Advantages of orthopedic shoes firm ORTEC

"Artek" – orthopedic footwear for young fashionistas, is the perfect combination of worries about the health of the feet of your children and create your own unique style. The brand offers a broad line of models, designed for all ages (from newborn to high school) and occasions (from practical everyday to elegant, festive). Ortek shoes will give you the confidence that every step of your children will be enjoyable and easy.

Role of orthopedic shoes

Many ordinary people, the phrase "orthopedic shoes" is associated with something ugly, bulky and unaesthetic. Because of this, some parents do not want to buy for children these shoes and I sincerely hope that the urgency (the doctor) would not oblige them to do it. However this view of such things is fundamentally mistaken. Moreover, children orthopedic shoes – a great tool not only to restore the health of the feet, but also to protect him, to avoid the development of flat feet and other abnormalities.

The purpose of these shoes is divided into several categories:

  • model is designed to maintain comfort (designed to protect feet from strain and various diseases; this kind of shoes is essential at any age; is made from materials that are exercising cushioning, reduces the load on the feet and joints, the spine; eliminates the risk of injury, prevents fatigue);
  • model designed for treatment of deformities and diseases of the feet in the early stages, and also to prevent further complications (such children's orthopedic shoes are most often in demand, because most parents resort to the recommendations of orthopaedic surgeons only when their offspring appear the first symptoms of deviation from the norm);
  • model designed to cure neglected diseases of the feet and deformities (e.g. Club foot, various forms of flatfoot, valgus and other).

Shoes Ortek is designed to serve two purposes: to maintain or restore the health of your children's feet, give them along inimitable style. Even in the latter category you won't find a bulky ugly models. Designers and developers know how important it is for young people to become beautiful and unique. Therefore, these products are the perfect choice for children.

While the proposed brand goods perfectly capable of solving even the most complex problems, it is important to remember that to avoid deformation of the stop is always easier than to correct it. Therefore, parents should buy the right shoes, the child is accustomed to it from the very first steps, and throughout the period of maturation is necessary to give preference to orthopedic models. This will help the young body to form correctly.


Another important point when choosing shoes for a child and an adult is the correct definition of size. Starting with the aesthetic side of the issue and ending with the fact that even the great shoes, if it is too big or conversely too small in size,will certainly harm your feet. Products Orteka meet all quality standards. Manufactured products are designed with care for young buyers.

Size chart of the brand is very detailed on the website. It is painted the appropriate size and length of foot in inches for each model, summer, autumn-spring and winter collections. Therefore, customers will be easy and convenient to pick the right size. The company "Artek" makes orthopedic products with love and care about their customers for years. All this time mark true to the traditions of quality and superb taste.

Integral part of the wardrobe

As to care about the comfort and foot health is important throughout life, many companies are developing orthopedic shoes for members of all generations. Thus, the company "Orteks" specializes in the production of this necessary accessories any wardrobe for the whole family.

The range of brand there are models that will attract even the most demanding customers. The company produces a wide range of proposals for all seasons: sandals and sneakers, shoes and boots, products of natural materials (leather, suede, fur). Shoes Ortek – all the items are developed in collaboration with experienced orthopaedic surgeons that guarantee the achievement of comfort and the desired therapeutic effect when worn.

these shoes are made taking into account anatomic features of a stop, her look meets all current fashion trends and the price is always affordable. "Orteks" – Ukrainian company, all production is concentrated in the Western part of the country (Transcarpathia). Mark is widely in demand not only at home but also in the CIS countries and in the European States. This speaks to the superior quality of shoes.

Related orthopedic accessories

In Addition to specialized models of corrective shoes, producers, aiming to bringthe comfort of its customers to the maximum, produce a range of orthopaedic accessories foot. Among them:

  • orthotics and polustanke (will add comfort to your regular shoes);
  • and podatocite protectors (protect from occurrence of blisters when wearing usual footwear).

These accessories are to be worn by both adult and child, because they are able to make your shoes more comfortable and protect your feet from unnecessary burdens.

High quality orthopedic shoes Ortek, having all necessary quality certificates that can cure diseases such as:

  • flat feet (develops in several forms: longitudinal, transversal, mixed)
  • clubfoot (occurs by itself or in combination with some form of flat feet)
  • of"heel foot" (when the patient can back of the foot to reach the front of the Shin);
  • "strephopodia" (when it is impossible to bend the back side of the foot at 90 degrees or less)
  • hollow foot (the development of an unhealthy curvature in the longitudinal part of the arch of the foot)
  • "flat foot" (excessive flattening of the arch of the foot).

The model of orthopedic shoes for medical purposes, you can pick up in a specialty store only after consulting your doctor.

do Not forget that home feet also need care. And the child and adult will not prevent room orthopedic shoes. Brand specializing in the production of such products, constantly expanding the range.