How to choose a baby mattress?

Children's orthopedic mattresses currently available in a wide range. The range is so wide, that it is very difficult to understand them and make the right choice.


keep In mind that the mattresses in the baby crib for children from 3 years are very different from those that you can buy kiddies from 5 years old. To choose them it is necessary correctly: depending on the age and dimensions a baby crib.

Why does scoliosis develop?

In children it is very important to follow the correct posture from an early age. In the future, a wrong posture may lead to disease of the spine as scoliosis.

If the child lack of exercise, incorrectly picked the table at which he works and plays, and picked up the wrong mattress, during sleep, the spine can bend.

Scoliosis is a lateral distortion of the spine, in which all the internal organs shift to one side, as a consequence, blood circulation, breathing and oxygen.


According to doctors, there are three children's age at which scoliosis is actively progressing:

  1. Children's scoliosis develops at the age from 5 to 10 years and progresses rapidly. Usually at this age the special treatment of the child is not held. The spine is still very flexible, so it is enough to change my sleeping and work space and it will take the correct posture. Most often doctors recommend exercise therapy that helps to restore the spine in case of deviations. It is especially important to choose a mattress in a crib that meets all the rules of orthopedics.
  2. Adolescent scoliosis – the most serious of all kinds. It develops in the age of 10-15 years. At this time the body is actively growing, and the skeleton takes it required in constant form. According to statistics, 70% of scoliosis people should develop in adolescence.
  3. Late scoliosis occurs from 15 years of age and older. Most often it can be a sign of serious spinal injuries or chronic illnesses that led to its distortion.

How to choose a quality mattress for children?

In order to avoid serious health problems in your child, you need to initially choose a quality mattress in a baby cot. Preference is given to those which are moderately hard and does not allow the spine to fall during sleep. For this when buying it is advisable to take a child and put on a pillowtop mattress. On the back you will see how much it sags under his weight.

the Use of mattresses for the formation of posture in children

In Addition, quality orthopedic mattress should be springless. Thus, the load will be distributed evenly and allows the baby's body to make the correct anatomical shape. This baby cot a baby can even jump, it will not lead to the displacement of the spring Assembly for the reason that it does not exist.

If the child has no problems with the spine and posture to its ideal, you can purchase a pillowtop mattress moderate or medium hardness. This should be done in later adolescence, in order to exclude completely the possibility of the child jumping on the bed.

The Material from which is made a mattress for the baby, should be natural.

Artificial fabric creates extra static electricity, resulting in the child's body may perspire and experience discomfort when lying on it.

The Perfect orthopedic mattress for children is the option "winter-summer". The case of this orthopedic mattress provides thermoregulation in the winter and a comfortable summer vacation. The fact that it is made from 100% natural materials: wool and cotton. These natural materials are easily breathable and absorb excess moisture.

When choosing an orthopedic mattress to pay attention is necessary for the filler, made himself springless mattress. Some manufacturers use coconut coir. It is a natural material, but to install it, use rubberized or latex coating. Pair these materials can be dangerous for children with allergies.

orthopedic mattress Fillers

A Similar effect and even more severe allergic reactions can cause the filler under the name of horse hair. To install it, use lacquer, smell for a long time is inside the product and can cause severe allergic reactions and irritate respiratory ways of the child. This is because the composition of an orthopedic mattress in its manufacture comes with a phenol or ethanol, which are very toxic.

If you notice that during sleep and rest your child coughs, breathes deeply, like he lacks air or justcomplains of odor coming from a pillowtop mattress, most likely, he is allergic to some components of which made the mattress for the baby. In this case, it must be replaced immediately to ensure that it does not become a reason of Allergy development in your child at an early age.

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