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Features of the symptomatology and treatment of deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint 1, 2, 3 degrees

Deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint of 2 degrees, the treatment of which is conducted by different methods, a very unpleasant disease, it can change the joint and make it impossible to move. most Often exposed to it after 45-50 years, but obesity can bring it at any age.

the Problem of deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint 2 degree

It Begins with some discomfort, some minor pain that usually no one pays attention. The patient passes the disease 1 degree, not going to the doctor on time.

Symptoms and possible causes

For osteoarthritis of the second degree characteristic be a serious pain in the ankle, which increase with load and are not even on the night.

The Joint swells, the motion of crunches, the possibility of movement is reduced, and the joint gradually becomes deformed.

If the person feels after waking up the joints and muscles stiff (and with the movements crackle, snap, or creak), often tucks his feet or has a weakness of relying on them – should be alerted, to make people think about prevention or even early treatment.

X-rays to diagnose osteoarthritis of second-degree

In osteoarthritis of the second degree the doctor will see on x-ray, hyaline cartilage (the gel-like tissue that covers the contacting parts of the joint) changed, and articular gap narrowed by 40% or more.

With age, slowing down all processes in the body, including gradually deteriorating and blood supply of the articular cartilage, the hyaline layer becomes thinner, the synovial fluid (semi-transparent elastic mass, which nourishes articular cartilage, and fills the articular cavity) becomes more viscous – all this gradually destroys the cartilage, the foot becomes less mobile. This may be the result of multiple repetitive injuries. Weight for obesity are putting too much pressure, which joints do not stand up, it also helps from destruction at any age.

Accelerate the pathological processes in the joints can endocrine system diseases, varicose veins, disorders in the metabolism, gout, alcoholism.

your treatment

In Front of the therapist is twofold: to relieve the patient from pain and to stop the development of degenerative processes in the joint. How is this achieved? The doctor will usually appoint medicamentous treatment and physiotherapy in parallel hardware.

To stop the inflammatory process, relieve pain, prescribe drugs such as ibuprofen, voltaren, Movalis, celebrex, lidocain, ultracain, methylprednisolone, diprospan, kenalog. To relieve the General tension and spasms of the muscles used meditativnye drugs and muscle relaxants, for example, mydocalm, sirdalud, tincture of motherwort, Valerian, peony.

Diagram of arthrosis of the ankle of the second degree

To slow down the process of destruction of cartilage, renewing their regeneration, it is recommended structum, glucosamine sulfate, alflutop, ostenil. Still shows external influences, is usually prescribed ointment "hondroksid", compresses and baths. For compresses Dimexidum and take the medical bile, and bath – bishofit. The doctor, who is well versed in all of these drugs will select for the patient that is necessary, the occasion will designate an appropriate treatment regimen. Needless to say that the recommendations of the doctor for treatment of osteoarthritis you must fulfill very strict?

Physiotherapy, and hardware treatment aimed at addressing these challenges. To avoid muscle atrophy, relieve stress, prescribe laser, magnetic therapy and ultraviolet irradiation. To get rid of inflammation and pain, use treatments using electromagnetic fields. Using electrophoresis or phonophoresis is injected the hydrocortisone, dimexide, or novocaine. Usually prescribe more gentle heating using paraffin baths, mud baths, radon and bromine lotions.

Diagnosed – how to live?

Of Course – to treat. But still you need to think carefully and change your lifestyle and diet to slow the progression of the disease and to avoid the development of disease up to the third degree.

There are natural methods that are unlikely to be able to cure arthritis completely, but can help relieve pain, protect against the development of opportunistic diseases. If you make an infusion of these herbs: calendula flowers, willow bark, birch leaves and nettle (take all the ingredients for 1 teaspoon, pour 500 ml boiling water and infuse for 5 hours), take it for a month or a glass a day, in three divided doses, it will help to fight swelling and inflammation of the joints.

hondroksid for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle 2 degree

Quickly remove the pain helps a poultice of potatoes. You need to grate the potato and apply the juice together with the joint by wrapping with cellophane. Still well helps ointment based on vaseline or babycream from the leaves of St. John's wort, hops, clover.

Every day you need to do the workout joint. For this, there are many exercises that develop, but not too taxing diseased joint.

It is Said that arthritis causes to lead a correct life, he doesn't spare people who are fond of Smoking and alcohol. The fact that alcohol exacerbates the stagnation of blood in the tissue, disturbed blood supply to the joints, the nutrition of cartilage.

Why are we talking about lifestyle and nutrition? If the person moves a lot, and does not abuse nor alcohol, nor nicotine, has no excess weight, eats healthy food, he and in old age can be healthy joints.

no wonder Nutritionists say a balanced diet, at problems with joints nutrition is very important. Need to strictly limit the intake of salts, sweets, animal fats and meat broths (go fish), it is desirable to exclude preservatives and flavor enhancers (that means to eat the food cooked in your own kitchen), eat more vegetables and fruits.