How to choose a mattress for back pain

back Pain, usually caused by symptoms of osteoarthritis. They meet every second person after 30 years. In this case the intervertebral cartilages grow, peredavlivaya nerve roots. Hence, there is pain, accompanied by spasms of the muscles and impaired motility.

Along with massage and physiotherapy exercises for osteoarthritis particularly important is the right choice of bed sets: mattress and pillows. With their help, you can ensure that your spine complete relaxation, remove muscle spasms and pain.

Choosing a mattress osteochondrosis

Orthopedic mattress for back pain
A good mattress must possess the anatomical and orthopedic effects. The first is that best to repeat the curves of the spine, allowing you to take a natural position during sleep. The orthopaedic effect, in turn, is based on how to assist the spine during sleep some resistance, not to allow it to SAG under its own weight.

Thus, the anatomical effect provides a soft and supportive – the rigidity of the product. In ideal mattress two these characteristics are in balance.

the Selection of the stiffness level

while sleeping on too soft mattress the spine sags, acquiring an unnatural bends. To eliminate them, the back muscles have to constantly remain in good shape, which prevents relaxation. Overly hard bed, despite popular opinion about its use, not able to take the shape of the spine, which is also not conducive to healthy sleep.

the internal structure of an orthopedic mattress
Thus, it is best to buy orthopedic mattress of medium hardness, which also would have had two effects. The more body weight, the harder it should be, and Vice versa. Rigidity is ensured by the use of products of the coconut layer.

spring model

These models are most common. Among them are solid options on the spring block (Bonnel) and with independent springs. The first cannot provide a complete rest back. The body weight is distributed over its surface uneven. This is particularly evident when on the bed sleeping two. Thus someone who weighs more, pushes the mattress is stronger. The lighter one is forced to slide to the side all night due to the arising of slope.

On models with independent springs each element placed in its own case and not connected with neighbouring. Due to this point load is distributed over the entire surface of the product. It also eliminates the effect of rolling even if the difference in mass between sleeping more than 20 kg.

Springless models

Springless products are the new generation mattresses. They do not contain metal, and the springs in them performs a core of latex foam. It contains millions of pores that dot respond to imposed loads, contributing to even more even weight distribution.

These mattresses orthopedic anatomical and in addition have memory effect. Under the heat action man latex softened, repeating the exact shape of the spine.