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Types, indications for use and evaluation of the effectiveness of needle applicators

Applicator Needle for acupuncture as an effective alternative and help in the treatment medications are very popular these days. The mechanism of action massager with needles based on the stimulation of certain zones and points on the body that are responsible for his physical and psychological health.

Needle applicator for neck and lower back

The Technology of acupuncture therapy derived from Chinese medicine and has about 5 thousand years. With needle applicator can relieve pain, stress and fatigue in the muscles, stimulate the metabolism, increase vitality, efficiency, to achieve many other positive results.

Researchers have scientifically proven that the pressure points of the body activates certain parts of the brain and nerve fibers. The result is a stimulation of metabolism. Therefore, by acting on specific areas of the body, it is possible to achieve not only local results but also restore the functions of the various organs.

Types of needle applicators

There is a large selection of needle applicators. They differ in size, length of needles and the width of the step between the needles. The base of the product may also be varied: plastic, silicone, rubber, fabric, metal.

Needle applicator for the treatment of back

The Most effective is a metal applicator with needles in the form of staples with copper, zinc, Nickel or silver plated. Moreover, the larger the distance between the needles, the higher the degree of therapeutic products.

Various forms (rolls, mats, etc.) and the dimensions of the applicators allow you to apply them to different areas of the body: neck, waist, back and feet. Taking into account individual sensitivity of the human skin, you can pick up the product with a certain degree of sharpness of the needles. There are even needle with a double edge, which prevents deep penetration of the needle, creates less discomfort with maintaining a high degree of efficiency.

The Buffer substrate in the form of a roller provides the same degree of push each needle into the skin. Stronger therapeutic effect has a magnetic applicator with inserts, creates a constant magnetic field. Durable thermal bonding needle elements ensures a long operation life of the therapeutic product.

Zone the use of needle applicators

Indications and contraindications

This medicinal product used for the prevention and therapy of various diseases. Anyone can use the applicator to enhance health and vitality by increasing blood circulation in different parts of the body.

In winter needle massager can warm up the body in case of hypothermia for the prevention of colds. Workers who are forced by occupation most of the day to be in a static position, also can use needle the product for massage zanemevshuyu parts of the body. Miniature needle roller massagers are successfully used in cosmetology.

the Effectiveness of massage with needle applicator

Undoubtedly, most often it is a medical product used to neutralize the pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system: when limited mobility of the joints, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, muscle spasms. In this case needle the product apply to the affected area and can withstand up to reduce the pain.

In the case of bronchitis, asthmatic symptoms and coughing needle the product is put under the back between the shoulder blades. In the same way use the product for heart diseases and pain in the thoracic spine. For raising or lowering blood pressure, in the treatment of headaches and migraines, the product is applied to the neck or to the back.

At the first symptoms of sexual disorders and for the treatment of impotence and prostatitis applicator affect the areas of the spine in the coccyx area and lower abdomen. In these zones should be influenced in the case of a suppressed, depressive mood or apathy.

Pregnant women can use a needle-like product during the period of toxicosis, threatened miscarriage, and also after a caesarean section, having coordinated this issue with your doctor.

Use a needle applicator in pregnancy
A contraindication for use of the needle applicator is the presence of skin tags, age spots, warts, skin irritations. And with obvious autonomic disorders (palpitations, dizziness, perspiration, weakness) and impact to product should be reduced. In any case, using the applicator, do not lose sight of the reaction: overall health, blood pressure, heart rate.


The Product should be pressed to the problematic area of the body hands, and to influence the areas on your back is to lie on him. For the procedure in the field stop can just stand on the needle Mat. In some cases, the product is attached to the body with an elastic bandage or rubberized belt.

To get Used to the applicator it is necessary gradually. The procedure was not very painful when exposed to the back under the weight of the body, should be released immediately, but gradually. Every 10 sec. Is addictive body to a new level of pain impact of the needles on the skin, so releasing the weight on the applicator by parts, you can achieve longer and more effective procedures.

When the process of adjusting the body to the needles is completed in the affected area a feeling of heat and discomfort from the needles was not visible. Then you can make lying on the applicator, a simple movement: to raise, to tighten and lower legs, to roll over from one side to the other.

Treatment depends on the disease, the powers of pain and is selected in the range from 1 to 20 minutes, to navigate should on your own health and your body's response.