Why during pregnancy and after birth, ache of the joints of the hands and feet?

After birth, ache of the joints of the hands and feet due to being subjected to excessive load. These symptoms indicate a strain of the organism. Heavy birth process, a woman's body can withstand severe pressure and pain. The consequence of this pulling and aching pain in the joints.

the Problem of pain in joints after giving birth

Causes aches

The Pain occurs at a strong stretching of muscles during labor. Back, knees and lower legs hurt in the first place. Other factors influencing pain include:

  1. the Dislocation of the joints. This can occur both during pregnancy and for some time before them. In the heat of passion a woman can inadvertently dislocate the joints, which leads to a pinched nerve.
  2. Anesthesia. The use of pain medication when it is contraindicated, may lead to the development of pain in the joints. If the woman suffered from this phenomenon, anesthesia going to make it worse.
  3. Excessive accumulation of fluid. The joints may disturb the woman in the lactation period. This state is characterized by excess fluid in the body.
  4. Physical labor and exercise within a short time after birth. These two processes lead to the onset of pain and unpleasant symptoms. The woman's body, not away from stress, physical exertion only exacerbates the situation.
  5. Disease of the musculoskeletal system.

Subluxation is the cause of pain in the joint

To Prevent pain is almost impossible. On heavy load the body always responds negatively.

Joint pain during pregnancy

Pain in the period of carrying a child may develop on the background of lack of calcium in the body. the Fruit itself feeds this component, taking it off my mother. Consequently, in the bones there is an acute deficiency of calcium. It needs to be filled with special vitamin complexes and by eating foods rich in this component.

The Pain may be due to the increasing load on them. Belly future moms is growing rapidly, creating additional weight. Primarily affects the spine and musculoskeletal system. Controlling the gain in weight can ease the condition. Need less to stay on his feet in late pregnancy, freeing them from severe stress.

Growing tummy - the reason for joint pain

Among all the factors causing pain, it is worth to highlight the increased secretion of relaxin. This period occurs in pregnancy, characterized by softening of the pelvic ligaments. This helps the birth process, making a woman's body more elastic. Relaxin has a definite impact on the joints, softening them considerably. When walking on foot women is a strong load, which leads to pain. This is due to softening of the joints. It is considered to be normal pain, get rid of the cannot before birth. The particular manifestation he is gaining on the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. It helps to follow daily load and less to overwork.

Pain in joints after giving birth

joint Pain during pregnancy are a normal process. But most women are worried about this symptom after childbirth.

Pain may be associated with physiological factors or the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Good diet for pain in the joints

Comprehensive examination of the body will reveal the true cause of pain.

The Majority of women are bombarded with pain in my back and knees. This is due to the offset center of gravity. This is a temporary phenomenon, but to speed up the recovery process, it is recommended to enlist the help of exercise and massage. Some women are prescribed the wearing of a brace. In order to prevention is to eat right, not to do serious physical exercise and watch your weight. The cause of joint pain after delivery may be wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Pain, disturbing a woman at first, after the generic process, is a normal phenomenon. Later everything will fall into place and the condition will improve. If the problem lies in excess weight, you must sit on a diet and correct health.

After giving birth is often marked by a pinched nerve in the spine. This can cause pain. The right treatment will get rid of the problem. To lift weights during therapy pinched nerve is not recommended.

Some women experience pain, fever. This indicates the presence of inflammation. In this case, a doctor's consultation.

With the appearance of symptoms should report it to the specialist. This will help to avoid the development of complications.