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What is the difference between electronic posture correctors and how to choose a suitable

Electronic posture corrector for children is the basis of the proper formation of the axis of the spinal column, according to many orthopedists-traumatologists. When used correctly it strengthens the muscles of the back, supports the spine in physiological position and prevents it from warping.

The fastest For curvature correction it is better to combine between a classic and a digital corrector.

Electronic posture corrector attached to the chest

How to use the electronic posture corrector

Because of the incorrect posture is formed over time based on the habits and unconditioned reflexes the need of using classic corset reclinator is known for its fixing properties. Electronic analogue performs the role of an indicator, telling the person on nefiziologichnoe of the back.

The Mechanism of action of correctors:

  • Support the spine;
  • Straighten your shoulders;
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent deformation of the vertebral column.

Please note! Products are not improving muscle, so doctors prescribe them for a short time interval. Typically, the duration of wearing orthopedic corrector does not exceed 8 hours. In violation of posture without deformation of the spinal column enough to wear them every day for 4 hours.
appearance (design) of a corrector
Electronic posture corrector operates on the following principle:

  • Sensor of curvature of the back fixes the position of the human body and sends signals to a control circuit
  • depending on the degree of curvature is indicated by a beep of a certain duration depending on degree of curvature
  • adjust the sensitivity of the sensor can be carried out independently;
  • When a person straightens his back, the sensor ceases to output the sound.

The Use of conventional orthopedic correctors are recommended:

  1. Students for accuracy control of landing at the Desk;
  2. People who spend a long time at the computer;
  3. When the deformations of the vertebral column.

The Electronic model is not an alternative to the classical analogue. These devices have another purpose. Orthopedic product locks the torso in a certain position and limits pathologic motion of the spine.

The only Electronic device that warns of incorrect posture of a person. It is used solely for violation of posture. The deformations of the spine, the product shows low efficiency as beeps or vibrates at the slightest movement.

Classic and electronic models are better to use together. So wear orthopedic reclinator usually does not exceed 4 hours. When it is removed, the posture control can be shifted to an electronic equivalent.

common patterns

From low-end models correctors on the market there are 2 main types:

  • Dolphin
  • type "Master of posture".

Price type "Dolphin" is the lowest (about 500 rubles). This is its only advantage over other types. The design of the product leaves much to be desired, so it is used exclusively at home.

When worn the model changes its position depending on localization of a human head, as is fixed behind the auricle. The bend sensor measures the position of the spine is not quite correct. Obviously, the device incorrectly detected the relationship between the curvature of the back and the position of the human body.

The Model of "Master of posture" is 4 times more expensive than "Dolphin". In the instructions for this device you can read that with proper maintenance the device, the person can return your posture for 30 days. Small size model (a few more Soviet 5-penny coins) will allow you to attach her to the breast without any problems (e.g. with adhesive tape).

The unit is operated similarly to that of "Dolphin." The bend sensor measures the position of the body in space and sends a signal to the control unit. When deviation from the norms, the device begins to vibrate. The disadvantage of this device is the "Master of posture":

  • is Triggered when a person takes a horizontal position;
  • Vibrates when you try to tie a shoelace or pick up an object from the floor;
  • is Wrong with the seat tilted back;
  • does Not respond to the curvature of the sacral spine.

These flaws in the work "Master of posture" significantly limit its scope. Against this background, product price 2,000 rubles seems somewhat overstated, as in practicality it is not too much larger than "Dolphin".

Electronic posture corrector is an interesting invention. However, after analyzing the existing models, it is obvious that they have a low practical value and need to be strengthened.