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What you should know about spondylosis treatment folk remedies

spondylosis Treatment folk remedies carried out in conjunction with the procedures and medications prescribed by a doctor. Monotherapy with vegetable infusions, decoctions and poultices will not bring the desired effect.

Before you can assign effective treatment the physician conducts a thorough study of the patient's condition and reveals the pathogenetic links of disease. Only then he can appoint symptomatic therapy of the disease. Unfortunately, etiologic treatment of the disease does not exist, because it refers to a number of degenerative (associated with impaired blood flow and nutrient loads).

spondylosis Treatment folk remedies

Daily preventive measures

Before you can use a folk remedy to spondylosis it is necessary to study preventive measures for daily application:

  • Observe the correct posture when walking, sitting and standing. This will allow to evenly distribute the load on the spine;
  • always Keep your back straight: when you sit, walk or lie down;
  • If you watch TV on the couch, make sure that the pelvis wasn't twisted. Enclose under one of the buttocks cushion, so that the iliac bones are located on the same level;
  • Ensure proper unloading of the spine during a night's rest. Do not sleep with your knees bent and neck. Buy a mattress
  • When lifting weights comfort to the knees;
  • are Not long with his back bent to avoid hyperextension of the ligaments.

Teens should be closely monitored for cervical spine, as prolonged sitting at the computer contributes not only to the emergence of degenerative disc disease (a reduced height of the discs between the vertebrae), and spondylosis.

the treatment of cervical spondylosis folk remedies suggests preventive measures

What are folk recipes will help

There are effective popular recipes that help to resolve the ossification of ligaments (the deposition of calcium salts). They are based mainly on the use of plants, warming, local applications of ointments.

List of recipes from the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spondylosis are:

  1. Replace your normal tea drink black currant and cranberry;
  2. For pain, prepare the following ingredients: 40 grams of birch leaves, 50 grams of willow bark, 10 grams of black elderberry crush and mix together. Add 2 tablespoons mixture of 0.5 liters of boiling water. After steeping, take the drink 3 times a day;
  3. anti-Inflammatory infusion: mix 30 grams of elderberry, nettle leaves, parsley roots and chop the ingredients. One spoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water and boil on low heat. Drink ½ Cup 3 times a day;
  4. For external use can be prepared ointment. It consists of essential oils with the addition of Cayenne pepper, ointments Arcamone and other herbs;
  5. If there is cervical spondylosis, often to treat headaches and dizziness. Doctors in such a situation, prescribe pharmaceuticals, but you can speed up the effect of daily application of tincture of garlic juice of potato and carrots. The mixture has a tonic effect on the body;
  6. Cervical inflammatory process leads to poor sleep, depression and anxiety. His treatment of Valeriana officinalis has long been used in medicine. From folk remedies can still be used for these purposes, lavender and peppermint in the form of infusion;
  7. to Eliminate swelling folk remedies by herbal infusion: 30 g of plantain leaves, 30 grams of horsetail and 25 grams of rose hips. Chop ingredients, add to boiling water. Drink ½ Cup 3 times a day.

Attention! Cervical degenerative spondylosis dangerous occurrence of minor strokes (rupture of blood vessels of the brain) when compression of the vertebral artery. Its treatment should be under the supervision of a physician!

popular recipes from spondylosis

Additional procedures

In conjunction with the above recipes you can apply the following procedure:

  • Lubricate the back bertsovoj tincture in a month. The tool will help to get rid of pain;
  • To improve the local blood supply to run the vessels poultice of clay. For their production you should add 2 teaspoons of powder in a glass of water. Soak in solution and wrap the bandage back to them. On top of the compress apply a warm scarf
  • to Relieve the inflammation and improve the delivery of nutrients into the spine will help the applicator Kuznetsova. He sold the pharmacy. The product can be manufactured independently. Take a bottle cap and secure them sharp side up on the hard Mat. Do a relaxing massage using products daily;
  • Our grandmother wrapped the torso in pain sheep wool. It "pulls" the pain. However, if you have cervical spondylosis, the application oflimited uncomfortable fixation and a certain heaviness of the coat.
  • Wax improves local blood supply if applied to the skin in a heated state. To use the tool, it helps to warm up the ordinary candle, to add it to the site of pain and wrap it with a warm scarf.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the treatment of spondylosis English isn't always rational, as in some patients it causes increased pain. Remember, osteophytes in the spine can lead to disability, therefore require professional therapy.