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How to choose the best orthopedic pillow for each family member

Almost a third of his life man holds in his sleep, but only some of us are seriously approach the choice of bedding such as a pillow. We try to carefully choose for himself and his family food and things, sometimes forgetting that the best orthopedic pillow can not only help to sleep, get rid of the snoring, but also significantly improve human health, especially pregnant women.

Sleeping on orthopedic pillow

Types of orthopedic pillows

no one can define clear boundaries between sleep – how long it should last, what positions are the most favourable to rest and avoid snoring, and of course, what kind of pillow – hard or soft – for optimal. In addition, it is worth considering that many have some kind of spinal pathology and are forced to observe the correct position of the body not only during wakefulness but also during sleep. This is especially important for pregnant women. Given such needs, various models have been developed of oropouche for adults, which differ from each other in form, content and even physical properties. Consider the most popular kinds of orthopedic products for sleep.


Orthopedic pillows for adults latex recently entered our vocabulary. They differ with many beautiful features – hypoallergenic, which is crucial for pregnant women, hygroscopicity, breathability, high durability. Some minus can be a quite high price. This is because the production of natural latex is expensive.Latex orthopedic pillow

To obtain the desired latex SAP of rubber trees, most large plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. By the way, if you decide to purchase products from natural latex, make sure that country of origin relates to the above because, due to some technological features of the juice of rubber trees cannot be stored. If you do decide to buy it, you will ensure a good night's sleep and no snoring.


A More affordable option orthopedic pillows for adults will be the product, made of polyurethane foam. It has the same properties as natural latex, but less wear resistant. If bedding of natural fibers will last you about 20 years, the life of the cushion of polyurethane foam will not exceed seven. However, for other characteristics it is not inferior to the product of natural fibers. Perfectly supports the head during sleep, eliminating snoring and good night's sleep. The classic form or ortopediska-roller allows you to choose the most suitable option for pregnant women and people with different proportions and preferences.

Orthopedic pillow made of polyurethane foam


Another option that can interest men who suffer from snoring and women (especially pregnant women), there are models that are able to maintain body shape. Orthopedic cushions are made of polyurethane under the influence of heat can warp and take the necessary form. This anatomical feature helps to relieve tension from the shoulder girdle and cervical spine, which helps to normalize blood circulation. Due to this property it is perfectly eliminates the snoring and ensures a healthy sleep. Memory effect can have both classic and ortopediska-cushion, in addition, after the cessation of pressure it will take its original form. The variety of models allows you to purchase not only a pillow under his head, but, for example, under the lower back or abdomen for pregnant women.


Another nice surprise was products that have a cooling effect. This is achieved through the use of special filler – gel, manufactured according to a special 3D technology. Thanks to its properties, they will delight you with not only cooling, but also micromassage effect. All this will allow to have a good sleep, especially since the pillow is quite versatile and has the ability to sleep on back or side, and lying on his stomach. In addition, it boasts a unique anti-snore effect.

Gel orthopedic pillow with memory effect


Today, developed various models, taking into account the peculiarities of both men and the needs of pregnant women. They relieve pain in the pelvic area and support the pregnant body in a physiologically right position. A variety of anatomic form allowsuse them not only under his head. A special designed cushion for lower back and abdomen that allow good night's sleep not only back, but also on the side.

Orthopedic pillow with buckwheat husks

Pillows with vegetative fillings

lovers of natural materials will undoubtedly be pleased with ortopediske from buckwheat husks. They are filled instead of all the usual feathers and down buckwheat husk. Ortopediske from buckwheat have many beneficial properties and is primarily hypoallergenic. Filled with husks, they are well ventilated, letting the air absorb sweat, not hot. Orthopedic pillows from buckwheat, taking the form of the body, allow to relax the neck muscles, providing a normal blood flow and effortless breathing. Another good side of such ortopediske will become a micro – solid face husk of buckwheat have an impact on the scalp, plus is the fragrance.

selection Criteria

Taking a resolute decision and still deciding to purchase artopolescu, it is necessary to highlight the following characteristics and to consider their preferences.

  1. Height will depend on the posture in which the person feels comfortable. If he likes to sleep on your side, he will need a higher pillow than sleeping on the back. Also the height of the product should depend on the width of the shoulders – the bigger it is, the higher ortopediska.
  2. Stiffness will also depend on how the person likes to sleep. Sleeping on back, soft fit more than one who likes to sleep on your side. But it is worth considering that a more robust cushion will prevent excessive tilting the head, raising the chances of snoring.
  3. Form again depends on what position a person chooses in his sleep. For fans of sleeping on your stomach can use a universal rectangular pillow – soft or medium hardness. To rest on your back or your side will be useful ortopediska with sealed rollers that support the cervical spine in a physiologically correct position.

Care for bedding accessory

As a rule, they do not require special care. It is better not to cover the product with blanket so as not to restrict air access. Covers from oropouche can be washed when dirty, but just follow the instructions. For example, the pillow filled with buckwheat is not even wet. To care for her will be powerful enough cleaner. Products made of latex and polyurethane is also not recommended to wash.


Contraindications for the use of virtually non-existent. On the contrary, they are very useful for pregnant women or as a means of getting rid of snoring. You'll be able to see this, after a brief overview of the pages on the Internet and viewing reviews. The only thing that should determine which kind is best for you. It will be a universal model or better to buy a pillow with memory effect or cooling, depends on your preference and habits. Be aware that even the best orthopedic pillow often requires some time to adapt to it.