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Indications and contraindications to the use of a corset for the neck and cervical spine

For the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine invented a lot of money. One of them is the corset for the neck. This device helps support the cervical spine.

Corset for treating neck osteochondrosis

Indications for use of the corset

To wear this corset need a good reason, so the fixture should prescribe the doctor after the examination. usually in cervical osteochondrosis patients complain of pain in the neck, headache that fails to ease pain medications.

These symptoms are caused by pathological processes that occur in osteochondrosis:

  1. poor circulation in the spine, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain.
  2. Disorders of mineral metabolism leading to deposition of salts in the vertebrae.
  3. Formation of intervertebral hernias.
  4. Excessive ossification due to a sedentary lifestyle, the formation of osteophytes – bony growths, which in turn leads to injury of vessels and nerves.

Headaches when degenerative disc disease

The Corset for the neck in osteochondrosis is an efficient device that helps reduce pain, to relieve muscles and reduce pressure on the intervertebral discs. If not treated, the disease, the patient's condition is gradually worsening, which can lead to such serious consequences, such as ischemic stroke.

What could be the reasons for the appointment of such a corset? Here they are:

  • stiff neck
  • injuries (sprains, bruises);
  • myositis
  • prevention of disease of cervical vertebrae in humans experiencing continuous strain of the neck muscles;
  • stable headaches;
  • displacement of the vertebrae.

Torticollis - a reason for wearing a corset

What gives this fixture? Corset for the neck in osteochondrosis performs the following functions:

  • limits the load on the muscles;
  • reduce headache by restoring circulation;
  • aligns the vertebrae, restores their proper position;
  • restricts the mobility of the head and neck;
  • reduces dizziness;
  • eliminates pinched nerves
  • helps prevent vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

Although it is worth noting that even among experts there is no consensus about the feasibility of the use of such medical devices. Some doctors believe that the wearing of this product can weaken the muscles of the neck, and this will further lead to instability of the vertebrae and further exacerbation of the disease.

To avoid this, you need to fulfill simple requirements of wearing a corset and choose the right product.

Structure of the cervical vertebrae

Types of orthopedic products

There are several varieties of this medical device. Depending on concomitant diagnoses and General condition of the patient the doctor prescribes one of them:

  1. Locking corset that captures the thoracic spine and moves on to cervical. This corset is used in advanced stages of disease.
  2. Pillowtop inflatable collar. Ideal for prevention of osteoarthritis.
  3. Collar Trench. Different different degrees of fixation.
  4. Pneumacare. It stretches the spaces between the vertebrae and helps to restore circulation.
  5. the Bandage. He does not rigidly locks the neck, therefore, useful for the prevention or sleep.

depending on the severity of pain and stage of the disease, the specialist will advise the most suitable type of the corset. However, the most popular is the collar of the Trench due to the fact that it has different stiffness, a handy device and simple to use.

To the patient has experienced a minimum of discomfort, the product has a recess for the larynx, and the inside is lined with hypoallergenic material. There are also similar collars made of polyurethane that can take the physiological curves of the body.

whichever of corsets you nor the doctor prescribed, there are certain nuances that should be considered. To start wearing such a device need just 15 minutes a day. Then you need to gradually increase wearing time up to 1 hour per day, but no more.

Wearing a corset when doing therapeutic exercises, physical exercise (required) or when the back is strained (for example, while working at the computer). Usually it is used from one to three months, but no more.

It is Important to fix the fixture, it is enough to tighten it, but not to overdo it, otherwise it will lead to greater circulatory problems. Stop wearing the corset should blurred, and gradually reducing his socks.

Thus, the corset in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is a necessary component of complex treatment. Correctly chosen product will help to restore the function of the spinal column andto return to normal life.