Why are children's orthopedic insoles?

What is a children's orthopedic insoles? When a baby begins to walk, his feet are huge load. From this moment begins their formation. The correct development of the foot of an adult person depends on what shoes he's wearing in childhood. Children's orthopedic insoles – orthopedic products that are created in the preventive purposes for the normal development of the foot, gait and entire musculoskeletal system of the child.

orthotic insoles for children's shoes

If the foot are formed incorrectly, it threatens with problems, illnesses that may occur in the knee and hip joints, the spine as they will experience increased stress when walking.

The Foot of the child is formed up to 5 years. Many believe that orthotic devices required, when it has developed flat feet or have any other problems. But it's not. The use of insoles for children is the prevention of the development of flatfoot, clubfoot and other foot defects.

Devices may be different, but they must be selected individually. Usually such a product is the length of the entire foot, but only on 3/4, as defects of the foot develops mostly in the heel part. So it doesn't feel in the Shoe and does not interfere.

Quality custom orthotic insoles are manufactured to order.

They must be light and durable, not to interfere with the child to move. For the manufacture of individual orthopedic insoles use a material that can take the form of legs. Good product should fit any Shoe.

insoles Selection under physiological characteristics of the foot

Selection of orthopedic products for baby

How to choose orthotics for children? They must meet a number of requirements: it should be very hard, as excessive stiffness is harmful to proper muscle function. The material from which they are made, must possess flexibility and strength, not to interfere with the growing changes of the foot, to perform its direct task is to support the arch of the foot.

The Product is different from ordinary higher hardness and the presence of hollows and troughs under the arch of the foot. That should keep the foot in the correct position, not allowing her to move inside.

Select insoles for children should take into account whether they be used for prevention or treatment of any disease.

You can buy Them in major drugstores, but it's better to make individually. Even if a child does not have foot problems, doctors recommend wearing orthopedic shoes up to 7-8 years.

a doctor in the growth process of the foot

why the need For arch support

do I Need arch support into children's shoes? The supinator is a small elevation on the inner part of the Shoe located beneath the longitudinal arch of the foot.

The Doctors about this consider the following:

  • should not force the foot to adjust to 6-7 years, as a result may disrupt the natural process of its development;
  • to correct your foot, individually.

Unprofessional approach to this issue can cause a lot of problems:

  1. If adjustment takes place, this process should observe the professional as the leg grows and the arch support may require replacement.
  2. Too soft insoles have a low effectiveness, because of its softness they do not support and are not always in the right place.
  3. parents Often notice in young children flat feet. Generally these problems – one of the periods of the natural development of the child's feet.
  4. arch support into children's shoes is one of the advertising moves manufacturers, which is not confirmed by official medicine and used by Shoe manufacturers to increase sales.

If an orthopedic surgeon is not recommended that the child wear shoes with arch support, this is not worth.

orthotics for the prevention of flatfoot

Children's orthopedic insoles for flat feet

Flat feet has a negative impact on the body, especially on the musculoskeletal system. With flat feet disrupted the ability of the foot to depreciation, which suffer from the leg joints and spine.

If your child has developed flat feet, orthotics can help. Usually flat feet starts to develop in children older than 6 years, then you should insoles. Well-chosen products affect badly formed area of the foot. Constantly wearing a flat foot is gradually corrected, or at least not allowed the deterioration. When using properly selected orthopedic products can cope with any kind of flat, even cross.

Treatment of flatfoot requires a lot of time and effort. Beforeuse orthotics, it is advisable to consult doctor to select the optimal variant, taking into account all the nuances of the disease. The foot is measured and assesses the degree of the specific violation, the question about the number of a backing material. Subsequently, the product must be ordered individually.

Active course of treatment of flatfoot requires use of orthopedic insoles. They are also needed during the rehabilitation. When defects of the foot is fixed, bones and joints are in the correct position, but have not yet definitively fixed. The child should wear them for a long time, to avoid a relapse.

the Normalization of blood circulation by using orthopedic insoles

Corrective insoles when transverse flatfoot differ in the complexity of manufacturing. Such products in the fingers adds a massive wedge. In the absence of positive effect of top silicone cushion rises above. This way you can choose the best type of insoles for each child individually.

The Insoles are gradually acquiring the shape of the Shoe, so you should have a couple for each Shoe. Shoes should be purchased with hard back, low heel and flexible sole. There are orthopedic shoes, but they are used only in severe disease.

insoles for flat feet

Insoles for flat feet:

  • normalize the blood circulation in the foot;
  • reduce the load on the joints of the foot, knee and pelvis
  • stop the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • relieve pain and fatigue in the legs.

With adequate insoles the load on the foot is distributed correctly.

The Insoles are made from polymers or natural leather. It is better to choose leather. They can be worn for a long time without replacement, they are better than others and accept the necessary form. Silicone products are flexible, their disadvantages – low elasticity, rapid amortization, large weight, which quickly tire the feet.

Choose these products better after the consultation and the recommendations of the expert.