What is the applicator for the back?

What kind of support does the applicator for the back? This question is often asked of doctors-orthopedists. Not for the first year, maybe the decade, the applicators are widely used in medical practice. Some applicators have been successfully used in the home. Most often at the mention of applicators remember two names: Smiths and similar. But everything in order.

the Use of an applicator Kuznetsova back

The First thing I should say about what is the applicator. It is not that other, as a subject of needle surface, especially useful in the treatment of neck and back. There are cases of its successful use for the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

Treatment for Kuznetsov

The Kuznetsov Applicator is a massage Mat, usually made of plastic, working side of which has a sharp tubercles, which provides a therapeutic effect. These bumps are arranged so that there is skin massage. The applicator can be produced in the form of a cylindrical roller for easy massage of the neck. The intervals between the bumps can be 5 mm for a soft massage and 7.6 mm for a harder version.
The applicator is fixed on the back or on the back of the neck. The patient lies on the working side of the applicator back. Bumps put pressure on different parts of the surface of the skin of the back or neck. This design makes the pad applicator is the perfect home assistant in the performance of acupressure.

Increased blood flow through applicator

What happens to the skin when you use the applicator?

The following processes Occur:

  • blood flow is significantly activated
  • there is a stimulation of all the metabolic processes;
  • toxins leave the body
  • relax overstressed muscles.

The Therapeutic effect is particularly evident when a Mat applicator is used on areas where there are many active points. In medicine such the surface of the skin reflex zones, and they do not need to be in the immediate vicinity of the patient's body. These zones can be associated with a sore spot with many nerve endings. A target audience for the action of the massage Mat.

The Areas on your back, neck, feet and hands are especially abound in such areas. When exposed to the Mat-applicator can help in the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

Applicator for treatment of degenerative disc disease

At the end of the 80s was the peak of popularity of the way of healing from the Moscow doctor Kuznetsova. He then went on the decline due to insufficient therapeutic effect.

Upgraded from applicator Lyapko

Modernization of the applicator Kuznetsova in complementing its effects galvanic-electric action has significantly enhanced the therapeutic effect of the latter.

Modernization has manifested in the fact that in each tubercle of the applicator Kuznetsova has a metallic needle. The metal element do not hurt the skin, it is surrounded by a small rubber ring. Metal for needles is selected in such a way as to formed a galvanic couple that provide a current flow in the place where the metal element is in contact with the surface of the skin. Thus the action of the applicator Kuznetsov is supplemented by the action of the galvanic current from Lyapko.

Different material used for the needles, makes the applicators is applicable for the treatment of various diseases. For the manufacture of needles used the following metals:

  • copper
  • zinc
  • iron
  • Nickel free
  • precious metals.

The Use of silver and gold makes the price of the Mat-applicator is quite high. However, it is believed that the Mat-applicator needles with such cures much better.

the Use of an applicator Lyapko

For ease of use of the Mat-applicator Lyapko from is available in the following versions:

  1. applicator in the form of Mat is used for massage, lying on your back, and massage your feet as you potopchetsya.
  2. Belt designed for massaging the lumbar region.
  3. the Rollers are perfect for massaging the neck.
  4. Mat in the shape of daisies, which you can use on various curves of the body.
  5. the Ball will help to massage yourself, without distractions from other classes. Needle ball will have a most beneficial effect on the youngest children, if their interested in a game with "spiky" ball.

Massage Mat from Lyapko works as follows:

  1. Relieves pain by acting on the reflex zones along the spine.
  2. Relieves muscle spasms.
  3. Stimulates blood flow.
  4. Reduces the need for medication.
  5. has a Beneficial effect on immune status.

What kind of rug to choose?

Applicator Lyapko, in addition to increased blood flow, and still has physiotherapy effect. Metal needles provides galvanic effect. Itmakes applicator for joints from Lyapko a powerful tool for healing the capillaries of the joints, making them less available for deposition of different toxins.

Applicator for joints is a specially treated film which has an electrostatic charge, which is enough for several years. In essence, this is the same applicator, but providing galvanic influence a different scenario. Acupuncture massager Kuznetsov when you use gives a number of unpleasant feelings, which greatly limits its application for children with their sensitive skin.

The rest of the Mat-massager Kuznetsova is a budget option that provides only acupuncture massage and nothing more. When should the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the back or neck, it is necessary to use the Mat applicator Lyapko. to achieve a maximum therapeutic effect, you need to take in the habit to rest on the Mat-applicator.

If you are concerned about specific areas that you want to use the belt, rollers and "chamomile". Modifications of therapeutic massagers very much, just no need to be lazy to use them more often. But good for the whole body, nothing else they will bring.