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Types, advantages and rules of using posture corrective lingerie

Posture Corrective lingerie is more often applied by women. Beautiful floor more careful with their health, so with great pleasure is grace, corset-shirts and other accessories that support the axis of the spine in the correct position. The stronger sex prefers to use other methods of treatment of curvatures of the spine.

posture corrective lingerie is of different kinds

Kinds of underwear for posture correction

Posture Corrective lingerie, depending on the severity of the effect on the body is divided into three types:

  • slight correction. This underwear is made from soft fabrics and is worn constantly. In addition to the corrective effect of the product allows you to get rid of a couple of extra inches on the abdomen, thighs or Breasts;
  • Medium. The structure of the models includes several types of tissues of different density. They create pressure on various parts of the body that enhances the therapeutic effect;
  • High correction. The models are designed to correct severe curvature of the spine. In the product design include corsetry or plastic inserts. Wearing underwear of this type has to be prescribed by doctors.

shapewear mild recommended for children in the early stages of curvature of the back. It limits pathologic motion in the affected segment of the spine. If your child will be very lean, supporting corset will not allow him to make strong flexion or extension. Thus, the student over time will subconsciously be able to understand what actions he can perform, and which are not, to the vertebral column formed correctly.

Linen medium used in the violation of posture, combined with deformation of the spinal column. These models are not recommended to wear more than 8 hours, because they lead to a blood disorder and congestive changes in muscle cells.

Products of high degree of correction provide a strong pressure on the skin, so not worn more than 2 hours. They are usually applied when performing physical activity to prevent pain.

Overview of common models of corrective underwear

Underwear for posture correction are mainly women

shapewear on the market is represented by a variety of species. Not to be lost in a vast assortment of models, presented an overview of the most common models of this type:

  • Body – product that completely hugs the body and leaves no vacant parcels. There are bodysuit long and short sleeves; deep and small cuts. The structural feature of the attribute of the wardrobe – zipper at the bottom;
  • grace – shapewear for smoothing and shape correction of posture. The product is made of thick high quality materials and has a unique cut, which leaves no tension on the skin. Grace can provide medium to strong correction posture
  • Polugracii does not close the thigh, and reaches only to the waist. Functional properties it is no different from grace;
  • Leggings – my favorite new thing for young girls. Increasingly they are used to correct the hips, but leggings medium support of the lumbar spine and prevent it from distortion;
  • Corrective bras are used for breast lifting, shape correction of the chest;
  • Pantaloons to correct curvatures of the spinal column resemble a pair of shorts with high waist. The lower part of them comes to the knees. To correct posture used knickers easy, medium and strong degree of correction
  • Corset – the basis of treatment of spinal curvature in the initial stages. The product is a wide belt, covering the thoracic and/or lumbar spine. The assortment of these products on the market are models of all 3 degrees of adjustment;
  • slimming belt is a middle link between the regular belt and the corset. It is somewhat shorter than the corset on both sides. Most often used to prevent progression of the curvature of the spine;

Correction posture linen should be read

How to use medical clothes

It is not Enough just to wear corrective underwear to eliminate abnormal curvature of spine. Treatment of spinal pathology is carried out in combination with the use of multiple methods.

How to apply medical clothes during the deformation of the back:

  • When wearing a corset graces and keep the thoracic spine was always in the vertical plane, the shoulders are positioned at the same level as his head was slightly deflected forward;
  • Wear shoes with high heels (not more than 4 cm) with a stable and wide base
  • If your doctor recommended thatpersistent wearing of a corset, make sure that during sleep the product is not moved;
  • Wear shapewear to work, if by occupation you long to sit at the table;
  • Take breaks when wearing corrective clothing only in emergencies.

Therefore, shapewear is a wonderful invention for treatment of disorders of posture. Stylish and high quality product is no different from a normal counterpart, but has a therapeutic effect. Models of mild and moderate degrees of correction can be worn without a doctor's prescription. This is their main advantage, but in pathology of the back is better not to have therapy, because the consequences can be tragic.