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Types, characteristics and application of banding belts from hernia

Orthopedic bandage from hernia is used when it is necessary to maintain the physiological axis of the spine from further displacement, as well as to take the weight off his damaged segments.

The Term "brace" comes from the French "bander" is to tie. The product is a special belt, which is made from hygienic and durable material, easily washable with soap and water. To create retaining properties, are used metal plates, covered with soft fabrics.

truss hernia

Types of binding belts from herniated discs

There are retaining belts of various degrees of hardness. Their classification are:

  1. Maximum rigidity of the belt is equipped with a rigid frame, in which sewn-in silicone, rubber or gel ring, as well as the hinges of solid steel. To secure the product is applied lacing or elastic tape. The use of these models is most efficiently after surgery for herniated
  2. Medium hard – product have no more liners, so they are elastic. They easily wrap around the waist, the backbone, are mobile heat type of orthopedic braces and are used to improve blood circulation and for the prevention of sprains, injuries and sprains
  3. With enhanced protection models with increased strength due to the presence of special straps or spokes made of medical steel. Used in diseases of the joints and muscles.

depending on the use of the bandage is classified into:

  • Hernia
  • Neck;
  • Articular
  • Lumbar
  • Postoperative
  • Breast;
  • Crotch.


  • Aftercare
  • Hernia
  • Prenatal
  • Postpartum.

Applying orthopaedic bandages

  • Protivoradikulitnye bandage belt.

Helps to securely fix the lumbar spine, to normalize the blood flow to the affected area to relieve pain in the lumbar region. This bandage is also used in the sessions of manual therapy when necessary to secure against displacement a certain area of the spinal column.

Warming effect protivoradikulitnye bandages is used to restore the blood supply, improving regenerative properties of tissues and organs, accelerating the healing process. They recommended to use people who have a sedentary job.

A Significant drawback of many protivoradikulitnye zones is the lack of locking elements for a sturdy mount on the body, and the inability of the directional extension along the longitudinal axis when wearing the model on the rump.

  • post-operative bandage belt.

Is Used for: the treatment of spinal hernia, operations on the back and abdomen, traumatic injuries of the abdominal wall, rupture of skeletal muscles of the back, weakness of the stomach muscles.

In the above cases, the brace allows you to securely fix the muscle wall of the abdomen, lower back and sternum, as well as to relieve postoperative pain. To correct and prevent hernias, and restore the tone of the muscle system.

After operations on intervertebral hernia the product is used in the initial stages of the rehabilitation period to avoid stress on the wound surface. In this situation, we recommend carefully consider the choice of products. It should consist of hypoallergenic material, having a reinforcing spokes and the required size.

The Emergence of allergic reactions to the materials of the bandage may lead to inflammatory changes in the wound, increasing the healing time of the skin. To avoid this, you must purchase a certified model.

On the constructive characteristics of the band can be in the form of a corset, belt or underwear.

  • Models for back and belly.

Fitted with soft linings to prevent friction of the product on skin with irritation of the latter.

The Fabric for the manufacture of products should be flexible and durable so as not to compress the anatomic structures in the place of fixation (vessels, nerves, muscles).

  • Baby bandage belt.

Definitely needs to breathe to prevent overheating the internal organs.

Contraindications for the use of binding zones with a hernia:

  • Inflammatory and allergic skin changes;
  • sores
  • Bacterial infection.

Special model

bandage belt for hernia

Special belt for the waist

Before buying products, it is best to consult with your doctor. It will tell you what degree of hardness the model is appropriate when herniated disks or other spinal pathology.

Today on the Internet or specialized shops you can buy numerous models of different kinds, but you should pay attention to a specialized type of band – model for the stretching of the vertebral column.

This belt is asturdy locking tape with fasteners and a universal fastener, which prevents self-undoing.

Of Course, the product has limited functionality and is used solely for the stretching of the spine in cases of severe herniation with displacement of vertebrae but sciatica or severe low back pain it allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of the symptoms.

The Belt consists of two halves: the anterior and posterior walls, which are interconnected by a lacing. It is located in the 3rd row. Such design features allow you to adjust the width of the product to the individual characteristics of a person.

On the back wall is a Ouija Board that allows to adjust the stiffness of the product in his socks.

the advantage of the model for the stretching of the spine is the ability to constantly adjust the pressure along the longitudinal axis of the vertebral column. TOOOhe Use of quality materials allows to use, both for underwater and dry traction with a hernia.

Thus, a wide range of binding zones allows experts to choose the appropriate model for each patient individually. So to ensure the increase of efficiency of treatment of pathology.