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The choice of a corset, belt and brace for the back from stooping.

Belt, bandage and corset from the stoop and orthotic devices for correction of the incorrect position of the back. They are designed to support the spine or shoulders in the physiological position. Most products are made so that they are comfortable to wear under clothing.

With the advent of orthopedic devices parents breathed a sigh of relief. A dozen years ago, a violation of posture the child was adjusted by the application of plaster fixation. They were heavy, uncomfortable and restrict movement. Such designs are frightened children, but they did not have.

orthopedic corset for the treatment of stoop

What orthopedic means exist against the stoop

Waist from stooping. – orthopedic means for correcting curves in the lumbar and thoracic spine. It relieves strain on muscles and prevents her spasserovannye. High-quality belt made of natural fabric, pulling material and have a width adjustment.

depending on the destination distinguish hard and soft belt.

The First option is used to maintain the lumbar spine in physiological position with a slight degree of incorrect posture. Rigid construction is used when serious deformation and after injuries of the spinal column, when it is necessary to firmly fix the damaged vertebrae.

Some models are equipped with additional elements for performing reflex massage. An example is the Kuznetsov applicator. It is a plate with spikes, which affect the reflex zones of the back. Some manufacturers corrective devices from incorrect posture inserted the applicator Kuznetsova in the back of the product. This belt against slouching more effective than simple support model.

How effective bondage and corset

brace for the back from stooping.

A Brace from stooping effective in combination with other methods of treatment deformation of the spinal column. The product is aesthetically pleasing, so it can be worn not only at home but also at work. The main purpose of using brace is a reliable fixation of the field of deformation and the prevention of its further progression.

With round back without such devices it is difficult to avoid related complications of the respiratory system and blood circulation. Consequently, in the treatment of diseases, trauma always recommend a corset or brace. Products are not expensive, but can significantly ease the pain syndrome in the pathology of the back.

They consist of 2 halves: top and bottom. The upper part straightens his shoulders, and the bottom helps to normalize tone and to eliminate asymmetry of the pectoral muscles. When using the bandage skeletal muscles gradually tightened and strengthened. Its normalization leads to the maintenance of the vertebral axis in the correct position.

The Corset from the stoop allows to correct position of the spine. It does not restrict movement. To use the device should be reasonable. It cannot be used constantly, as skeletal muscles are accustomed to external support. With constant use of the product it deals. Muscle atrophy and cease to perform their functions.

The question Arises whether to buy a corset for violation of posture? Traumatologists suggest that you use the product, but only reasonably. Use a corset best together with physical therapy. In such a situation to wear a corset in the intervals between exercises.

Of Course, without understanding the importance of using orthopedic correctors, correct poor posture is hard to achieve.

What help orthotics

insoles from the stoop

Simultaneously with the corset for the elderly, doctors prescribe insoles for the foot. These devices allow you to correct the curvature of the pelvis and "distortions" of the back. If you suffer from arthrosis, arthritis, strain of knee and hip joints insoles should be worn necessarily.

Orthotics for violation of posture helps to straighten the position of the vertebral axis.

When you strain your back rehab to the subconscious reflex of the formation of the correct position of the spine when walking and sitting, is recommended for patients to imagine that they are on a head a jug of water. The action can be performed, do not spill water only when the head, neck and the lower divisions of the spinal column will be located in the same plane.

The Insole, corset and bandage – high-quality orthopaedic devices that are set for the correction of deformities of the spine. Their use is not limited to orthopedic purposes. The brace and insoles are often used in the postoperative period.

The Corset is from scoliosis is used to prevent lateral curvature of the spine and exclusion of pain.

What is a flat spin

even back – a condition in which the saved and function normallythe physiological curves of the spine: cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis, sacral kyphosis. The physiological curves of the spine are necessary to provide a shock absorbing effect during walking, standing or sitting.

The Concept of "flat spin" does not mean that the spinal axis aligned in the same plane. Rather, it should be curved, but not exceeding physiological values.

In the opinion of the radiologist in elderly patients after performing x-rays of the lumbar spine can be read the entry "straightened lumbar lordosis". Such a condition requires the correction of orthopedic appliances and physical therapy.

Thus, the brace, the insole and the corset against the stoop should be applied wisely along with other therapeutic procedures.

The Above information gives a definite answer, does the corset against the stoop. When used properly, it facilitates the person's condition and prevent complications.

In conjunction with physical therapy when using orthopedic products can improve the condition. Then a corset or bandage canceled and will smooth your back to maintain muscular frame.