Do Chinese orthopedic bandages for joints

Medical science moves forward. This is manifested in a better understanding of the causes of known diseases, the emergence of new treatment methods and innovative pharmaceuticals. No exception rheumatology and orthopedics. Significant progress scientists have made in identifying risk factors in the development and progression of diseases of the joints (PL.1).

risk factors arthritis

Podiatrist-rheumatologist now the patient tries to find out the clinical phenotype of the disease (Table. 2).

osteoarthritis phenotypes

This approach gives you the opportunity to suggest further course of the disease (Fig. 1).

course options osteoarthritis

If you carefully observe the people suffering from disorders of the joints, you will notice that regardless of the cause of pain is inflammation of the joint tissues and surrounding muscles. Such an outcome will be observed in the following cases:

  • hormonal disruptions;
  • congenital propensity for osteoarthritis
  • trauma
  • salt deposits
  • metabolic disorders
  • chronic pain.

If multiple problems of the joints are reduced to inflammation, it is possible to find a therapeutic drug that can help everyone?

neck pain

current requirements for therapeutic drugs for joints

since olden times for treatment of joint pain relievers were applied. Some medications are taken orally, while others used externally. The doctors tried to remove the symptoms of disease, and patients was enough liberation from suffering.

This approach does not satisfy the growing demands. The person with arthritis wants not only to forget about the problem for a while, but also completely get rid of it. To do this:

  1. to Influence the body to eliminate the cause of the disease, to normalize the immune system and the joints ability to heal itself.
  2. in addition, medications for the treatment of osteoarthritis should not harm other organs, can cause side effects that reduce the capacity or to restrict the movement.
  3. New drugs need to act fast, focused, and physiological.
  4. a Therapeutic agent should be simple and easy to use.
  5. it is Important that the drugs were affordable and each patient could buy them in a short time.

Scientists from Beijing were able to create medicine that meets all mentioned requirements. This orthopedic pain relieving patch for joints ZB Pain Relief. Modern means of communication allow us to buy Chinese products without leaving home.


what can Chinese orthopedic plasters

Pharmacists in the course of studying ancient manuscripts of Chinese doctors identified the herbs that help in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. After several tests the healing power of medicinal plants was confirmed, and the ancient knowledge has received a second life. So appeared on the shelves of Chinese orthopedic plaster.

the laboratory quality assurance

It is prescribed for the treatment of:

  • arthritis
  • osteoarthritis knee
  • pain in the lower back and legs;
  • pain when meteodependent;
  • sciatica
  • interscapular ganglionic pain;
  • muscle tension, muscle tears;
  • corns
  • numbness of extremities
  • deposits of adipose tissue in the area of the VII cervical vertebra ("withers");
  • shoulder and elbow shoulder
  • heel spurs
  • sciatica and degenerative disc disease;
  • rheumatism
  • displacement of the spinal disc;
  • injuries, fractures and dislocations;
  • other diseases of the spine, thorax and limbs.

plaster ZB Pain Relief

visit the official site of the prosthetic patch

is There proof for the effectiveness of

A Long list of disorders amenable to treatment using a patch, formed in clinical practice and confirmed experimentally. Europe and America have recognized Chinese medicinal products ZB Pain Relief best products of 2014.

First tested Chinese pain relieving patch arthritis specialists of the Stockholm medical University. Two weeks study participants voluntarily treated by a new method the problems in the lumbar region, knees, elbows and neck. As a result, 70% of volunteers left the symptoms of the disease, and the pain decreased in all without exception.

Medical product is a success and on the Russian space. First patch for joint treatment prescribed by podiatrists as an adjunct. Then his other friend recommended satisfied patients. In the end, accoladespodiatrist Michael Levchenko was published in the journal "Health".

specialist of the highest category conducted a survey of the wards and found that the patch from arthritis relieves pain after 2-3 courses of treatment. Also celebrate the ease of use and accessibility.

Today, impressions of the use of ZB Pain Relief appreciative buyers share.

feedback on the patch

Buy and comment on the effect of the patch for treatment of joints possible and on our website.

Why the patch from arthritis helps

The Effectiveness of Chinese know-how surprising only at first glance. For the specialist it will be enough to learn about the composition of the active substance.

  • Millettia reticulata (milletia net)
  • Cistanche salsa (cistanche saline);
  • Drynaria (Drynaria);
  • Cibotium (cibotium);
  • Angelica grosseserrata Maxim (Angelica croproperty);
  • Carthamus tinctorius (safflower)
  • Gynura marinated (ginura pinnatifid);
  • Corydalis ambigua (Corydalis questionable);
  • Samrose (burnaska camphor).

Herbs are characterized by analgesic properties, improve blood circulation and tissue elasticity, strengthen blood vessels, ensuring the movement of lymph. As a result of:

  • removed, oedema;
  • subsides the pain;
  • out constraint.

The Effectiveness of new health funds only partly owe to an ancient recipe. Rapid penetration to the joint through the skin barrier new Chinese tool provided by modern nanotechnology.

It Should be noted that the manufacturer of the plaster ZB Pain Relief is a innovative Chinese pharmaceutical company Shanghai Small Commodities Wholesales and Retails Co., LTD – manages the production quality in compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. The fact is confirmed by appropriate certificates. The company have also been certified for compliance with international standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

ISOnational quality certificate for band-aid

Product safety proved by national quality certificates. Patches approved for sale in America, Europe and in the former CIS countries.

a few words about the practicality of

It is Noteworthy that treatment with the patch for the joints not a burden. Just need to open the package and to glue the rectangle with the analgesic active substance to the affected area. Under the influence of body temperature the drug will melt and gradually metered will flow to the inflamed joint through the skin. The patient at this time may attend school, to work productively or to relax, forgetting about the pain.

One patch works for 72 hours. After this time expires, the sticker is removed, and the released place is washed with warm water. To the following procedure, you can rest 3-5 hours. One course usually consists of 6 treatments. For significant results you may need 3 or 4 of the course.

Among the contraindications to the use of the product:

  • individual intolerance to components of the active substance;
  • open wounds on the skin in the place where you paste the patch.
  • varicose veins.

Where and how to buy medical product

Buy ZB Pain Relief by ordering on the official website of the distributor. The application form procedure is extremely simple. Payment of the goods takes place after receiving in the mail.

The Price of a pack ZB Pain Relief – 1980 $ 10 silver patches in waterproof bags and instructions on their use in Russian. Sellers encourage someone who quickly makes a decision. For them during the first 30 minutes, a 50% discount. Buy products in the same way to citizens of Ukraine and Belarus.

I would Like to warn against buy Chinese fake patches. With the original they have only a superficial resemblance.

having Tried many expensive pharmaceutical drugs from the pain intended for oral administration, we return to simple, cheap and easy means of treatment. Experience suggests that sometimes the decision to buy a trivial patch would be more reasonable than swallowing pills. Well, replace the old grandfather to the grinding and compresses came effective modern ZB Pain Relief.


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