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How useful Evminov prophylactic device for the spine which exercises can be performed on it

Evminov Prophylactic device is a structure that represents a wide Board with a crossbar and a focus to be able to adjust the angle of inclination. The device is used for strengthening the muscular frame of the back and stretching the spine. It is effective in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and other diseases of the vertebral column.

The Evminov Technique used to practice on the simulator, is a low-amplitude movements at an inclination angle to the floor about 20 degrees. This situation contributes to unloading of the muscles of the torso that expands the size of the intervertebral spaces, where are the disks. In the future, the exercise physiologist determines the list of exercises depending on the individual characteristics of pathology.


Evminov Prophylactic device used for distraction of the spine with the aim of preventing attacks of pain. For this matched therapeutic exercise (physical therapy) in combination with the principles of correct breathing according to Katharina Schroth.

To Install the simulator can as in medical institutions and in a Studio apartment. It does not take much space, and when folded has the minimum size.

Medicinal properties of the product

Evminov Prophylactic device founded on the laws of development of the vertebral column, which examined the well-known orthopedic surgeon Ilizarov. Scientist noticed that the excessive stretching of muscle fibers leads to the start of the recovery of bones, tissues and blood vessels.

The Method the device modulates this effect by combining the unloading of the spine while strengthening skeletal muscles of the back. Most of the exercises on the simulator runs in palowice, lying down or upside down. This position allows to relax the muscular frame of the back. With flowing exercise is achieved by stretching of skeletal muscle.

To improve the effect of the simulator device are made individually in a special center for the specifics of the vertebral column of man. Even better, if the installation will be done by trained engineers. However, such a Board can be made independently, but must be aware of the following:

  • the stiffness of the Board;
  • skid
  • friction
  • deformation Resistance.

In the confirmation of the high efficiency of the simulator device, it is necessary to pay attention of readers that the invention is patented not only in CIS but also in Europe.

Classic boards Evminov prophylactic device is a surface consisting of 8 fragments. They are made from wood of different breeds. For easy fixing of the person the device is equipped with handles and loops for fastening to the wall.

Characteristics of

The Evminov Technique is based on facilitating the work of the spine in a horizontal position. It is known that intervertebral discs do not have an independent blood supply. The nutrients they receive from a number of underlying vertebrae. Deformations of the spinal column there is a compression of the discs and damaged vertebrae. When the blood supply stops. To restore it, you need to "stretch" the intervertebral discs. Pathological changes disturb the process, so in the background of any displacement of the vertebral column osteochondrosis observed.

Catching up on the medical Board, it is possible to modulate the above process. As a result of daily workouts on the Board in the cartilage start to receive nutrients and water. This leads to an increase in the size of the spinal column that can be checked by measuring the height of the body before and after practice at the dispensary.

The inventor of the device recommends that you deal with on a sloping Board to children from 8 years. Unfortunately, lessons on the simulator for the elderly do not help to fix the deformity of the spine, only to increase the growth.

a set of exercises on inclined Board

Evminov Prophylactic device allows you to perform power exercises with minimal "bone" strength. The physical exercise does not damage the vertebrae and muscles is minimal load.

However, it should be remembered that there are dangerous exercises that cause stretching of the paravertebral zones:

  • Tilts left and right, lifting weights
  • Twirl with an angle more than 20 degrees;
  • Squats with weights.

In professional rehabilitation centers, complexes of exercises on inclined Board divided into groups depending on the particularities of pathology in the patient:

  1. Treatment programs – during exacerbation and treatment of diseases of the vertebral column;
  2. Wellness programs – prevention;
  3. Sports programme – with a view to the formation stamina and muscle strength;
  4. Special programs for correction and growth.

The Evminov Technique in the treatment of diseases of the spine:

  1. Sparing motor mode;
  2. 2 physical exercises recommended by your doctor;
  3. Duration of workout no more than 30 minutes;
  4. the Frequency of repetitions from 3 to 6 timesday;
  5. the Nature and pace of exercises, smooth and slow;
  6. course Duration from 2 months to 12 months.

Indications for treatment program:

  • Pain in the back;
  • Various stages of degenerative disc disease
  • disc herniation
  • Chronic back pain in the acute stage;
  • Lumbalgia (pain in the lower back and extremities due to compression of the nerve roots);
  • ankylosing spondylitis (calcification of ligaments along the spine);
  • Scoliosis.

Prophylactic “conditions” in case of pain syndrome in the lower back, caused by infringement of spinal nerves can increase pain, so it is recommended to consult with a doctor before beginning strength exercises.


The Method the device in the treatment of diseases of the spine, which is endorsed by all doctors. Distraction (traction, traction) is a method of passive relaxation, which facilitates expansion of the intervertebral spaces, but the therapeutic effect of it many doctors doubt.

Usually, once a person from inclined position on the Board is returned to the vertical position, pain increases. As a result of prophylactic in the complex treatment of lumbar instructors specialized rehabilitation centres is used in combination with the method of physiotherapy. The mainstay of treatment of pathology is a classic therapeutic exercise (physical therapy).

And There are contraindications to exercise by the above procedure:

  • Cancer education;
  • Mental disorders
  • Tuberculosis
  • Severe arrhythmia;
  • Purulent inflammation of the bone tissue;
  • Traumatic injuries of the spine with spinal cord injury.

As conditions require considerable physical effort and consumes much of the time, it is better to use it as an additional method of treatment of pathology of the vertebral column.

However, with perseverance and patience, the prophylactic will help get rid of the disease. Recommend a few exercises that you can perform at home on the simulator:

  • Sit back on the Board at an angle of 20 degrees. Hang on the bar and focus on stretching the spine. To do this, drag your feet down. The number of repetitions 2-3
  • Polovic with feet on the floor performs as: hang by the hands on the bar. This will lower your legs down on the edges from the bench. Relax and feel stretches the spine;
  • the Following exercise is aimed at eliminating curvatures of the vertebral column. Rest in the palms of the hands in position on his stomach. Tighten the muscles of the lower leg and try to touch the chin to the chest. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times;
  • Hold hands at the bar of the dispensary and slowly begins to wiggle his legs in one and second side. Then follow the twisting of the spine, but gently (at an angle of not more than 20 degrees).

In conclusion, I would like to note that the device is used not as an individual and unique method of treatment of diseases of the spine. It is best used in combination with conventional physical therapy, but only after consultation with your doctor.