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How to choose the pharmacy corset for correction and posture correction and spine?

How to choose the pharmacy corset for posture? This question is difficult to give a definite answer because it will depend on your current state and future clinical prognosis. Among the main indications for use of this product is the scoliosis is quite a common disorder that can deliver significant discomfort in everyday life.

Orthopedic corset for the spine

Indications for use

You Have to understand that not all patients require special corset for posture. Some of it may be contraindicated. Corset can be used to correct posture in case of detection of scoliosis 2 or 3 degrees. If diagnosed with deformity of the vertebral column along the axis using a corset. Your doctor will recommend to wear a corset upon detection of the scoliotic arc, which is more than 20° or, in the case of the rapid development of the disease. Pronounced growth angle is 3° in a year or more.

How to choose the right corset? What are its features? Are there any contraindications? The answers to these and other questions can be found below. Among other groups of indications isolated pathological condition (lordosis, kyphosis, etc.), which significantly increases or decreases the overall physiological curvature in the sagittal plane.

Kyphotic deformity

The Most common kyphosis of the thoracic. Is diagnosed if 2 or stage 3, it is necessary to apply the mandatory adjustment of posture. According to the feedback of patients and physicians, we can conclude that this type of therapy is efficient and effective.

Principles and selection criteria of the corset

Corset for posture it is easy to choose, however, therapeutic correctors can be used in different clinical situations. we must Not forget that the period of treatment is sometimes long and not always pleasant. In the process of wearing can be necessary to adjust the selected item. Upon detection of pathologies occurring in the spine, you can't just walk into a pharmacy and buy your favorite corset. This strategy is without having rationale, may lead to deterioration of the current status and future progression of the disease.

When choosing a product we must understand that it will have an impact on the pathological deformation in the spine. When you select the wrong corset, and the situation could radically change, and the pathology of spinal column for a long time will not be investigated.

With extreme care and delicacy it is necessary to approach the selection of items for children.

Criteria are not too strict, but there are nuances. It would be better if the selection of a corset will do, the attending orthopedist. Corset – design which should fix deformed spine, indirectly affecting the individual anatomical structures. These include bones, ligaments, tendons, joints. The effect should be quite strong and reasonable. To assess the effects of a corset can only orthopedist.

Practical guidance on the selection of corset:

  1. When choosing a corset, consider what products are divided into corrective and fixing. From its name it becomes clear that the first type corrects the current state, and the second prevents the further development of the problem. Fixation can only reduce the load on the spine, without having any clinical effect. Upon detection of scoliosis used corrective products. A corset helps to achieve not only reduce the load, but also constant pressure to separate the curved sections. Starts local elimination of deformation and thus secured a healthy position of the spine.
  2. Corset can only be purchased at a specialty store. Best but most costly solution would be the production of individual constructs a "snapshot" of the back. The manufacturer will be able to pay attention to all anatomical features and to produce a tool that is ideal for a patient.

It Should be noted that the corsets that are designed to correct, may not be used for prevention. Produce separate subtypes, among which: rotational, thoracolumbar and declinatory. The first type is used to correct scoliosis along the axis. The second type corrects the posture in the cervicothoracic spine. Main indication is a presence of a stoop, because the corset helps to "raise the shoulders" and fix the current state.

Thoracolumbar correctors are used for local localization and correction of the thoracic and lumbosacral spine. They can be used only after inspection.


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