How to choose anti-bedsore mattress, Armed?

Anti-bedsore Mattress, Armed is a whole series of products of single reputable manufacturer. Take a look at Armed firm, produced her mattress against bedsores, important advantages and significant individual characteristics.

anti-Bedsore mattress from the company Armed

Company of Armed

The company's Objective of Armed is the production of goods needed by the sedentary and the elderly. Dealing with this firm for over 15 years. During all this time was aimed a lot of effort on the acquisition of practical knowledge about the maintenance and care of this category of patients. On the basis of this approach the company was able to collect the bulk of the technological base, which contains definitions of different aspects of elderly care. This base company is ready to provide free of charge to any person interested in such information.

In addition, TM Armed has established itself as the Creator of high quality but inexpensive medical equipment. Still, the company has put great emphasis on the production of special equipment, the purpose of which is the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

The Priority activity of the company Armed chose the production of several varieties of anti-bedsore mattresses of high quality. Realizing what an important role in the life of sedentary patients plays this fixture, our firm is Armed drew all their experience and invaluable knowledge, innovative technology to develop anti-bedsore mattress armed the new sample.

Device, bedsore mattress

anti-Bedsore mattresses, Armed

Armed anti-bedsore Mattress is designed and manufactured for those bedridden patients who have to spend long time in bed. Using these devices to combat bedsores in the hospital and in the home.

When using anti-decubitus mattresses Armed becomes clear the principle of operation of a unique system through which it is possible at times to change the bearing points of the patient, resulting in improvement of function of the bloodstream. The anti-bedsore mattress has a laser perforation responsible for the excellent blowout of the patient's body. Due to this sweating is eliminated.

Types of mattresses against the formation of pressure sores

Today it is possible to choose and purchase the required product, considering the following options:

Anti-bedsore Mattress with compressor, Armed. This type of mattress from bed sores largely reduces suffering of patients experiences severe pain throughout the body, by reducing their intensity. It provides the ability to properly and effectively deal with the pain.

high-risk Areas

supplied with anti-bedsore mattresses devices of this type include:

  • power adapter
  • electrical protection
  • pump;
  • fuse
  • instruction manual.

Produce such products made of rubberized fabrics of the highest quality.

Mattresses against the development of bedsores TM Armed is functionality and durability at the same time. Because they are widely used in many clinics, as well as at home. The mechanism of action of the mattress from bed sores from Armed enclosed in the universal system, implying the use of this device for persons with various health problems:

  • in a coma
  • with a diagnosis palsy;
  • with broken bones.

the Use of anti-bedsore mattresses paralysis

Products are widely used in the postoperative period in patients who recently underwent surgical intervention.

All of the above in favor of anti-bedsore products TM Armed only confirms that the equipment of this company has multi-function and reasonable price.

wire Mesh anti-bedsore mattress, Armed. Mattress, anti-decubitus cellular Armed type suitable for use in hospital wards, as well as in any room of the residential apartment or private home. Does not produce noise, and therefore it does not violate any of the activities lying on it, no nearby neighbors in the ward. But if wire mesh is used mattress at home, the household also will be very pleased.

Instructions for use indicates the possibility of use of this product for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for patients having the first of 3 initial degrees of formation of bedsores. At the low price of this product is able to eliminate many of the problems more disabled people.

the Use of anti-bedsore mattress with a coma

Tubular mattress against bedsores. Armed anti-decubitus tubular mattress is the salvation for certain categories of patients. There is the possibility of cyclic shift places pressure on the bed under the weightof the human body. It is chosen when we are talking about 3-5 degrees of pressure sores. This product is intended to solve a number of problems:

  • stops the progress of complications caused by long lying of the patient;
  • heals the sores;
  • eliminates the appearance of new ones.

Anti-bedsore Mattress, Armed with laser perforation. Such a device for fighting pressure ulcers recommended for use in the most neglected situations.

In Addition to the laser perforation of the benefits of these products are extra airflow for creating an optimal microclimate in a patient and the hole for the vessel.

The Product is recommended for patients with spinal problems.