How to treat arthrosis of the foot with the help of folk remedies at home?

The Question of how to treat arthrosis of the foot at home, are asking. Most of them were women. What is the reason of such selectivity of the disease?

the Problem of osteoarthritis of the foot in humans

Osteoarthritis of the foot and its causes

This disease affects mostly the large toes. As a result of inflammatory lesions of the joints of the fingers increase in size, blush and transform the movement on foot difficult, with a characteristic crunch in joints, the temperature in the sites of inflammation is enhanced in the acute stage the temperature rises and the body. These signs often are characterized by painful sensations in the foot, worse when walking.

Not caring in the past about the comfort of shoes, and he understands that now he needs to carefully monitor the Shoe, buy it a size larger and have other styles.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes cause of osteoarthritis in the foot

What are the reasons for such misfortune? with Osteoarthritis, of course, is payback for uncomfortable shoes and excessive stress on your lower legs. Frequent and long wearing shoes with high heels, sooner or later will affect the health of women. And here only osteoarthritis of the foot get rid of will not succeed. In addition to the disrespect to the needs of its legs, the causes of osteoarthritis may include:

  • diseases of the spine, especially in the lower divisions;
  • diseases of the vascular system (atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins);
  • metabolic disorders
  • changes in hormonal levels;
  • overweight
  • infectious disease with complications.

so, it is a disease primarily of women and those who are over 40. Such gender-specific diseases cannot only be explained by passion of women to the generally accepted canons of beauty. Of course, it is related to the hormonal profile and the load accumulated over years of life chronic diseases.

Varicose veins - the cause of osteoarthritis in the foot

Stages of development of DOA

Pathological processes in the foot to develop steadily, consistently showing new symptoms. These stages enhance the signs can be divided into the following degrees:

  1. First degree. In the front of the foot appear recurrent pain. They are amplified at high and sustained loads. Reduced endurance, increased fatigue, my feet start to hurt and at not too high loads.
  2. the Second degree. The pain increases, appears more frequently, it becomes sustainable. Big toes thicken and redden.
  3. the Third degree. This is the stage joint deformity of the big toe and the front of the foot. The thumb is lowered and bent. Movements become difficult and constantly painful.

Thus, all the described symptoms indicate the seriousness of the disease and the need to begin treatment in its early stages.

overweight is the cause of osteoarthritis in the foot

Methods of treatment

Treatment of osteoarthritis can be divided into three parts: the change in load on the foot, eliminating inflammation and restoring the state of the tissues of the forefoot.

As soon as the first symptoms of trouble, should desist from wearing tight shoes, including high heels. Best to go to a special orthopedic shoes or orthopedic inserts use.

Osteoarthritis of the foot is a good reason and incentive to lose weight. This should be done not through starvation, but through change of diet. You need to drastically reduce the amount of fatty meat. It should be taken separately from the refuse of animal fat, sweet pastries, smoked meats, etc.

The Requirement to reduce the load on the foot should not be construed as a recommendation to reduce the mobility. The exercise here only to help cope with the disease. Hiking, light running for short distances is needed always, except for the periods of exacerbation with acute pain.

Walking and Jogging in osteoarthritis of the foot

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot folk remedies includes a range of tools outdoor applications.

The Compress of sea buckthorn oil. In a diseased joint RUB sea buckthorn oil, wrap it with plastic and top with warm cloth. Keep a few hours.

rubbing Alcohol. Traditional rubbing alcohol or vodka, you can add a stronger version of the impact on the joints:

  • mix the finely chopped hot pepper (1 pod) celandine (1 tbsp) and chopped aloe leaf (medium size 1 sheet), all this is poured 0.5 liters of vodka or alcohol, leave for need for 3 weeks, ready infusion should be massaged on stiff and aching joints and to wrap up;
  • peel 5 bananas need to insist on vodka (0,5 l) in the month, to use as rubbing;
  • flowers of horse chestnut (20 g) are macerated in vodka (0.5 l) for 10 days, then used as a rubbing
  • mix the alcohol with honey and sea salt to impregnate the fabric andto wind it on the forefoot, top to roll up the polyethylene and cloth, keep a few hours.

sea Buckthorn oil in osteoarthritis of the foot

The Compress test. You must take the wheat flour and knead it like normal dough into egg yolk. Roll out the dough into an unsubtle cake and wrap it joint. Top cover with polythene and warm cloth.

Iodine mesh. At night the entire front of the foot can be lubricated with iodine. It heals inflammation and reduces swelling. The main thing here – not to mesh too much, or you might be burned.

Considered to be Folk remedies and foot baths healing herbs. Need in equal proportions mix the oregano, juniper, rosemary and thyme. Cover them with boiling water for about 1 hour Then pour into a container for baths. Keep your feet in such hot water need no longer than 15 min. You can also use a bath of sea salt or soda.

A Good way of treating almost all inflammatory diseases of the foot is the treatment of clay and sand. Clay, heavily diluted in water, you can make compresses. It may take place on the beach, burying my feet in the hot sand in hot summers. The same can be done at home in a heated and clean coarse sand.

The Treatment of arthrosis of the house allows you to use various methods and recipes in a comfortable environment, and most importantly – regularly. This is the key to success in the fight against disease.