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What are pillowtop mattresses “A.” and which mattress to choose?

Every man at least once had to choose mattresses, and orthopedic mattresses Ormatek, according to consumer reports, represent the best match of price and quality.

Structure of the mattress Ormatek

Why do I need such a product?

Memory foam mattresses offer different companies and manufacturers, sometimes people just lost in conjectures about what good are products of this type. with the Answer is simple: mattresses with orthopedic effect allow the body to relax completely through the proper maintenance of the spine. And clear all the popularity and relevance, which have orthopaedic mattresses Ormatek.

In the case of conventional mattresses the person sometimes have to sleep in uncomfortable positions. Moreover, its vertebral column bends in such a way that blocks the way of flow. Accordingly, the blood circulation of the body, there is insomnia, in the end, the person wakes up completely overwhelmed. All this is because the muscles of the body do not get proper rest.

Initially, a person's weight was evenly distributed and the muscles could relax, have developed special mattresses for water and air based. Basically, they are widely used in clinics, but due to technical difficulties was not widely spread. In this regard, manufacturers of mattresses began to look for ways to implement their ideas in other ways.

The First and the leading company for the production of mattresses is the company “Ormatek”.

About the manufacturer

This company was founded over 10 years ago and has been gaining popularity among consumers.

To win the respect and recognition of its customers, the company spared no expense on the development and manufacture of mattresses. It had in its Arsenal the most high-tech and modernized equipment, was not afraid to apply and use various new technologies to implement their ideas.

Thanks to this zeal and enthusiasm only a few years the company “Ormatek” enlisted the support of foreign partners, which expanded its presence abroad.

At the moment the company employs only the most highly qualified specialists. All development processes are under strict control. For the manufacture of its products, the company buys only those materials which passed hygienic certification.

company Products

Currently the company “Ormatek” produces more 150 models of orthopedic mattresses. All products can be designed according to individual sizes of a consumer.

All memory foam mattresses Ormatek divided into certain qualifications. Here are some of them:

  1. “Optima”. This series of mattresses is the low price category. They are designed according to the type of layering. Under lots of layers of wear resistant material are independent of each other spring designs.
  2. “Season”. Such products may be intended for a particular time of year (winter or summer). They have special bilateral case, which on the one hand consists of cotton and wool. Inside the mattresses with independent springs.
  3. Flex Series. This is an economical variant of mattresses with orthopedic effect. This kind can even be rolled if necessary by moving or storage.
  4. Strong. These products have special characteristics and are specifically designed for people of size. They can withstand loads up to 170 kg, equipped with a durable spring units.
  5. Children's series. This series the company is developing with the special conditions and requirements to the quality of the material. It must be hypoallergenic, and special design is to prevent the development of diseases of the spine. A very handy accessory is equipped with a kids mattress – removable covers. It allows you to wash the cover without damaging the structure itself.

What is the best product to choose?

Mattresses – mattresses Ormatek have a huge variety of models. How to choose and what kind, depends on your own preferences of the customers. This may be mattress with independent springs and springless option.

The Advantages of a mattress with independent springs is that inside each individual spring design does not depend on the other. Thus, even if on the same side of the bed to put a glass with water, and the other side to push, the circle will remain intact. This effect is very popular with the people of different weight category: it prevents one of the partners continually slide in the second half of the bed.

In such products the main quality indicator is the number of springs. The more, the greater the effect.

In the design springless mattresses the springs are not included. They consist of special durable material,which is applied in the form of cake, which also provides back support.

They can consist of a very hard material and of soft yet firm. Any one of them takes the form of the body and helps to relax the muscles.

Mattresses from a rigid material, such as coconut, often acquired only with the approval of the doctor or his direct recommendation for therapeutic purposes.

whatever product the company “Ormatek” customer choose, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. Size must match the settings of the bed.
  2. the Thickness of the mattress.
  3. Degree of hardness. We should not hesitate to lie in order to try it. After all, it neodnoznachno acquisition.
  4. don't skimp on quality! Just think about what 1/3 of his life a person spends in bed.

All products of this company are of high quality, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly materials and, of course, ease of use.