Make a corset for the posture with their hands

Concealer or corset for posture with your hands is not difficult for making, if the person is able to make patterns and work on the sewing machine. It is only necessary to study the peculiarities of deformation of the back in each individual case and choose the right pattern.

In comparison with the industrial model of the product made by their own hands, will not only strengthen the muscle corset back and support axis of the spinal column. It will be a stylish addition to your daily wardrobe.

Corset for posture, hand made

How to determine the type of the corset

To make a corset for posture with their hands, should examine the main types of them:

  1. Simulating concealer is used to give your back or waist a certain position. In the event of a lateral curvature of the spine such models are enhanced with additional hard inserts of plastic or metal by bending.
  2. Orthopedic corrector is designed to strengthen the correction of spinal curvature. If the pathological pronounced bending in the lumbar spine, lumbar corset is used; in breast – product shleek for the upper third of the back.
  3. Support corset is used to support the entire axis of the spine in the correct position. It is better to wear with flat (smooth all the physiological curves of the spine) or round back (the physiological curves of the reinforced).
  4. Substitution corset is used during rehabilitation after surgery to strengthen the anterior abdominal wall and back muscles.

A Significant advantage in the manufacture of corset own hands is the ability to create your own style model. For example, the most popular today is the Gothic style. It is characterized by elegance and minimalism.

To manufacture enough dark fabrics with leather or silk lace. Such models are perfectly combined with classic trousers, jeans, leather skirts.

instructions for cutting and sewing,

To make a posture corrector with your hands should:

  • to Prepare the material. Select fabric which when worn or washed will not be collected in the folds and pucker;
  • will Take the measurements of waist, chest, thighs;
  • Measure the distance to the waist from the underarm area (side panel).

After completing these actions, we should recall the lessons of drawing. It is necessary to prepare a recess. Especially the circuit drawing of corset:

  • Draw line waist, chest and hips. Between the first two strips should be left a distance equal to the size side cover
  • For easy understanding of the diagram divide it into 4 parts: the first and second Central, first and second side.
Drawn diagram of the pattern corrector posture

Schema pattern corset for posture

  • Line up the piece patterns on the neck. The size of the recess is 1 cm at the waist
  • In the second part, lift the center of the chest 1 cm and push it to the right by 0.8 cm Through this point and should draw a vertical line (reduced volume under the breast);
  • Move the tuck to the line of the second relief on the waist with a basic drawing with a tolerance of 2 cm;
  • When building the outlines of the cut of the corset to 1 side should have overlay details;
  • Increase of 1 cm in the front part of the armhole area and the bottom. Draw the line of cut;
  • Narrow back to 1.5 cm and add 1 cm lower;
  • Panel obtained items and carefully cut them out.
the final circuit pattern corset

the figure shows an exemplary pattern, which you get after executing previous recommendations.

After making a pattern, start stracenia model. To do this:

  1. Collect all the details and attach them to the figure. Make sure that they settle down in their seats. If necessary, correct error;
  2. On the sewing machine will stitch the seams and then carefully and treat them, otutûž'te;
  3. If you want to make reinforced corrector (with plastic or metal inserts), you need to make the lining. It runs on a similar pattern. During the processing of the seams to ensure that stripes were formed of metal or a plastic frame;
  4. On the back of the model make the loop through which it will be necessary to hold the laces.

After fitting, make corrections, and can successfully correct the posture by using products made by their own hands.

Some features of manufacturing of orthopedic products

To wear orthopedic correctors and corsets there are a number of contraindications. During strong compression of the muscle they cause muscle weakness.

As a result of the practical use of models of the doctors established that the products provoke breast tumors in women in 5% of cases. Toto prevent this complication, you should choose only natural fabrics for manufacturing of the corrector with your hands.

If you want the model for constant wear, designers recommend to make it in the form:

  • Vest
  • Shirt with cut blouses;
  • Stylish t-shirts
  • Top;
  • Brace.

These types are common and will not cause others, especially suspicious about the destination of your wardrobe.

Decorative model quite organically combine the role of shaping and posture corrector.

For fans of exclusive product offerings, used by the lovers of medieval artistic and theatrical Bohemia. In the 21st century the fashion for these models is gradually returning. Theatrical corset made with my own hands, not only to repeat the sophisticated image of medieval ladies, and get rid of the curvature of the back, scoliosis and even extra pounds.