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Why use the locking mechanism of the foot and ankle and how to select it?

A Specialized locking mechanism of the ankle is worn in order to avoid deformation of the ankle with different injuries of the joints. As a rule, doctors recommend to wear the retainer of the foot injuries of moderate severity, such as bruises and sprains. Special design allows to relieve the ankle, however, remains the opportunity to move my leg.

Fixation of ankle after injury

Types of fixing devices

Also the product is applicable for the recovery of anomalies of bones and joints, what are the different types of locks:

  1. a Splint-bandage. It is made of very thick fabric. Its purpose is to correct the distortion of the great toe;
  2. Compression. It is produced in seamless technology is used, which is implemented using circular. This gives the ability to accurately replicate the anatomy of the foot
  3. Bandage with four tire modeling – it is used mainly in severe injuries, such as fractures or severe sprains. It ensures almost total immobility of the joint.
  4. With spiral ribs – best used in chronic inflammations of the tendons, and if the damage to the ankle.
  5. Special model for the Achilles tendon. They are considered the most expensive and ergonomic. Their cost in some stores as high as one hundred dollars.

However, in the modern market, you can find the locking mechanism, which will be similar to regular Golf. The cost rarely exceeds ten dollars. It is usually used in order to prevent stretching during physical activities. They are fairly affordable and very useful.

Splint - bandage for thumb

Materials for manufacturing release

In order to make products, use a variety of materials. Entire selection should be based on the pathology that you have. For example, if you were tortured by arthritis or rheumatism, are perfect models produced with the use of neoprene. And all because they retain heat very well, thus speeding up the blood flow and relieving pain.

Neoprene retainer is also called magnetic because it contains 10 magnets with a field strength 500 Gauss. The main thing is that the fabric lets air in, otherwise the skin will begin to sweat, causing the rash may appear with itching. If you are absolutely not suitable synthetics, you can purchase the product from cotton and other natural materials.

There are products that are not regulated by the laces or Velcro. In this case, an important task is not to be mistaken with size. If much passing the joint, the circulation disturbed, and, if necessary, the retraction will not be the desired level of compression. For this reason, you should initially consult an orthopedist who will easily tell you which locking mechanism should be chosen.

Use compression clamps

the Right choice of the product

Ankle orthosis is better to use in sports because he is very well and tightly locks the joint, thereby creating compression and massage effect. It is very significantly relieves the pain and swelling after Shin injury, surgery, arthritis and other various diseases.
If the ankle is not fixed as it should, then the likelihood of injury is great and the process was protracted treatment has not yet healed injuries.

Therefore, you should not forget that the selection of a suitable lock must be done by the doctor with the right qualifications.

medical Advice on the selection of the fixator for ankle

Himself allowed to purchase ankle orthosis easy form. One that will make the pain less when osteoarthritis or minor injury of the leg.

To determine which ankle brace you need, first you need to know the degree of severity of the injury. There are three types of injury:

  1. Easy degree. When injury of the joint is slightly visible a little swelling, mild pain and slight limitation of motion. In this case, it is best to use a neoprene or elastic orthosis. Magnetic / neoprene retainer can be used not only for the damage, but also in the prevention of certain diseases. When using this type of improves blood circulation where worn magnetic brace is removed the inflammation, and eliminates pain in the ankle. When the extent of injury allowed the selection of products yourself.
  2. In moderate cases, the tumor is visible, weak or strong, there is a bearable pain. It's hard to move around and step on the damaged leg. The orthosis must be contractive and strongly fixed with stiffeners. It can choose a doctor.
  3. Severe: her features are strong tumor or hematoma, movement is fully constrained, there is a lot of pain. Bestsuitable products which completely immobilize the limb. Pick it can only be a specialist.

It appears that the use of any orthosis gives only a positive effect, but if it is chosen correctly, can provide a doctor. However, you should pay attention to contraindications latches. For example, magnetic orthosis is strictly prohibited to use people who wear a pacemaker or any other sort of electronic device in the body. Its use is limited for people who are prone to bleeding, pregnant women and children up to two years.