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What are orthoses on knee and how to choose the right product for yourself?

The Orthosis at the knee joint (called the knee) are worn for the treatment of injuries and defects formed in this place. Such devices are used for preventive purposes. In order not to get injured during sport or fitness during exercise athletes use this tool.

Orthosis for knee

What is orthosis?

Knee orthoses can be used to fix and unload the joint. It helps in postoperative and posttraumatic period. The effect of the pads is based on simple and clear principle. Thanks to them, the knees are limited in the movements, the joints are at rest.

The Orthosis in case of damage of any degree gives positive results. This is quite a versatile device that can be used as adults and children alike. There are several types:

  1. Products representing the pads. They perform easy degree of fixing. Differently this orthosis brace is called, because made of elastic material.
  2. Latches in the form of splints. They strictly fix a knee joint.
  3. Instances, completely immobilized.
  4. Fit is adjustable. People unaided to change the angle, which prevents mobility, to adjust the level of compression.

the Use of orthesis with knee injury

The Brace on the knee joint with different levels of fixation is used for different purposes. Mild need for preventive measures. Total immobilization is designed to recover from serious injuries of joints and surgical interventions. There are different hardness of pads.

The Braces are the embodiment of latest technological developments in the field of biomechanics and medicine. The patient is able to apply them only after the appointment of a physician for the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis.

for minor injuries doctors are allowed to use special soft bandage. Main use of pads:

  • to restore the knee joint after the surgery;
  • abnormalities in the knee joints after injuries and light injuries;
  • when dislocations and subluxations of the knee;
  • for the treatment of rheumatic diseases of the knee;
  • when the stretching of muscle tissue, ligaments.

Fixation orthosis

Variety of options

Fixtures are divided into 2 types: without hinges and hinge. Articulated orthosis differs in the material used for its production. It is made of metal, plastic or fabric.

The Individual parts of the locking mechanism are fastened to each other by means of hinges, and tires. This knee adjusts the amount of motion can be detected anatomically correct position of the knee joint. Hinge clamps are permitted to wear throughout the day and take in the night time. There are such models for these kinds of braces:

  • locking
  • for unloading of the knee joint;
  • corrective
  • compensating or replacing individual sections of the knee joints.

The Articulated model used in the tearing of ligaments, damage, meniscus, post-operative recovery.

adjustable swivel orthesis

As an alternative to any of these manufacturers produce a soft orthosis. Elastic holders in pharmacies or specialized stores presents an abundance of options. They differ in the level of compression and the degree of limitation in movement.

To the degree of fixation of the knees of the patient was easy, you must use a soft orthosis. It is made from a fabric similar to cotton. Such locking means gently acts on periarticular muscles in the knees, skips a sufficient amount of air. The material underlying the elastic instances, is carefully and do not lead to patients allergic reactions. Product care is simple, it can be washed by hand. In this therapeutic properties are not reduced.

Possible application of the products in the sport

There are sports orthosis that is custom designed for Amateur and real athletes. Of course, more and more difficult to seek the help of professionals, so as to practice a sport at a high level they need to fix the knee joints.

Selection size sport orthesis

This type is chosen only in cases, when the damage occurred, but to prevent it. When injuries occur to the orthosis to resort necessarily, but in order to prevent – at the request of the athlete. To the training passed successfully and was able to do the exercises properly, stop the recommended choice for special sports braces. They have different minor fixation with a low degree of compression. The most common isthe fixture, made of fabric, making it stretchy.

If the athlete injury, the knee needs more reliable support. Therefore, the orthosis should be based on fabric materials of high hardness. To achieve fixation, which will provide an average hardness, some devices use a special fin. They differ from other in terms of their characteristics because it is made of metal and have the shape of a spiral.

In Addition to ribs, the product is equipped with fabric inserts, so it's soft. The manufacturer has these inserts in the area of the kneecap. The locking mechanism helps to reduce the load exerted on the joint during exercise. The use of such a device gives you the ability to safely transfer and the post-operative period. This is achieved through normalization of blood flow and eliminate swelling in the area of the joint.

Open brace with clamps

Basic selection rule

The Brace must be used to prevent the deterioration of people with disorders in the joints. How to choose the fixture independently? To make a choice in favor of the appropriate option without preliminary consultation with the doctor is difficult. Not to risk health should contact a health facility. Trauma surgeon or doctor-the orthopedist will be able to choose the right locking mechanism in each case for effective therapy. To have a General idea about the main varieties, and the indications for their use, you need to find it. From a variety of options that offer easy degree of fixing and fixing of medium hardness, among orthoses are the following options:

  1. Elastic clamps closed type intended to minimize or relieve pain in the joints. Thanks to this model will be able to easily lock the knee in position. They allow the patient to feel comfortable when you walk, fast walk and during the run.
  2. Elastic holders open type most often used in inflammatory processes in the joints, after the defects of ligaments. Well this model controls the degree of tension. Comfortable to wear after receiving injuries of various forces.
  3. Open the fixture with ribs of metal with 2 of the parties effective at the time of bending the knees, the exercises squats, when climbing the stairs. Is assigned to the use of this type in osteoporosis.
  4. knee Pads with easy fixing level due to the presence of spiral ribs is indicated for use in rheumatic arthritis, patellofemoral pain syndromes, in the early stages of gonarthrosis, synovitis, bursitis, etc.

to consult a doctor before using orthesisby selecting the desired tab, and it is important to pay attention to the 3 criteria: size, material, design. If the knee is not correct, then the subject who is going to wear it, can appear rather serious deterioration in health. If the degree of fixation is not strong, the situation is aggravated. The rehabilitation period would take an inordinate amount of time. Protection of the knee from traumatic influences will be weak when wearing prophylactic devices.

Excessively high degree of fixation leads to the fact that the process of blood circulation in the joint is broken. This could trigger a weakening of the natural muscle tone. The orthosis has provided the expected result, special attention must be paid to the choice of size. It is largely determined by the knee pad, which should be chosen as accurately as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to perform certain measurements. Use 3 values: circumference of the leg above the joint, below and in the area of the knees. Such indicators need to be guided when making a purchase.

Structure and content

Before choosing an orthosis, it is necessary to pay attention to that from which it is made. One of the most popular material is neoprene, which is durable and easy-to-commit.

Structure of the knee joint

Neoprene can compress, and this leads to good fixation of the knee joint. The positive side of the orthesis, made of this material is its ability to have a warming effect on the knee. Among the negative aspects can be highlighted its ability to cause allergies, so for long term use product is not intended. Nylon orthosis is characterized by strength. Such a device is worn for a long time. Most often combine nylon with other materials in order to provide an appropriate degree of fixation.

There are manufacturers who have resorted to the use of spandex. This material combines synthetic fibers and other filaments that gives you the opportunity to obtain tissue with a high degree of elasticity. Orthoses made on its basis, characterized by good fit and the ability to pass air. Elastane fixtures are fairly common. Another name for this material – spandex. Has high elasticity. Not used independently, it is usually combined with other fibers. Has stiffness and elasticity, whichvalued in the manufacture of certain types of orthoses. Though spandex and makes it impossible to have a warming effect, it allows air to pass well, that is sometimes very important.

The Brace is made of cotton occurs often enough, especially for children. This is because the material is natural, so the product can be used for a long time.

The downside of cotton is that it does not have high elasticity. Therefore, manufacturers have to resort to some tricks of combining different materials to obtain optimal results. Orthoses used at various stages of life and for different purposes. To choose the most suitable option, it is necessary to consider all factors and take the recommendations of experts.