How to choose orthopedic posture corrector

Posture Corrector for adults is slightly different from the counterparts for children. Similar their purpose – to support or Corrigendum (correction) position of the spine. A significant difference is observed in models of high degree of hardness.

They are equipped with metal or plastic inserts, which must necessarily take into account the anatomical features of the body of a child and an adult.

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What are declinatory, corsets and bandages

This product to maintain or correct the condition of the spine. Depending on the purpose they are classified into:

  • Support;
  • Correction.

Support orthopedic posture corrector (bandage, reclinator) is designed to prevent further curvature and deformation of the axis of the spine. Under the curvature we understand the excessive flexion or extension of one or all of the curves of the spine (lordosis and Koposov).

Deformation – violation of the anatomical relationships in one or more lumbar segments. These pathological States it is important to distinguish, to choose the right orthopedic corset for correction of pathology.

According to the degree of rigidity of posture corrector for men and women is categorized on:

  • Soft model is composed of natural fabrics and is designed for fixation of certain spine restricting its mobility over a certain angle;
  • Medium (semi-rigid) is represented by dense tissues, and is used to put pressure on specific areas of the spine to gradually return the vertebrae in physiological position;
  • Hard – the product is reinforced with plastic or metal inserts and assigned exclusively traumatology and spine specialists after examination of the spinal column of the patient. This model is designed more for adults, but can be used for children with severe degrees of scoliosis (curvature of the spine sideways).

The posture Corrector on design features divided into:

  • Reclinator;
  • Thoracolumbar corset;
  • Belt for posture.

Reclinator ("Reclinatio") in Latin means "to reject back." The product is assigned to in the early stages of the curvature of the spinal column, to the right to direct the vertical axis of the body. It restores the physiological position of the shoulder girdle, so the person has the opportunity to restore the upper cervical vertebral column.

Reclinator (like a corset) is:

  • Therapeutic
  • Prevention.

Treatment used for scoliosis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis and other disorders of the spine and prevents the progression of pain in his back. It can be equipped with additional stiffeners.

Preventive reclinator is assigned mainly to teach people how to properly keep your back and form a stereotype of the physiological position of the spine. Thus, it is the ideal product to maintain the axis of the spine in the correct anatomical position.

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How to choose an orthopedic fixator of the spine

To learn how to choose a posture corrector, you must:

  • to make a thorough diagnosis of the spine;
  • to Determine the type and degree of posture;
  • Set the state of the skeletal muscles of the back;
  • to Investigate the organism in the presence of metabolic diseases.

Diagnosis of the condition of the spinal column will help avoid the presence of vertebral herniation (prolapsed intervertebral disc beyond the functional segment). In this pathology corrective corset to wear is forbidden, as it will cause the increased pain. Independently you can only use preventive posture corrector.

There are 5 main types of posture:

  • Round spin – the severity of thoracic kyphosis and flattening of lumbar lordosis;
  • Flat back – flattening of the thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis;
  • Krugovorota back increased kyphosis in the thoracic region with increased lordosis in the lumbar spine;
  • spin-Concave – reducing the thoracic kyphosis while preserving lumbar lordosis;
  • Slouch – an increase of almost all curves of the vertebral column.

define the type of posture required for aiming correct posture corrector with rigid, which would "push" on a specific area of the spine.

In Order to choose a posture corrector or orthopedic corset to skeletal muscles. If the muscle corset is well fortified, sufficiently support models for correction of curvature. The weakness of muscle tissue and severe deformations of the vertebral column in adults will need to buy semi-rigid or rigid reclinator or corset. This bandage should not be worn for a long periodtime, as the muscles will weaken even more.

The Presence of metabolic diseases (gout, rickets, vitamin D deficiencies) adversely affects bone system. In this situation it is not enough to buy orthopedic product. Simultaneously with the orthotics need to use special pharmaceuticals.

Corset for posture correction (and a band) we recommend you to buy only after analyzing your lifestyle and daily habits that can lead to distortion of the vertical axis of the body. In some cases it will be sufficient to properly organize the bed sheets, to get rid of the stoop and the spinal hump.

Similarly, if a grown man a long time at the computer, you need to wear a corset or brace prophylactic straightening her shoulders and maintain the axis of the spine in the correct position during prolonged sitting.

How to wear medical products

Before buying a particular model, you should pay attention to its characteristics. They should not exceed the performance of your anatomical features more than 1 cm.

What you need to measure before buying:

  1. Growth;
  2. waist measurement
  3. abdominal Circumference at 10 cm downward from the waist.

The Criteria for the right choice of the concealer:

  • fits Comfortably on the body;
  • does Not RUB in the armpits
  • does Not divert waist.

Check the correct corset can right in the store. Put the product and go to the wall. If the product is chosen correctly, the man will touch the wall of the thoracic Department, head, shoulders and buttocks. It is in this position should support your back corrector or bandage.

Medical recliner is made for "individual recipe" of trauma and should consider the features of your spinal column. It is equipped with additional stiffeners, which regulate the level of pressure.

To choose the right brace or corset should pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. Natural materials allow the skin to breathe, but it creates the perfect heat exchange.

To Wear a bandage, proofreader and reclinator more than 4 hours experts do not recommend. In the case of products of high hardness, the given term can be significantly increased. In this situation, you need to gradually increase wearing time products day in and day out.

Rigid models with extended use of forms of muscle weakness, so it is recommended to wear it periodically, and in between to perform therapeutic strengthening exercises. To cancel the product, gradually decreasing wearing time.

In conclusion, note that the right to choose a posture corrector is not so easy. If you take to buy it carefully and meticulously, the product "thank" the perfect condition of the back.