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What orthopedic mattress is better to choose osteochondrosis

The Mattress osteochondrosis should be neither soft nor hard, this is how it is to adapt to anatomical curvatures of the spine, to reduce pain and eliminate any other pathological symptoms of the disease. About describing doctors orthopedic product that must necessarily be present in everyone with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the vertebral column.


The Best mattress osteochondrosis is chosen individually for each person. The view that each orthopedic product is ideal for patients with degenerative disc disease, is the only advertising course.

choosing a mattress osteochondrosis

Doctors say that to choose a mattress for degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine the patient will not be able. To ensure you need a mattress that will perfectly adjust to the curves of the spinal column. Only such an approach can ensure the reduction of compression and myofascial syndromes of the disease.

Patients with diseases of the spine contraindicated soft wares or models with spring blocks, because they have the effect of "hammock". In this situation, the back sags down, the muscular system is in a state of asymmetry and cannot support the vertebral axis.

It Would be better if you entrust the selection of orthopedic products for the sleep doctor. Ideal is a device that has 7 units of spring stiffness. The alternative to it can be model with coconut and latex. These products are better for children because they not only treat diseases of the vertebral column, but also prevent incorrect posture.

What to consider when buying

orthopedic mattress osteochondrosisThere are the following rules determine how to choose an orthopedic bed to sleep in, in diseases of the spine:

  • the Choice of product depends on anthropometric indicators (packaging, weight and height). You need to pick up orthopedic device to allow the human body to relax.
  • Degree of comfort depends on the mattress. It should create a comfortable environment for immersion of the body in the bed.
  • When selecting a children's mattress it is necessary to pay attention to the rigidity of the product. If it is equipped with coir, the model will turn elastic. For children with allergies need to buy products of hypoallergenic fabric.
  • For teenagers it is better to choose an orthotic device with soft fillings (latex or coconut).
  • Soft ware responsible for the compression and allow free circulation of lymph and blood, which is important for older people.
  • In case of osteochondrosis is best to choose a rigid model. She will ensure the perfect formation of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus of the back. The most successful variant is the model with the delimiter stiffness. It is on one side equipped with a soft filler and hard. If during sleep on a hard bed, worse pain, for some time, you can sleep on a soft half. But for the temporary removal of pathological symptoms.
  • approaches to determining the hardness or softness of the individual. These characteristics depend on the weight of the patient. Agree that there is a difference which puts pressure back on the mattress. From this are formed the feelings of the person.

The Rest of the rules on how to choose a mattress for spine in osteochondrosis, it is better to find out from the doctor. Find a good spine that will help to optimally organize the bed.