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How useful applicators and Kuznetsova with a hernia of the spine

Applicator Lyapko developed by reflexologist with the same name in the city of Donetsk. The invention proved effective in many human diseases, including diseases of the spine.

Its popularity is due not only versatility, which allows with the same efficiency either in a hospital or at home, but also the uniqueness of the principles of treatment.

applicators with a hernia of the spine

Applicator Lyapko is effective in spinal disc herniation

How to use the applicators with a hernia of the spine

There are 3 basic models of the device:

  • Roller with a rotating roller and handle is a versatile product and is used to remove "orange peel" that appear on the spine in violation of the blood supply in the hernia in the spine;
  • Waistband for correcting hips and waist, which is a flexible plate to eliminate cellulite in limited areas of the skin;
  • Needle roller ball is used to treat pain in the spine in children. It is less convenient than a cushion, but is a game object.

The Positive effects of the application of the invention is similar:

  • Normalization of activity of intestines and respiratory system;
  • Elimination of sexual disorders;
  • reducing the severity of gynecological diseases in women through anti-inflammatory action
  • Decrease the likelihood of stroke (verified by clinical experiments).

The Effectiveness of treatment is increased through the combination of reflex massage, which occurs when applying the applicator to the site of spinal pain General massage, laser therapy and manual exposure.

Before applying the belt to clean the skin disinfectant without chlorine. For these purposes is good lipovarin that you can buy in a drugstore without a prescription.

when dry skin belt worn on the waist and is fastened with special clamps. Only 10 min to walk with him, to feel the relief of pain when intervertebral hernia. To achieve a stable result in this pathology the manufacturer advises for pain in the spinal column to be worn for about 2 hours.

When the seals in the lower back or along the spine a more rational use of roller Lyapko. For therapeutic effects, it is necessary to roll on the knobs with slight pressure on average around 30 minutes when herniated and 20 minutes in osteochondrosis.

Contraindications to use of Lyapko applicator:

  • blood disorders with a clotting disorder;
  • Pregnancy
  • Respiratory failure
  • Moles on the skin in the affected area with applicator
  • Cancer tumors
  • Kidney failure
  • Infectious disease.

Characteristics and use needle-applicator Kuznetsova

Kuznetsov applicator used in hernia of the spine

Applicator Kuznetsova in the treatment of lower back pain

Needle-applicator Kuznetsova (yoga MAG) structurally differs from the analogue Lyapko. This device is a flexible strap or plate, which contain a large number of spikes.

When applying reflexogenic needle applicator Kuznetsova to the body are irritated active points of a skin, which leads to local improvement of blood supply, and activate areas of the brain responsible for the functioning of certain areas of the body.

Indications for use of the applicator Kuznetsova in the pathology of the spine:

  • lower back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pinched nerve
  • Osteochondrosis with pain syndrome;
  • Aching sensation in the spine.

Act As applicators for hernia of the spine

The Peculiarity of the reflex action of the invention is similar to the spine is the occurrence of mild galvanic electrical current between needles from different types of metal (represent galvanic couples), which improves blood circulation, relieves inflammatory changes, normalizes metabolism.

With a hernia of the spine weak electrical impacts on the musculature of the back leads to the elimination of muscle spasms and pain syndromes. An impact instrument for pronounced intervertebral hernia with compression of major nerve roots is the disappearance of the lumbago (lumbago, pain syndrome).

There are 3 main mechanism of the applicator:

  • Reflex-mechanical – due to the multiple impact needles from different kinds of metal are provided at the same time and reflex massage effect on the skin;
  • Galvanic-electric – integuments represent a conductive structure consisting of positive andthe negative ions. Depending on the amount of electrolytes in the tissues during the application of the invention is similar to the damages arise currents of different amplitude and strength. They provide: restoration of the cells, absorption of inflammation, reduction of pain;
  • Humoral – determined by electrophoresis (increasing the penetration of drugs into skin by passing through them an electric current) of metals in the liquid environment of the body.

With a combination of the above mechanisms of action are created additional effects:

  • Reflex – is the irritation of active channels (receptors) that are accompanied by increased local blood supply, local temperature increase, the activation of impulses from peripheral zones to the Central parts of the brain;
  • Massage effect leads to an improvement in respiratory tissues at the site of application of the device and increasing the stability of cells to pathological effects;

Note: the First signs of incorrect posture in children are at the age of 10-12 years. When used with this age group of applicators (Kuznetsova), it is possible to prevent the development of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease, as the muscles will not be constantly spazmiruyutsya and cause deformation of the vertebral column.

A Significant advantage of this product is the ability to self-determine skin strength of the electric wave, which is necessary for effective influence on the reflex point.

Caution caution! TOOOreatment applicators or Kuznetsova diseases of the heart, intestines, lungs may exacerbate disease. Since the products act on all the reflex points at the site of application, possible serious consequences. If products cause you complications, discontinue their use.

In conclusion, we note that the applicators with a hernia of the spine maximum effect on damaged tissue with minimal effect on healthy cells. The strength of the impact is determined individually depending on the conductivity of the skin at the site of application. The device does not cause side effects, so can be used for prevention of diseases of the spine.

Needle-applicator Kuznetsova equally stimulates all the reflex points in the area of application, so when intervertebral hernia it may exacerbate the pain. The product is used mainly as a means of prevention of diseases of the spine.