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Electric massagers for the treatment of back and neck

The Massagers for the back and neck are very efficient electrical devices. With their help, improves health, increases the tone of muscles and joints. While useful to carry out the procedure without leaving the house.

Bouncy chair-massager

a Little about massage

In ancient times massage was done for medicinal purposes for all agencies. The word "massage" has Greek roots and means to knead, to knead, to stroke. The people doing the massage, but over time his views evolved and in the course were different things. So, made of wood first massagers allowed with a lot of pressure to perform this procedure.

Over time, consumer demand for relaxing services began to grow rapidly and appeared massage parlours and specialists. With the advancement of technology began to develop assistants for massage. Today there are many electric massagers for back and neck. They can also help to relieve fatigue in the muscles and to have a full vacation without leaving your home or office.

electric massager comes with an adapter via the network, from batteries or battery. Their action is based on the roller or the firing mechanism using the motor. When creating taps, vibration and rotation massager knead trigger points that are painful on palpation. Particularly effective devices with infrared radiation or the influence of a magnetic field.



There are different types of electric massagers:

  1. Inflatable chair massager. A special device will allow to perform not only massage the back and neck, and entire body. Complex therapy will help you recover and relax after a hard day's work. Such mechanisms can perform several types of massage and degrees of its intensity.
  2. Massager-Cape. Motorists, programmers and office staff are subjected to daily stress the muscles of the back and neck. The special Cape is easily attached to the chair, or chair and performs a back massage. Inside capes rotating rollers of different structures under the action of electrical energy. Superficial massage is carried out by movement of the rollers. Simply plug the massager to the network, and you can get the full relaxing effect. Some models have in addition a remote control is a great opportunity to control the massage, not rising from his chair. The presence of elastic belts allow more comfortable to fasten the Cape. Additional heating function in certain types promotes better blood flow and more intense massage.
  3. the Massager in the form of a satchel. This is an interesting and quite practical type of massage, because it can be done anywhere: at work, in transport, in the country or on a walk. If you feel pain in your back or your neck is in an extended voltage, put massager in the form of a backpack and enjoy its relaxing effect. To wear it easily and comfortably, it is enough to adjust the straps on the product.
  4. Cushions and collars. To relieve fatigue in the cervical spine it is convenient to use pillows and collars. They are effective in the deposition of salts and the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease.

Massager in the form of a satchel

It is Better to choose an electric massager with function of infrared radiation. They are suitable for the strengthened rush of blood to the body parts that are affected by the device. As already mentioned, the remote included with the device will make the vacation more pleasant.

The Efficiency of the devices is proved. Using an electric massager for the back, you will be able to enhance the blood circulation of the whole body and relieve increased muscle tone. Electric massagers have a beneficial influence generally on the entire body. They serve as a stimulant cheerful mood.

Indications and contraindications

Rational use of massagers for your back and neck will allow to achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles, and get a charge of good mood.

Psychological and emotional relaxation fills the body with vivacity for the whole day.

Massage can be used regularly for medicinal purposes, or with less frequency as prophylaxis.


The Main indications for electric massage device:

  • repeated pain in any part of the vertebral column;
  • slight deformation of the spine;
  • with regular load on the spine: heavy physical work, prolonged stay in a sitting position;
  • regular exercise
  • fatigue and stress in the neck and spine;
  • minor low back pain;.
  • single small herniated discs
  • with a weakened muscle tone: the postoperative period or prolonged bed rest.

To achieve the effect of recovery it is important to perform the massage regularly.

There are several contraindications to perform massage electric massagersfor back and neck. Let us consider them in more detail, in order not to hurt the body.

Temperature - contraindication to the use of electric massager

Should abandon electric massager with the following ailments:

  • if the skin you are massaging, there is damage and any skin diseases: psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes, etc.
  • in patients with lesions of the spine, dislocations at all stages, herniated;
  • in chronic diseases of the heart and other internal organs;
  • increased body temperature
  • if there is suspicion of hepatitis, pneumonia or acute respiratory disease;
  • for cancer at all stages;
  • in tuberculosis and the effects of lesions of the body;
  • in the propensity to excitability of the nervous system, epilepsy, neurosis, psychosis, etc.

do Not use the massager for back longer than specified in the instructions. If during the session you feel that you fall asleep, turn off the device. To sleep with an electric massager is dangerous for your health! Sensitivity to pain is reduced during sleep, so you run the risk of injury. Be sure to review in detail the indications and contraindications to massage the back and neck massagers electric. In this case you should bear in mind the importance of this procedure. Use the massager as intended, do not use for other parts of the body.

watch Carefully for the condition during the massage. If you experience discomfort, you must stop the massage. You may need to consult a doctor. Before choosing your electric massager, you should carefully examine commercially available varieties, the effect of the use, indications and contraindications. It is Recommended to visit a doctor.