How to choose the right brace at the knee joint?

The Bandage on the knee joint is used not only in the face of trauma, but also to prevent its development. Tight bandage allows you to fix the affected area, thereby speeding up the healing process. Today, there are many variations of bandages. So before buying it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

the Problem of pain in the knee

Indications and contraindications

There are several key States in which to wear a jockstrap is a must. The indications include:

  • light and heavy lesions of joints
  • inflammation, in particular arthritis and synovitis;
  • chondromalacia;
  • the rehabilitation period after injury or surgery;
  • preventive maintenance of damages at playing sports.

The Bandage on the knee joint is chosen together with the specialist. The wear time is determined by the orthopaedist. The fixture selected by size. This option is one of the most important. The dressing should not constrain movement, irritate the skin and cause pain.

Arthritis - the indication for the wearing of bandage

Some people mistakenly believe that elastic bandage helps to heal the joint. The bandage is only an auxiliary component, it enables you to relieve swelling and inflammation. Get rid of causes of joint disease is only possible by medical or surgical intervention.

There are 4 main criteria of wearing elastic bandages. The first option is the prevention of injuries and diseases of the joint. it is Advisable to wear a jockstrap for sports, it helps to reduce the load on the limb and prevent serious damage. It is Recommended to use the dressing for people suffering from overweight, and weakness of the ligamentous apparatus.

The Second criterion of the use of orthesis – fixing a damaged joint. In this case, a compression bandage, it helps to cope with many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The Third criterion – the restriction of movement of the joint. In this case, are special kinds of bandages, characterized by a special hardness.

The Fourth criterion – unloading of damaged joint. A bandage of this type are useful in the inflammatory processes.

Brace for knee Velcro

The Brace is characterized by many advantages, but its use is not everything. The bandage is not applied in case of:

  • acute injuries
  • infectious or inflammatory lesions of the skin;
  • of the presence of signs of thrombophlebitis;
  • allergic reactions.

To avoid deterioration prior to use of an elastic bandage should consult with a specialist.

Types of trusses

To date, there are 3 main types of bandages:

  • soft;
  • reinforced
  • hard.

Brace for knee with flexible ribs

Soft bandages based on natural fabrics with special fibers. Earlier was widely applied elastic bandaging, but it was not comfortable, and the bandage slipped constantly. Replaced the old method came the soft tires.

heavy-duty bandages comprise a synthetic material. It features high strength and elasticity. Moreover, repeats the shape of the joint and remembers it. The fabric is characterized by many micro perforations, thanks to which the skin breathe. The brace is equipped with straps, some models have been developed with ribs.

Braces and splints are a complex design. They are based on metal plates and plastic. Many bands are supplied with stiffeners and hinges. When there are serious injuries and lesions of the knee.

The best type of bandage you can pick up after the examination of the patient area. This process can affect both the fractures and inflammatory processes that require the use of a particular brace.

the medical Advice is to select a brace on the knee

How to choose a brace?

Before selecting a bandage, it is necessary to determine the size. This parameter is the most important, in such a way that the bandage will be useless. The main function of the brace is to fix the knee joint without squeezing and worsening condition, so the product must be compressive, stabilizing and supportive.

For optimal sizing, you must measure the circumference of thigh in lower third. This option allows you to choose the right dressing. The size of the tire depends on its length.

To avoid the errors of the measurements needed with measuring tape. It should be applied to the skin without pinching them. It should be noted that the rigid bandages for sports do not have sizes. This option is governed by specialclasps and straps.

When choosing a caliper, you must take into account a certain degree of fixation and the main indications for its use.

Important criteria are the price and manufacturer, not always expensive headband is of high efficiency. Caliper material needs to be durable and to resist washing. Before you choose a certain band, you should inspect all items and try on the headband to determine the degree of comfort.