How to choose springless orthopedic mattress?

When choosing bedding looking increasingly stumbles upon a springless orthopedic mattress. In order to understand what it is, is to understand what constitutes the basis for sleep and how it is produced.

Choosing a springless mattress

Good and healthy sleep is good health, good humor and active life position. His bail is a place where a man sleeps, or rather where he is sleeping. A compelling and well-made mattress will help you sleep, maintain posture. To date range available on the market mattress is wide enough. They are all produced by two different technologies, but the most popular options, is made on the basis of spring blocks, and springless orthopedic mattress. These technologies have advantages, but they also have their disadvantages.


100 years ago in front of the buyer no matter which mattress to choose. They were made in the same way – based on the dependent blocks. This technology presents a multitude of springs connected to each other. Options on the basis of this technology was not orthopedic. It was their significant disadvantage. Modification of this type gradually loses the properties, starts to make squeaking and sagging.

Today, this technology is significantly improved. Wide popularity has received options based on independent blocks. Each spring in this embodiment is dressed in a special case made of fabric material with apertures. This technology allows the units to operate independently. In this approach the load is distributed evenly. Acquires mattress orthopedic properties, which is beneficial for the spine.

Options, made using this technology are currently the most popular, but it is worth remembering that should be about 250 springs per square meter, and the more you have, the longer it will serve as a basis.

Mattress on the base block

New technology

Mattresses without springs they are made from latex rubber or fiber. The first has the property to follow the shape of the human body. It is made from the SAP of rubber trees, and the more of it there is, the better the quality of the sleeping facilities.

sales are and versions, made of extruded production waste latex rubber and its synthetic analogue. Mattresses without springs on the basis of compressed waste is not as good as those described earlier. Lost part of orthopedic properties, it has become their main drawback. And springless orthopedic mattress made of synthetic latex is made from polymer foam, its quality comparable to the quality of the foam.

Mattresses without springs based on coconut fibers (this material is called coir) is quite rigid, well suited for people who have problems with posture.

Mattresses based on coconut fibers

The Most common option is to combine layers of coconut fiber and latex. There are interesting variations are bi – directional. One side is made from coir, the other latex. Depending on which side is lying, you can adjust the softness.


In order to decide which is better to buy a mattress – spring or springless, it is necessary to compare their advantages and disadvantages:

  1. products with springs is unpleasant for sleeping, the phenomenon of static electricity. It appears due to the fact that the Foundation blocks present metal. Mattresses without springs, made from natural materials, this disadvantage is missing.
  2. of the same metal in the basis of spring blocks leads to the fact that when moisture starts corrosion. This becomes a cause of creaking. In springless moisture freely evaporates.
  3. Inside the construction with springs void, with the consequence that over time there accumulates a large amount of dust, and it is a natural habitat for different kinds of parasites, such as mites. In springless no voids, and the dust accumulated there is not.
  4. Items from the springs feel more comfortable, especially for the unaccustomed person. Coconut fiber is a bit hard that will not please everyone.
  5. Are used without modification of the springs much longer than their older counterparts.
  6. To sleep in an embodiment, a spring is used not the whole surface. The edge of this product is reinforced, it creates a hammock effect. If two people are sleeping, they are gradually falling for each other. Springless have the same density over the entire surface, allowing you to use the entire area.

Mattress with cover memoryform

And that's all that it is worth considering, when choosing a mattress. Options without springs are significantly higher than the representatives, on the basis of spring blocks as on utility and comfort, it is worth to them only to get used to.

Need to mention this material, as memoryform. This artificial raw materials, which in composition is similar to polyurethane foam. It is also called“foam memory”. This is also one of the technologies of manufacture of springless mattresses. But these options have dangerous drawback: because of the chemical properties of the material harmful to human body substances. The latter can cause very unpleasant symptoms – nausea, shortness of breath, headache and Allergy.

To summarize, we can say that the best choice for sound sleep and health will be a high-quality springless orthopedic mattress of natural materials – latex, coconut fiber or a combination thereof.