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How to select and use corrective orthopaedic corset for correcting the posture

Maintenance (corrective) corset for the posture is assigned in the absence of the curvatures of the vertebral column. In other cases, the orthopedic surgeons recommend that patients wearing corrective breast corset. At the same time it can be used magnetic belt for lower back.

How to choose a good corset for posture

About the beneficial properties of orthopedic corsets to improve posture

Orthopaedic corset for correcting the posture is the only means to prevent curvature of the spine with the weakness of the supporting tonus of skeletal muscles.

depending on the product release:

  • Warming corset. It is made from natural wool that helps to warm the human body and improve the blood circulation in the lower back due to the massage effect;
  • Models to protect the back when walking. These products have a high degree of rigidity. In their design included the insertion of metal or plastic. These products are exclusively designed for the straightening of the back in diseases of the spine;
  • Support corset (correction, correction) is assigned for curvature correction in the sagittal or frontal plane.

Warming children's corset is designed not only to correct posture. It is worn on the naked body because is able to stimulate the reflex points in the application.

Analogs to overload the back due to the high stiffness it is not recommended to wear long time because they upset the normal functioning of muscles.

Put the product only when performing physical activity. At rest should be removed. These models are used not only to align the spinal column, but also to correct posture. In the latter case, they are made individually by a doctor.

Supports the model used in rehabilitation period after operations on the spine. Its aim is to limit the mobility of the lumbar, to prevent displacement of the vertebrae. These products cannot be used for a long time, and also apply for chronic diseases of the spine. Doctors recommend wearing them only during acute pain.

How to choose the right model

In serious diseases of the spine, the locking mechanism will be prescribed by a doctor, but what to do if you want to choose a corset to correct posture in children? To address this issue, here's some guidance:

  • Before searching for a suitable model decide which product you should: correcting or fixing. Fixing the product is used to ease the load on the spine in severe pain or after surgery. Corrective analogue is used for alignment of the spine as it creates a certain pressure on the vertebral arch
  • to Buy the product is better in specialized shops of medical equipment. When buying you should pay attention to the main characteristics of the models: their stiffness, materials, and purpose;
  • Ideal manufacturing orthopedic locking mechanism under the individual order, but this service is characterized by a high price. However, when expressed curvatures of vertebral column the properties of the factory options are not sufficient for proper alignment of the spine;
  • For posture correction in children orthopedic locking mechanism can be made independently. This approach is only possible for the early stages of round back or flat back.

children's corset to correct posture will save you from slouching at an early age

the rules of operation of remedial and corrective corsets

On the correct use of the product significantly depends on the effectiveness of its application. Before you wear a corset you should understand how much and how to wear it.

The basics of using corrective retainers back:

  • Models for children are worn several hours a day with 1 degree of scoliosis. If simultaneously with corsetteria massages, swimming and therapeutic exercises, the time is reduced;
  • Purpose of a corset, with 2 degrees of scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine) and requires different tactics. In this case to carry a product will have 20-23 hours;
  • Severe cases of scoliosis require constant use of orthopedic clamps, which are removed only when taking a shower.

In the above cases, the locking mechanism provides not so much a therapeutic effect, many prevents further progression of the disease. The product shall also be for the correction of the gait of a person, which varies with the curvature of the vertebral column.

In the absence of x-ray of spine deformities, use oforthopedic fixator is prohibited. An exception may be only a magnetic belt that does not compress the anatomical structures, but only improves the blood circulation.

When using corrective corsets, it is important to comply with the correction of the product. During treatment it is necessary to strengthen or to weaken its pressure on the soft tissue. Usually doctors make the size adjustment once a month.

how Much to wear and when to remove orthopedic product

The Male body is recovering faster in case of violation of posture, but of the disease of the spine when korsetoterapii better cured in women. Representatives of the beautiful half often used a magnetic latch to get rid of extra pounds.

When the correction of distortion leads to alignment of the curvature of the spine, at some point you will need to withdraw from the retainer. In children this process should be conducted slowly. Initially reduces the duration of use of the product for 1-2 hours daily. It is necessary that the bone-articular system, muscles and children got used to the new status.

The solution to the question how to wear a corset adult requires an analysis of the condition of the spine and assessing the probability of re-occurrence of the disease. To do this, the doctors cancel using the product and within a few years of watching the patient. If the deformation is displayed again, you again have to wear concealer.