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How to choose an orthopedic reclinator (posture corrector) child?

For some parents the question, what is the posture corrector for children, how to choose a device sometimes becomes very relevant. Use posture corrector allows you to resolve the asymmetry in the development of back and shoulder girdle muscles and prevent the progression of deformation of the vertebral column.

Corset for the spine for children

The Most appropriate is considered to be orthopaedic posture corrector called “recliner”. Literally translated from Latin this means “reject back”. Such a device has an insert, through which the shoulders are drawn, which leads the upper and middle spine in the optimum position.

Types of reclination

The following types of posture corrector:

  1. Preventive – such products do not have increased stiffness, while their impact is mainly aimed at developing habits to keep your back and shoulders straight.
  2. Treatment and posture correctors with stiffeners. They are quite effectively used in the case of pathological deviations in the spine and help during the rehabilitation period after trauma.

According to the functional qualities of declinatory are divided into:

  • support – for relief of further curvature of the spine;
  • correcting – to provide active efforts in the place of spinal deformity.

Supportive posture corrector

Declinatory may differ in terms of their application, namely:

  • a protective effect on the spine during movement;
  • to provide a warming component;
  • to maintain the spine in the regime of relative peace.

Features selection in children

By design, reclinator not shared by a child or an adult. All of them are made of durable fabrics that are not subject to severe wear from long-term loads. However, the models of breast enhancers can vary in size, degree of impact on the back, wide straps and elastic couplings.

When choosing for a child of such corrective devices should be considered:

  • tasks that need to be addressed by the use of reclinator;
  • the extent of any deviations or damage to the spine;
  • level of development of the chest muscles and shoulder joints;
  • product size
  • of conditions, which will be used reclinator.

Preventive measures For children are more suitable, declinatory with wide straps and soft couplings.

Assessment spine for precise adjustment of the corset

This will allow to avoid discomfort from being crushed in places of contact with the body and to reduce the restrictive impact when moving. Not be amiss to bear in mind the tendency of children to allergic reactions, therefore, to give preference follows reclinator made from natural ingredients.

In the case of the use of therapeutic reclinator need to select rigid models (the degree of stiffness varies) with the obligatory account of the doctor's recommendations. Because only he knows the full picture of the damage and the required degree of therapeutic effects. Expert advice is necessary because in the treatment of spinal abnormalities using the posture corrector can be supplemented with other therapies (physiotherapy, massage, etc.).

To maximize the effect of therapeutic type of reclinator it is not recommended to buy ready-made products in specialty stores. According to medical practice, the best results in treatment are orthopedic products that are made to order using the exact measurements of the back. Despite great financial costs, this will allow to take into account all the anatomical features of the developing child's body, which will significantly improve the therapeutic effect.

Control time wearing a corset

Rules of use of the product

If wearing the corrector becomes the child of a forced and continuous measure, we select the model and achieve positive results it is important to know some features of its application, such as:

  1. Put reclinator both the naked body and shirt (preferably cotton). Then carefully and symmetrically fixed on the body, while avoiding twisting of the straps.
  2. When fixing fluid on the body in the early stages it is recommended to use the minimum tension of the straps with a subsequent increase of his power. After a month the optimal mode of fixation and the condition of the back with a plastic reclination acquire the correct anatomical shape.
  3. If the corrector performs a preventive role, it is possible to increase the time of wearing should be gradual. For start it will be enough for half an hour a day and subsequently time of its usegrows up to 5 hours per day. The total duration of the period of its application may take up to six months. If the corrector is used in the treatment process, we carry it within strictly prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Preventive declinatory mainly should be used for passive use, i.e. for a relaxing walking or sitting, and not to make active actions such as running, sports exercise etc.
  5. do Not attach strong importance, if in the initial stages the child will complain of discomfort and tension in back and shoulders. This is completely normal, and react to it only in the case of pain.

And most importantly – the parents of the child must always be remembered that the small body is constantly growing and evolving, including anatomically. In this regard, none of the types of reclination will not be a panacea in the prevention of violations of posture or treatment of various disorders. The use of the corrector must be combined with physical therapy and exercises which will aim at strengthening the back muscles and shoulder girdle.