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Toe dividers for toe and treatment of the bones on the legs

Interdigital septum is considered one of the most successful means of combating growths on the soles of the feet. The common disease is the so-called "cone" or "bone", which appears on the toes. In scientific circles the disease was given the name of hallux valgus. For many years it has been very common among the population of the planet. To get rid of it only after undergoing a series of preventive practice and in some cases, timely treatment process. Until recently appeared growth was considered only an aesthetic problem, but over time it proved its negative impact on human health.

a Bump on the toes

When the disease only occurs in patients trace symptoms. The longer it takes to see a doctor, the more serious the consequences: pain in the thumb, start the secondary deformation. Gradually, the inflammatory process begins. He causes pain. The more the growth, the stronger the pressure on the other healthy toes. In humans there is a strain of healthy phalanges. This effect significantly complicates the process of walking, the discomfort appears, more wear on the joints.

Causes of deformations

The Formation of hallux valgus contribute to several major reasons. The first one is the transversal arches, the second is weakness in the muscles and tissues of the foot. Both of these processes can occur immediately at birth or in childhood. Significantly increases the risk of "bones" in children whose parents suffered from the disease. In the process of growing up everyone wants to look attractive, and so often uses shoes that causes discomfort. This demonstration is the beginning of problems with your toes.

Experts are also the group of persons who can get this problem in the future. These include:

Transverse flatfoot is one of the causes of formation of hallux valgus

  1. Teens who are the restructuring of the whole organism.
  2. Workers that spend a long time in a standing position.
  3. Lactating and pregnant women.
  4. People suffering from excess weight.

This list can be continued, given the time that not every aspect of the disease is studied.

If a person finds himself in this list, it is advised to constantly consult with a doctor

The Doctor prescribes a number of procedures, whose purpose is to get rid of early stages of the disease or preventing its occurrence.

Methods of prevention

One can conduct an analysis of your own body, paying attention to the first signs of deformation appeared on the toes. For the treatment of "bones" on the feet, where the disease has not become chronic enough to use preventive measures. Among these procedures has often been emphasized:

Exercises for the feet

  1. Support body weight in normal parameters.
  2. Select a pair of comfortable shoes with quality insoles.
  3. Permanent vacation.
  4. exercises and exercises for the foot.
  5. Normalization.

You should Also pay attention to strengthening procedures and exercises. It is worth remembering that one of the best ways to avoid any strain on the body – constant visits to the massage therapist.

These procedures can be applied not only for the prevention of disease, but also during its course. Such measures are prescribed by doctors when it comes to surgery, after surgery. These techniques are useful because they oppose the re-emergence of the disease.

Treatment of disease without surgery

For the treatment of the bones on the feet often, surgery is used. This process is very unpleasant. Particularly problematic recovery after surgery when the patient has to literally re-learn to walk. To avoid such a radical method of treatment, it is recommended to use the most simple but effective way of recovery interdigital septum.

Silicone interdigital partition

This is a special silicone products for the toes, which are designed to prevent further deformation. Often with their help it is possible to restore the damaged joint back into position. Silicone septum can be of several types. They are made by different companies, and therefore their value depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, much of a difference between them. During treatment your doctor may prescribe a variety of products, down to the bandage. The main purpose is to restore the normal condition of the finger. The effect appears gradually, and therefore have some time to use siliconeinterdigital septum permanently.

user Feedback

As soon As the object appeared in the Windows of shops and in pharmacies, it immediately began to buy. Gradually began to appear and the first customer reviews. Most people gave positive characteristics, although there are a number of patients (units) that the partition did not help.

Among the positive properties are:

  1. a Reduction of pain during walking.
  2. Wearing the product without discomfort for 24 hours.
  3. Low cost.

To negative properties is only the inconvenience of use, since the partition always tries to slip out.

In the first reviews mentioned the outcome after about a week of use. Further the application allows to wear shoes with even high heels and not feel any problems with protruding "bone". Such silicone subject almost imperceptible, and therefore does not become a barrier when wearing open sandals or shoes.


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