What is a magnetic applicator and what it is used?

More recently, the magnetic applicator is attributed to the methods of alternative medicine, but today its effect is scientifically proven. Already passed the time to cure one disease, it was necessary to put the liver and negatively affect kidney chemicals. Modern medicine has made great advances in methods of prevention of diseases by using magnetic fields. That only is a unique magnetic applicator.

Cushion with a magnetic applicator

Features of the device

Magnetic applicator is currently one of the most effective therapeutic agents. Due to the magnetic field that it emits in the human body are stimulated and blood cells, respectively, stabilizes the functioning of all organs and systems. Magnetotherapy applicator has only positive effects on the body. It:

  • improves the color and condition of the skin;
  • enhances immunity;
  • helps to get rid of myositis;
  • cures neuralgia;
  • has a positive effect on women's reproductive health;
  • relieves sciatica;
  • helps with arthritis;
  • improves the functioning of the male reproductive system;
  • is used in case of mechanical damages, injuries and bruises
  • helps fight insomnia.

Models of magnetic applicators there are many, and one of the most comfortable ways to use this medical device is an orthopedic pillow. Few people know, but it is during sleep that our bodies are more sensitive to painful stimulation.

Improvement of immunity through the applicator

Pillow with magnetic applicators will have an impact on the weakened muscles of the body in magnetic pulses and stabilize their work. You are not required to do anything, you just lie down and enjoy colorful dreams. Special assistance device can assist people suffering from insomnia. On the pillow with a magnetic applicator is very easy to fall asleep without sleeping pills and other synthetic anesthetic drugs.

If you just want to adjust the operation of the magnetic applicator, you can use it for specific areas of the body, for example, to buy applicators for joints, spine or feet.

Exterior accessories

Applicator for joints externally are a small plastic plate with a needle, of a height of not more than 5 mm. In the center of each device has a built-in magnetic module. In the case of the airbag modules are fixed in larger quantities. One orthopedic pillow them about 60 units, but the number varies depending on the size of the product.

Magnetotherapy applicator, you can achieve a stunning effect already within a few weeks of use. Drugs are not always able to cope with illnesses, as does the magnetic device. The fact that the magnetic applicators affect the body complex – magnetic pulses and massages. This can significantly speed up the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues, respectively, to slow the inflammatory processes.

magnetic therapy

How to use the applicator?

most Often a magnetic applicator, apply it on the affected area to the feet, elbows, leg muscles, etc. Applicator bind with a bandage or any dense fabric. Very well, if the patient during therapy, the applicator will do the movements that cause muscles to contract. But if the patient very badly to press his weight on the applicator, it is possible stabbing sensation and a burning sensation. This is quite a normal reaction, so don't worry. Can appear and redness, it will disappear in a few hours. In operation, the applicator a person must feel the warmth in the place of its impact. In the case of the pillow the heat has to pass from the head to the end of the neck, and if the dimensions of the cushion may extend to shoulders and spine. During the procedure, the person should feel as comfortable as possible.

The Duration of one procedure can be varied at your own discretion, but the optimal time from 15 minutes to half an hour. The average course of treatment is 15 days, but if you feel that you this time is not enough, therapy can be extended up to 25 days. After that you need to take a small break, after which treatment can be resumed. Use of magnetotherapy applicator can and in the preventive purposes. Magnetotherapy applicator relieves fatigue, improves performance, improves muscle tone, strengthens blood vessels and stabilizes the pressure.

Its healing ability of magnetic applicators retain for 7 years.

This allows you to use them, even if you have recovered from your ills and just want to relax a little, get a massage. No side effects and implications of the use of magnetic applicators do not have. The only conditionsnot recommended the use of applicators that are purulent diseases of the skin, tumor and thrombophlebitis. Pregnant women and nursing mothers before using magnetic applicator should consult with your doctor.