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How to choose posture corrector for children and adults?

Posture Corrector allows you to resolve many of the defects associated with the back. A hunched back or stooped posture can be eliminated, if correctly choose the appropriate means. The market for such devices is represented by a large number of products, therefore one should consider some aspects. Need to go to the doctor, to the choice of fixtures was correct.

doctor's Advice about posture corrector

what is a proofreader?

Reclinator for the treatment of scoliosis is represented by two types: preventive and curative. The latest fixtures are used to eliminate the pathology, if it has already been revealed. Concealer is applied in the following cases:

  • the presence of thoracic kyphosis;
  • lumbar lordosis
  • the presence of acquired and congenital abnormalities of the anatomical structures of the spine;
  • different types of scoliosis;
  • development slouching;
  • the progression of disc hernia, degenerative disc disease and sciatica.

Children's posture corrector

To correct posture used means of a corrective nature. To prevent the development of disease or worsening of the stoop, used declinatory orthopedic-type support character. They allow not only to maintain the normal posture, but also hinder the development of the curvatures. They are particularly well suited for people who are forced to be in the wrong position for a long time. This applies to pupils, students, office workers and other similar situations. Funds may be used for the elderly, whose spine due to age features is under heavy load.

It is Not recommended to apply these fixtures in a few cases. Contraindication is the presence of allergic reactions to the materials used to make the corrector. In addition, you should not use the devices during the development of cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency. In addition, you need to pay attention to the place where will be fixed the device. On the skin must be free of damage and losses.

For adults required to pick up other devices, than for children. In the adult human body and skeleton, fully formed. The device will be substantially limited. The patient may only reduce pain because of the strong surge of muscle tissue. The positive dynamics will occur only if muscle tone is balanced from both sides.

With children the situation is somewhat simpler, because the child's body is still forming bones have mobility, therefore, adjust the posture easily enough. However, there is a problem in the form of a psychological factor. Many teenagers may be shy of wearing a corset, brace or other corrector. However, this problem can be eliminated if you choose the model that will be hidden under clothing.

orthopedic Reclinator

Benefits and harms of devices

How to choose a suitable mechanism for treatment? You need to consider the negative and positive sides of the device. The benefits from the application of the corrector consists in the normalization of weakened muscles and their tension. In addition, the mechanism relieves the burden on muscle tissue who suffer from increased load. The result is a normal corset of muscles that help keep the spine in position. As a result of lowering of the load and stabilization of the spine improves blood circulation and lymph drainage. This allows you to get rid of pain. In addition, the feature of the mechanism is that the man himself is trying to keep the body in the correct position. This does not lead to degeneration of the muscles and relaxation of muscle tissue.

Reclinator for the thoracic spine and other groups is the same remedy and drugs. So you want to consult a specialist and pick up the device correctly. Self-selection may be incorrect, since the patient may not always take into account individual characteristics and the existing pathology. This will lead to the aggravation of the situation, but not to recovery. This is the harm from the use of the device.

Types of mechanisms and selection

How to wear the mechanism? Before answering the question presented, you should understand the types of such devices. The choice of a particular model will depend on the stage of development of the lesions of the spinal column, the nature of the lesion and localization.

Breast bandages

Often for correction back are used declinatory. The strap of this mechanism allow you to raise the shoulders, which leads to the improvement of the body posture of the patient. Webbing loops are presented, which hybridize with each other. Loops encircle the shoulders and crossed on frontshoulder blades back. As a result, the impact on the shoulder girdle, which has been observed breeding.

Declinatory are divided into preventive and curative types. The first group of fixtures required to prevent the development of a stoop. In addition, such reclinator can shape human understanding of correct positioning of the body. Medical device group is used in the presence of spinal deformities. However, there is a peculiarity in the use of reclinator at an early stage of pathology development.

In Addition to these devices used thoracic corrector and bandages. Concealer is similar to the corset structure, since the principle of manufacturing both devices are the same. There are special edges, which are responsible for the rigidity. If necessary, you can install straps or reclinator to support the lower part of the thorax. Design to hold the spine in the thoracic region, so these mechanisms are very effective in combating various disorders of posture.

Breast bandages are necessary to resolve the curvature in the thoracic region. In each case it is necessary to understand better the mechanism suitable for the patient? In such a situation you need to consider the length of the thoracic and chest. If not to take into account these factors, the result will be missing or the device will lead to a stronger curvature.

Breast correctors

Thoracolumbar Correctors are type a few fixtures: reclinator, corset and belt. Such mechanisms can affect the thoracic, sacral and lumbar. In this case, the impact on the spinal column is very large, since the device adjusts the entire column of the spine. Such correctors are needed in certain injuries of the spine, in posture, in the development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Used reclinator and 1-2 stages of scoliosis and kyphosis.

The Choice of correctors for the back connected with this parameter as the degree of rigidity. The device is a soft elastic type. Often the group is represented by a soft reclinators, which consist of elastic tissue. If the muscles of the spinal column is weakened, the device will help to stabilize the spine.

Semi-rigid group of correctors include small inserts in the dorsal area. Inserts have special springs. When worn provides a good fit of the mechanism to the surface of the body, is too much pressure. The device captures the good posture and exercises to strengthen the muscle tissues.

When the hard type corrector has special ribs that are responsible for the stiffness. The ribs can be made of different materials, but more often aluminium, wood and plastic. Often used inserts of aluminum, as they can be bent in the desired direction and at the desired angle.

Thoracolumbar correctors

description of mechanism

To the wearing of reclinator not lead to bad consequences, it is necessary to properly select and wear the device. Before you purchase a device you should consult with a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can give the correct advice that enables a choice of corrector and apply it effectively.

When choosing, be aware that the soft device and proofreaders medium hardness suitable for the elimination and prevention of minor changes of a pathological nature. Hard the type of mechanism needed to treat serious problems.

When choosing and wearing it is important to consider the size. The selection is made individually taking into account age, height, waist size and chest. If the device is larger than necessary result from wearing can be expected. With regard to small reclination, the wearing of such devices may lead to negative consequences. It is recommended to make measurements specialist.

If the mechanism was correct, then possession should not lead to discomfort. The fastener should not press, the belt should not be twisted. In addition, while wearing the mechanism should not RUB your armpit and press hard on the waist or chest. Used in the concealer material must provide a good heat. It is recommended to choose cotton.

Direction pulls the posture corrector

how to wear

The effect To be best, you should follow certain guidelines, which are dependent on the destination device.

If the concealer is applied preventively, it must be worn in the morning, when the muscle is in a relaxed state.

The First time to wear the device no more than 30 minutes. Gradually this indicator can be increased to several hours. The total duration of use of the corrector reaches 3-6 months. It is useful to use such a mechanism during static loads. This applies to seat at the table and other similar work. Allowed to resort to the help of a proofreader and during dynamic stresses, if the patient is experiencing pain in the back. Frequently used tool with a long walk.However, corsets for such loads are not suitable, they can sit, stand or safely move.

For best effect should gradually shorten the length of the loop. This allows you enhance the tension. At the start of application of the corrector with the belt tension should be minimal. The increase must be made every 4 days. During rest or sleep, the device must be removed.

the Use of posture corrector

Applying a corrector for therapeutic purposes allows for one main point – the full implementation of the recommendations that were prescribed by the attending physician. You need to adhere to the established rules and not to deviate from them. A self-will can lead to a negative result, so be sure to visit the doctor before using such devices.

electronic devices

Electronic posture corrector is fundamentally different from the mechanisms presented previously. The action of this device is to prevent warping. . In most of the case of violation are formed because of certain habits. Electronic posture corrector allows you to signal to a man that his back is in an unnatural position.

since the presented mechanism leads to the development of muscle tissue, the doctors recommended to use such devices in a short period of time. If impaired posture, but no spinal deformity, you can wear the device for about 4 hours a day.

The Mechanism of action of the device is quite simple. A special sensor detects the current position and sends back the appropriate signals to the circuit controlling the process. The strength and duration of the signal will depend on the degree of curvature of the back. You can configure the sensitivity settings. If the person returns to the normal position, the sensor stops beeping.