The symptoms and treatment of chondrosis shoulder

Most Often, the diagnosis of "chondrosis shoulder," people put themselves, immediately taking to treat the disease by rastertime. Despite the fact that the scientific term "chondrosis" exist (he means the degeneration of the cartilage), the doctors use it rarely. The fact is that, as a rule, degenerative changes occur in parallel in cartilage and bone. Therefore, the more common the name of osteochondrosis (bone and cartilage degeneration).

However, the diagnosis of "degenerative disc disease" is often used unnecessarily. Pain at the shoulder may be related to osteochondrosis, but it is not the main reason. But in order to cure the disease completely, it is crucial to establish the diagnosis.

the symptoms of shoulder joint chondrosis

so, what is chondrosis of the shoulder joint? Usually in common parlance this term refers to any pain in the shoulder area, regardless of its nature. But it can hide a whole range of diseases – from subluxation of the bones to arthritis. We explain the most common of them.

What diseases are often called chondrosis

The Pain in the shoulder may be in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. Usually this disease when it first appears in the neck and in the arm just "give up". This is because the nerves that supply the shoulder joint, coming out of the spine in the cervical spine. There the nerve can be squeezed and become inflamed due to narrowing of intervertebral gaps.

The pain in this area can also be in osteoarthritis. Usually pain occur at the end of the day and after exercise. The shoulder – not the most frequent localization of osteoarthritis, however it sometimes suffers from the disease. Progressive osteoarthritis over time restricts the movement of the hand.

Very very sore shoulder joint can sprain or fracture. Usually pain occur after trauma, disturbed motility of the upper limb. To treat traumatic injuries need, therefore, to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Arthritis, i.e. Inflammation of the joint, is another cause of pain. Factors that trigger arthritis, it is not always possible to install. He is sometimes associated with trauma, is sometimes a consequence of infection via the bloodstream. Arthritis symptoms: local pain, redness in the area of the joint capsule (optional), the temperature rise in this zone, a General increase in body temperature.

chondrosis shoulder

Bursitis is the inflammation of the joint capsule, i.e. The connective tissue capsule surrounding the joint. The clinical picture of bursitis of the shoulder joint similar to arthritis. Without a medical examination, only on the basis of complaints, it is impossible to determine the type of inflammation, and therefore should not be treated at random.

Another pathological condition, which is often referred to as chondrosis, – tendonitis rotator cuff. The gist of it is that the inflamed tendon attached to the humerus of muscles, soft tissues around the joint capsule itself. Symptoms of tendinitis – local tenderness, limited mobility of the hands.

A Frequent cause of pain in the shoulder joint periarthritis is. It is believed that its share in chronic diseases of this anatomic region is 60%. Sometimes this disease is also called periartroz, adhesive capsulitis, and frozen shoulder. From the variety of synonyms we can conclude that around the shoulder there is a certain terminological confusion.

Perhaps, periarthritis most commonly called chondrosis. The causes of this disease are unknown. First, after a trauma or spontaneously, there is pain in the front of the shoulder, which often radiates to the region of the scapula. Over a year after this contracture may develop, i.e. Impaired mobility in the shoulder joint.

Why you need to be sure to go to the doctor

As you can see from the above, under the common term "chondrosis shoulder" can hide a variety of diseases, curing which also is different. They all appear very similar: pain and limited mobility of the hands. To the layman it is extremely difficult to understand the peculiarities of symptoms and to distinguish one disease from another.

If a person for a long time protects the hand against the inflammation and not moving her full, inside the joint capsule may develop irreversible changes. We need to distinguish between the time when the disease is still possible to completely cure. So if you have pain in the shoulder joint visit to the doctor is strictly required.