safe for the patient, so they are allowed to use without doctor appointments. But if there are open wounds or burns, do not use on the place.

In addition, this classification can include chondroprotectors in the form of ointments. These drugs are used not only to reduce inflammation but also to restore the cartilage in joints after its destruction because of injuries or diseases. However, the use of such drugs is permitted only after consultation with your doctor.

contraindications for the use of external means

For different groups of medications used for pain in the joints, there are different contraindications. However, there are similar factors, the presence of which is prohibited to use funds from joint pain. For example, if the patient or doctor there are suspicions that the cause of pain were infectious or purulent phenomenon, it is better to refrain from their use.

Fastum-gel for joint treatment

The same applies to pathological changes in the joints that are caused by inflammatory processes. In this case, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Fluid accumulation in the joint cavity is also necessary to abandon their use.Allergy to various components is another contraindication. In addition, if the General condition of the patient is severe, the doctor may cancel the application of the remedies for joints. The same applies to stroke, heart attack and some other diseases. During pregnancy also should refrain from using it, because in General the effect of these drugs has not been studied in such conditions. Many drugs are dangerous for women during lactation. For example, those medicaments which contain Ketoprofen, snake and bee venom are totally prohibited.

For example, if the drug has an irritating effect, when increased susceptibility of the patient to various components that are part of the drug, it is necessary to refuse its use to avoid any skin damage.

Diclofenac prohibited to use people who suffer from allergic rhinitis, dermatitis aspirin or NSAIDs, as well as from bronchospasm. In addition, you need to use extreme caution with all NSAIDs for people who suffer from ulcerative diseases, diseases of the kidneys, liver, asthma and have problems with heart and blood vessels. For children under 6 years all medications that belong to NSAIDs, is completely prohibited.

Side effects of

If the ointment is used with the wrong dosage the patient can appear side effects. For example, when NSAIDs occurs itching, burning, rash and redness on the skin. In addition, there may be nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, swelling, and digestive problems, and increased blood pressure.

Some tools on the basis of snake and bee venoms can cause an allergic reaction.

Drug interactions

All non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs multiply its effect by ultraviolet radiation.

by the Way, scientists and doctors believe that the molecules of NSAIDs, and chondroprotectors very large in size, so it is difficult to pass through the cell membrane. Scientists estimate that medicinal substances such funds only in the amount of 5-7% of the total volume. To enhance the effect of ultraviolet radiation is used.

Some ointments can decrease the effect of diuretic drugs, drugs, which have to stabilize blood pressure.

Ointments that help fight the pain in the joints, are excellent medicines that helps to eliminate inflammation, relieve swelling and remove redness and pain. In addition, some of them may restore cartilage. Also developed ointments for muscles with similar action. However, all medicines in the form of ointments must be used very carefully and only after consulting your doctor to avoid side effects of this treatment.