What is and how to choose elastic medical bandage?

Elastic bandage must necessarily be in any medicine Cabinet, both for home and school. Its range of applications is so vast that its presence in every home, indeed, indispensable. It relates to dressing tools and can be different lengths, widths.

Elastic fixing bandage

Indications for bandaging

The Use of dressing tools:

  • sports injuries
  • orthopedic diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • sprains
  • bruises
  • swelling
  • chronic thrombophlebitis, etc.

the Need for elastic bandage in the medicine Cabinet

Medical elastic Bandage differs from conventional dressing means many positive properties. The main difference is that it stretches, has a firmer Foundation than that of conventional dressing means is not deformed, does not slip if applied, permitted multiple use, used as an independent therapeutic agent.

Elastic fixation bandage

This dressings were initially used by weightlifters for wrapping the knees. This way of leg protection to avoid serious injuries in the sport. Over time, this kind of protection interested in other athletes, but in a normal bandage in addition to the benefits were small flaws. Elastic fixation bandage is a advanced kind of conventional elastic. Self-locking bandage allows for much faster to make the coil, the tightness of the bandage is adjusted depending on the received posture of the body, the dressing tool does not crumble at the edges as it is made of high quality material.

the Use of an elastic bandage sports injuries

Using the self-locking bandage is quite extensive. In addition to sports (weightlifting or powerlifting), it is convenient and in everyday life. Of course it needs to take on the road with the main first aid kit in case of injury to the extremities to fix the damaged area until the arrival of the doctor and a bit to ease the pain to the victim. To adjust the tightness of the bandages, you must use the number of winding (the more layers, the same will be considered as the bandage on the limbs).

Elastic fixation bandage that has no adhesive bases, has at one end a locking mechanism, which is convenient to fix it after winding. It contains 70 % cotton that allows the skin to breathe under the fabric.

self-Locking bandage is convenient to use in cases when you need very quickly apply and fix the bandage. For example, if you use it for application to the leg or arm of the child, then the benefits of adhesive base is quite obvious. Good to buy elastic bandage for first aid kits school, as children very often in gym class or during breaks falling, getting sprains or fractures. The presence of such dressing tools will reduce the likelihood of complications after trauma, displacement in case of fracture. Such dressings will definitely reduce the attack of pain, which is poorly tolerated by children of any age, until the arrival of the ambulance.

the Use of an elastic bandage in orthopedic disease

The self-Locking elastic bandage differs from the fact that they can not re-bandage the limb very tightly. It is used for post-traumatic fixation at the first moment, and in travmpunkti impose cotton elastic bandage or plaster. In training or in sports the use of self-adhesive bandage has become an integral part of equipment.

Immobilization for injuries

Immobilizerpower bandage – another innovative invention that has become a good alternative to a cast. Visually it is similar to an elastic fixing bandage. It is sold in a package and has a fairly long shelf life (about 3 years). What immobilizerpower bandage? It is used for plastering the damaged limb, but unlike a plaster cast, which you need to lie still for several days, with immobilizerpower bandage people can stay at home and do their usual things as possible.

the Use of an elastic bandage with varicose veins

For proper blending immobilizers bandages need a bandage, stocking and cut the water in the spray bottle. First on the injured limb wear hosiery cut, and then wound in four layers of bandage and DAB it with water. After a short period of time a special mixture, which soaked the bandage hardens, and the patient can go about their business, knowing that his damaged place securely.

Currently available for several types of bandages total:

  • Dezo bandage (bandage impregnated with plastermixture);
  • Shrauta bandage (bandage, impregnated with a mix based on liquid glass).

fixation of the wrist with an elastic bandage

In medicine is most often used bandage impregnated with plaster. Application immobilizerpower indispensable in traumatology fractures of the legs, wrist, collar bone, etc. Independently apply such dressings is not recommended, it is better to entrust this work to a specialist, which will impose correctly the bandage after a preliminary examination.

Use in venous insufficiency

elastic Bandages are used in medicine to treat many diseases, including varicose veins. Varicose veins elastic bandage allows you to remove the swelling of limbs and improve muscle tone. It should be applied in combination with other drugs for the treatment of varicose veins.

Properly wound on his leg is not difficult, but there are some recommendations with which it can be done quickly and correctly. First you need to lie on a sofa and raise your legs up, which will slightly reduce the swelling. Further, the entire surface of limbs affected by varicose veins, you should apply a special medicated ointments or gels (venotonics). You must then take a bandage and wound it first on foot, then in a few turns to wrap the entire surface of the feet (depending on the area of infection).

self adhesive elastic bandage

The dimensions of the elastic means dressing in the treatment of varicose veins must be at least 0.08 x 3.0 m

How long can you wear an elastic bandage for varicose veins? You should start with 30 minutes, after which the wearing time should gradually increase. The optimum elastic dressing means wearing at night for about 8 hours, which is all the time sleep. In the daytime you can use as a bandage and compression garment.

Correctly applied elastic bandage on the foot usually does not cause discomfort. On the contrary, greatly facilitates the patient's condition. If after applying you feel a discomfort, you need to rewind, since if it is tightened too tight, may cause irregular blood flow. Once applied, the bandage must be washed, using a special tool to stretch fabrics that do not contain chlorine. With proper care this bandage can be used more than one year.

If you use such dressings will be people with large body proportions better not to save on the meter and to take the bandages, minimum length 5 m.

the use of the elastic bandage against edema

Classification of bandage used for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, with varying degrees stretch:

  • elongation of 70% (short)
  • 140% (average)
  • more than 140 % (long).

For the prevention of disease it is necessary to use elastic medium with stretch more than 140 %. Bandages with an average percentage of elongation must be used with a small lesion of the limbs and bandage with short stretch (tight) must be used to ensure a strongly pronounced varicose veins. Bandages are made of different material. For the treatment of varicose veins is better to give preference to the means, made of fabric and not knitted.

For the prevention and treatment of varicose need to use elastic bandage with high compression ratio, to ensure good compression of blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation. During pregnancy, use bandages to remove swelling is the most effective and safe means.

Fracture or dislocation of wrist

Injuries associated with the wrist, are not uncommon in the lives of many people. Often any fall from the bikes or in slippery weather ends up landing on his wrist and, as a consequence, fracture or dislocation of the parts of the body.

Injuring the wrist, it is necessary to examine in the near future and take steps to eliminate the pain. Before going to the doctor need to put on wrist elastic bandage retainer. It is not recommended to use for this purpose ordinary gauze, as it is difficult for you to reel, it has the property to deform and slide when worn. Elastic bandage is indicated for fixation of the wrist as in dislocation and fracture of this part of the body. Why do we need a break of one day after application of gypsum prior to use of the bandage? The fact that the plaster dries in about a day, if you just fasten the bandage it may stick. Therefore, we must fasten the bandage for the fixation of splint, after a while, when the gypsum hardens.

How to choose the right elastic bandage for the ligature of the damaged wrist? For such purpose suitable bandage length about 2 m with a high degree of stretch. To start bandaging should be used with thumb or wrist. One way is bandaging used for injuries and bandaging of hands in the sport.

first you need to fix the dressings around my thumb, then make a circular motion around the wrist. Continue to wrap the base of the fingers (3 times) and skip the bandage a cross between the thumb and little finger. Method of bandaging the wrist may differfrom offered, as long as this body part if the damage was securely fixed and do not cause discomfort to the person wearing the bandage.

When a dislocated wrist doesn't have to wear a bandage all the time, but you need to wear it during any active actions. Between wearing headbands during damage wrist need to do a light stroking massage to prevent blood stagnation.

Elastic dressings can be used for dislocation of any joint, not just the wrist. Dressings for damaged joints located in the lower part of the leg should be 0.5-1 m longer than the elastic bandage used for bandaging the arm. The elongation should be high or medium when the fracture or dislocation, but after the surgery you should prefer elastic with a low degree of extensibility so as to avoid stagnation of venous blood and development of varicose veins.

Elastic dressings can be purchased at the pharmacy, it has a very affordable price. When you buy you can choose several for different purposes and store unopened in the medicine Cabinet. Elastic bandage can be stored for a long time, unlike medicines, so you can safely buy without fear that it would spoil before use. It is necessary to store in the package or in the pharmacy box. A small piece dressing elastic means can be put in ladies ' or travel bag, because the likelihood of injury on the road is very high.