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Indications and efficacy of the brace on the neck and cervical spine

The Brace on the neck is a necessary measure in case of osteochondrosis, as well as some newborn in case of deviations in the cervical spine. When apply this device, what is the ego effect, how long should I wear a bandage?

Fixation of the neck using a brace

What is this product?

neck Brace is a medical device used for fixation of the cervical vertebrae. TOOOhe word "brace" has French roots and means "bandage", "bandage". There are many different types of fixtures. A bandage for the neck in osteochondrosis use most often. In order not to be scared in case the doctor will prescribe the wearing of this bandage, it is necessary to know under what conditions it is needed.

The Cervical brace has another name, known as the "orthopedic collar". This product is durable and sufficiently elastic piece of fabric called polyurethane foam. This collar is fixed with Velcro. After examination, the doctor picks up the bandage according to the size and needs of the patient. Orthopedic collars in medicine can be divided into two types:

  1. Soft fixation (splint or brace the Trench).
  2. Hard commit.
  3. Semi-rigid fixation.

Cervical brace

Bandages, which have a rigid design is bulkier. They are designed to tightly fix the cervical vertebrae, and in some cases completely immobilize them.

for which diseases is actual use?

There are a number of diseases in which the wearing orthopedic collar is a must:

  1. back pain.
  2. the Curvature of the cervical spine in infants.
  3. broken neck.
  4. Sciatica.
  5. Pinched nerves.

If these problems can not do without carrying fixture. Such diseases as osteochondrosis, is very common in the modern world. The disease is deformation of the intervertebral discs, clamped the blood vessels, nerve endings, which causes pain.

Doctors say that the most susceptible namely the cervical spine. A bandage for the neck in osteochondrosis provides a therapeutic effect by fixing elements of the vertebra in correct anatomical position. He does not allow them to touch each other, damage the nerve endings. Shortly after the start of wearing the brace, the veins and blood vessels begin to properly execute its functions, saturating oxygen to the brain, and the patient ceases to complain of pain, discomfort, and other manifestations of the disease.

Cervical degenerative disc disease as the indication for the wearing of a bandage

A Bandage for the neck in osteochondrosis may be prescribed only by a doctor, as this is not the only method of treatment of the disease.

In some cases, such a device can only cause harm, therefore, in no event it is impossible to pick up and carry a tire. In the early stages of degenerative disc disease orthopedic collar used as a preventive measure. The fixture fixes the vertebrae, warms up the muscles, thereby not allowing the disease to progress.

How to choose?

To Purchase the brace you need at the pharmacy or in a specialized medical interior. All parameters must be measured doctor. These figures need to show the seller-consultant who will find suitable orthopedic collar. In addition, a mandatory fitting. The chin should sit comfortably in a special recess, you should not have shortness of breath, feelings of compression, discomfort, pain. Special attention should be paid to the material. The fabric, which is trimmed with collar , must be natural, hypoallergenic, soft to the touch. Basic rule: the product must well fix the neck, but at the same time not to interfere with comfortable breathing, to have a comfortable regulation of the belts.

Orthopedic collar for infants

The Modern medicine allows to make childbirth as comfortable and safe for mom and her baby. There are cases of some complications. For example, deformation of cervical vertebrae – a fairly common pathology in infants.

Brace for infants

For younger patients suitable bandage Chance. Its soft structure stabilizes the vertebrae, causing the least discomfort to the newborn. The muscles quickly come to the tone, improving the circulation of head, neck, and then recovery occurs. Indications for wearing a collar of Chance for babies:

  1. Traumatic spinal cord injury during birth.
  2. the Syndrome Central nervous system disorders.
  3. Excessive anxiety of the child.
  4. movement disorders.
  5. the Syndrome short neck.
  6. Curve neck.

Such pathologies as soon as possible to resolve, otherwise they can lead to more serious consequences, namely,impaired development of the nervous system and cerebral circulation.

To choose the Correct size and type of bandage will help your child's doctor. You must comply with the strict parameters of the collar, otherwise he will not have the desired effect or bring discomfort to infants. In addition, you must ask the consultant at the store about the manufacturer, the material of the product. It is best that the collar on the baby wore a Doc, but if this is not possible, you can do it yourself, following all the care. You need to make sure that between the band and neck of a newborn have in one finger. To wear the collar must be continuously and only be removed during bathing. The wear time of the product is determined by the physician, taking into account individual factors.

opinion on the topic

The Brace is a medical device prosthetic that can alleviate the patient's condition is osteochondrosis and other problems. Newborn orthopedic collar is prescribed, when curvature of the cervical vertebrae pathology. Yourself to resort to wearing a brace cannot. Mandatory consultation of an experienced physician.

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