The benefits of a posture corrector Chest Belt

posture Corrector Chest Belt is a convenient way for healing the back muscles and maintain the correct position of the spine. Currently the society spends a huge amount of time sitting at computers in offices, which significantly increases the load on the spine. But on uncomfortable chairs or fatigue of our back have to pick up those poses in which sit back and relax certain muscle groups, but suffers from lack of posture. In support for our spine and was designed posture corrector, Chest belt.

Correction posture

what causes bad posture?

As a result of improper lifestyle is a violation of posture, which, in turn, leads to such consequences:

  1. chronic fatigue Syndrome.
  2. Changes in blood pressure.
  3. back pain.
  4. severe headaches caused by lack of oxygen and improper blood circulation.
  5. Scoliosis.
  6. Poor circulation, which can manifest itself in the eternally cold fingers or toes.

what is a corset?

The Corset is made of stretch fabric which does not restrict movement and allows skin to breathe. It fits tight to the lumbar spine, and this contributes to the following:

  1. Weak muscles can gain more support belt.
  2. because of the support of the spine in the correct position the intervertebral discs have a minimum load and don't RUB against each other.
  3. that reduces the probability of destruction of bone tissue of the spine and its abrasion.

posture Corrector chest belt with the development of scoliosis

Any load on the patient or the spinal curvature lead to a feeling of discomfort, disturbance of blood flow and constant pain in the thoracic, cervical or lumbar. They greatly strain during operation.

Posture Corrector Chest Belt helps to adjust the position of the back muscles and return them to their former tone. Remember that because of the change of position of the spine changes and disrupted internal organs, it can result in serious consequences. Listen to the recommendations of orthopedists and use proven methods of restoring health.

Posture Corrector Chest Belt can be used without a direct doctor's prescription, if the patient concerned:

  1. Shooting pain in the lumbar spine.
  2. Aching pain after long walks or sports.
  3. Weakness muscular frame back.
  4. Development of scoliosis.

posture Corrector Chest Belt after a long sports

The posture Corrector is very easy to use. Just to put it on the back and fasten over the shoulders.

Chest belt affects spinal muscles due to their strengthening and toning, and they, in turn, align the spine and promote its proper position.

A Retainer is recommended to wear a maximum of half an hour several times a day. During sleep its use is excluded. This is due to the fact that for short-term wearing of the corset he provokes muscle memory and after a few weeks the muscles remember their proper position. In future it will need to be put on only in moments of fatigue or for prevention.

Function posture corrector

The main functions of this device are:

  1. Restore circulation. This process occurs throughout the body, as the spine is the main conducting mechanism of our body.
  2. Fixing the correct position of posture, therefore, the person does not feel any discomfort or excess stress on the muscles of the back.
  3. Feeling of comfort when walking, working at the computer or playing sports. Thanks to the support of the corset Chest belt can be engaged in daily Affairs or job, without being distracted by back pain or neck.
  4. Normalization of all body functions. Our body can function well only when you meet its proper position. In this case, the authorities have taken the position that they need for a healthy performance of its work. This applies to the lungs, stomach, intestines and liver.
  5. Elimination of the effect of sunken chest. Scoliosis can develop in different ways, including to cause visual sensation of hollowness in his chest. In this case, the shoulders bend forward much. While wearing the posture corrector are fixed exactly and the shoulders slightly drawn back. After its removal they remember their normal position, allowing the chest to finish.
  6. increasing the self-esteem of a person. We should not exclude such important factors as self-esteem. It's important for everyone to look not only healthy, but attractive.

the Normalization of blood circulation with the help of a posture corrector

It is Very important not to abuse the wearing of this corset. Everything should be in moderation. The use of such support throughout the day can lead tothe muscles will simply cease to strain and get used to the state of relaxation (become lazy).

After a month of treatment the corset should be worn only once a week.

This time is sufficient for muscle function back remembered past lessons and took its natural position.

Key advantages

The advantages of the Chest belt before other corrective corsets the following:

  1. Breathable and elastic material that does not cause discomfort when wearing.
  2. Lack of stiffness in the movements.
  3. is Absolutely not noticeable under clothing, which gives the opportunity to wear it even at work place if necessary.
  4. Save properties even after washing.
  5. Durable, thanks to high-quality stretchy material.

It is Worth remembering that the adult skeleton is fully formed education. Accordingly, in the first month of using slimming corset may need a certain course of gymnastic exercises aimed at the back muscles become more mobile. However, no matter what age people decide to enlist the help of a corset Chest belt, he will feel a burst of energy and get rid of constant back pain, which cause muscle tension.