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How to choose an orthopedic pillow for children: anatomical, prophylactic or memory

Building a bed for a child, the future parents in the first place think about whether the newborn pillow. After all, healthy sleep is very important for the baby. It promotes relaxation of the nervous system, the production of the growth hormone somatotropin.

Orthopedic pillow for newborns

Pediatricians currently came to the conclusion: if a baby has no abnormalities in health, there is nothing to put under his head is not necessary. But the reviews mothers indicate that each second one of them gets this bedding accessory. The most rigorous parents podiatrists recommend a folded several times a diaper. If the indications for the use of orthopedic pillows for children no, do not rush, as this may go little harm.

Proper sleep children of different ages

Orthopedic pillow for children under two years are not needed due to anatomical features. This is due to the fact that body proportions differ from those of adults. Head more chest circumference, therefore there is no discomfort.

Two years After the height of the shoulder increases, therefore the head is in a lower position than the torso. Moreover, all the curves of the spine have already completed their formation. At this age it is recommended that the first purchase of pillows. But the requirements for them are special.

From five years old child can buy an adult pillow.

Someone is shown an orthopedic pillow

for the following pathologies doctors recommend the use of baby ortopediske:

  • diagnosed with torticollis true;
  • pathology of the formation of the skull
  • frequent and copious vomiting;
  • when the so-called installation Krivoshei caused by hypertonicity of the neck muscles;
  • lowering the tone of the neck muscles;
  • damage to the cervical vertebrae during childbirth.


form of release:

  • an inclined pillow, trapeze;
  • headrest in the form of a ring (ring-shaped, butterfly) – anatomic pillow
  • headrest in the form of an open ring
  • positioners
  • against suffocation.

Orthopedic pillow for children with Krivoshei

Composition of the filler:

  • latex
  • polyester
  • polyurethane foam
  • Lyocell;
  • bamboo fibre
  • buckwheat.

orthopedic pillow made of latex for children

  • standard (30-60 cm long, 30-50 cm wide);
  • non-standard.

height of the product:

  • from 6 months to a year (height 3-5 cm)
  • older (10-12 cm in height).

Kids cushion in the shape of headrest is called “anatomical” and is a roller in the form of a ring or semi-ring with the hole in the middle. This "dent" is intended to lock the head of the child.

anatomic pillow for children

Anatomical ortopediska used Krivoshei, incorrect formation of the skull, the hypertonicity of the neck muscles, trauma to the cervical vertebrae. Sleep on it by testimonies from two weeks of life. The reviews about these pillows characterize them as a preventive option for the correct formation of the cervical spine.

the Pillow-positioner-for-children

The Pillows-positioners not only record the child's head, but the whole body in a certain position, for example, on the side. They are cushions of various shapes. Most of them are placed under the baby's back, and the smaller in the front.

Pillow-positioner performs the following tasks:

  • prevents turning the child on his stomach during sleep;
  • locks the baby in a sideways position to reduce regurgitation;
  • prevents a fall from a changing table or sofa.

Orthopedic pillow-positioner-for-children

Using it for these purposes is absolutely safe. Analyzing the reviews, we can say that many moms have chosen this type of pillows, since they focus the child in the supine position, which is more suitable for his health. It is proved that the sleep position baby on their back or side have less risk of sudden infant death than in the prone. These products are actively used as preservative, while the mother moves away from a changing table or couch, on which lies the kid.

Inclined children pillow creates elevated position of the upper torso of the child. Thus not acting on the cervical spine. The slope angle is 20-30°.

This bed needs a child who has frequent regurgitation, nasal congestion or copious salivation. Put it under the mattress or under the sheet. Reviews about the sloping pillows say that they really contribute toprevention of the syndrome of frequent regurgitation.

Protivokashleva children's cushion has a porous structure and allows to breathe to a child that likes to sleep on my stomach. Review we can say that she is in high demand, as parents are well aware of the sudden infant death syndrome.

Protivokashleva children pillow

The Filler must be synthetic. These pillows have lots of advantages, they:

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • environmentally friendly,
  • odor,
  • easy to clean – no dust mites.

The Most common filler is latex. It is easy to clean, not deform after washing and does not lose shape over time. Latex is most commonly produced anatomic cushion.

Products made of polyester filled with many small balls, which take the form of a head of a child. This material is also low maintenance and has long life operation.

Polyurethane foam refers to materials with memory. After the adoption of the form, items can preserve it for a long time. This filler is self-venting, so the child does not sweat during sleep.

Lyocell is a derivative of cellulose and has similar to the polyurethane foam properties. Ortopediske from lizella recommended for children who are prone to sweating. The user reviews prove the usability of these products.

Filler orthopedic pillows - Lyocell

selection Criteria

The Basic requirements that apply to the pillows:

  • hypoallergenic (should pay attention to the filler);
  • quality outside (explore the seams on the pillow, they should not bulge);
  • elasticity (the pillow should not be hard or soft, by clicking on it it should return to its original form)
  • durability (the product must withstand repeated washing and not losing form);
  • security (look closely to the material from which made pillow, will see the presence of locks, fasteners and safety);
  • minor insulation (otherwise the child will be hot for her to sleep).

Selection depending on age

Orthopedic pillow for children under the age of six months without testimony is not needed.

Aged from six months to two years you can also do without oropouche, but parents who still want to purchase this bed should know a few selection criteria. Product height may not exceed 3-5 cm, the filler suitable polyurethane, latex, Lyocell, polyester, not feather and down. Form desirable the standard the full width of the bed with small bumpers on the edges. Reviews show that at this age children are prone to high motor activity during sleep and often hit the bumpers.

Two years – the official age at which child can put the pillow. The height must be equal to the height of the shoulder for a comfortable sleep on your side. It's about 10 cm On the reviews moms are not recommended to use ortopediske with the rollers, as babies tend to slide with them in my sleep.

Orthopedic pillow for children over 4 years

Ortopediska for child preventive

For prevention, on the recommendation of a physician, can be used children anatomic pillow. It prevents tilting or tilt of the head during sleep, brittle hairs on the back of the head distributes the load on all the bones of the skull, and not only in occipital, promotes the formation of correct oval head, a normal blood circulation in the vessels of the neck and brain. The product of the anatomical shape is designed for children up to six months, because older kids can roll with it.

In other cases, preferable to sleep without a pillow if there are no instructions for its use.