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Orthopedic shoes for children in the treatment of hallux valgus

Orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus helps to secure the foot in correct anatomical position, preventing deformation of joints, cartilage, and atrophy of certain muscle groups. Those, in turn, responsible for proper weight distribution.

the Risk of foot deformation in children

What is ploskovalgusnaya stop? She is accompanied by a curvature height of the arches and their axes. Visually it looks like the heels and the outer part of the foot is slightly displaced to the sides, while the middle part is a bit cluttered inside. This situation leads to rapid atrophy of the muscles – they simply do not develop, which in the future the child will develop an irregular gait and, as a result, posture. You Should understand that foot – it's kind of the Foundation that holds the weight of the body, distributes it so that groups of muscles of the legs and back were loaded during walking or standing evenly.

Cause of disease

Ploskovalgusnaya stop, according to doctors, may be congenital or acquired. Usually diagnosed at an early age – to a year. Characterized by malformed bones of the feet, disabilities of the musculoskeletal system. Anatomical curvature becomes pronounced for 10-12 months, when the child makes its first steps. According to statistics, most often ploskovalgusnaya stop occurs in children with hypotonia of muscles, that is when the ligaments do not hold the normal position of the bones. And as a catalyst of the disease can appear even frequent colds that lead to the weakening of all the muscular system.

the Kind of foot deformation in children

Ploskovalgusnaya stop is an accompanying symptom in the detection of rickets, cerebral palsy, of the condition, polio. The world health organization (who) has repeatedly noted that the cause of the disease can be the excessive desire of parents to teach a child to walk. Due to the high load on your feet develops a curvature, as the muscles to 1 year are considered defective, is not able to perform their main functions. And don't forget about the choice of children's footwear – not all of it is certified, so in theory, can cause dystrophy of the feet.

Children are encouraged to learn to stand on their own feet only after the recommendation of doctors. Those, in turn, check muscle tone during physical activity of the child, the functioning of the ligaments of the toes. If there is a chance of ploskovalgusnaya syndrome, then the child will be completely on foot, and on its inner edge, the muscle of the depression.

hallux valgus Symptoms

Visual symptoms of hallux valgus found after the child begins to walk. Hour it more resembles the letter "X" when the knees are pressed tightly to each other, but thighs are not touching at no point. Develops shuffling gait, and the child may complain of a dull pain in the lower extremities, spine. Studies show that children with valgus deformity of foot get tired much faster during active games and physical activities. If the disease enters a chronic stage (about 3-5 years), the child's gait will become shuffling, perhaps, roll over. At this time parents are encouraged to pay attention to the soles of shoes worn by the baby: she wiped off more on the inner side, while evenly and not just near the heel and fingertips.

Necessity of wearing orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus foot

what can result in a future deformity of foot? To the development of diseases such as flat feet, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, limb shortening, osteoarthritis, deformation of pelvic bones. The latter is especially dangerous for girls, as it can lead to complications during sexual maturation.

Treatment disease

Unchivalrously shoes is the ultimate solution for the deformation of the foot. Its main function is in the correct distribution of load on feet, hard fixing the position of the fingers, the heel. Usually made these shoes by GOST standards, and the design has a more rigid form. It is often reinforced metal straps and inserts in the heel area, the sock.

Children orthopedic shoes made to order, that is, after the preliminary measurements. This takes into account the position of the foot, the axis of the ankles. Maloletnye model can be implemented in conventional stores. But the production of shoes is not suitable to resolve severe and chronic strains. In this situation should contact the orthopaedic center, where a model will be developed individually. The production time will take 5 to 15 days.

Specialized footwear has a high coverage of the foot, reducing excessive strain on the calf muscle.

Over time they restore their initial function, then there is a straightening of the normal form of the feet. How long unchivalrously worn shoes? This depends on the specific case. The average Shoe is worn for at least 12 months. However, some children have to wear orthotics or shoes within 4-5 years. The findings of fact of the treatment done by a doctor.

How effectively treatable valgus deformity? Accurate statistics are not available, however, on assurances of doctors, from the disease successfully gets rid of about 98% of patients if timely to seek help. In other cases use surgical correction of the bones, i.e. The surgery is performed with the aim to align the curved joints, stimulate partially atrophied muscles. But this method is rarely used, namely only 7% of cases of chronic hallux valgus. The recovery period after surgery lasts up to 2 years.

In the surgical elimination of the defect is predominantly used method of transplantation of the tendons of the calf bone with the further adjustment of its length, height, position. Later this will cause temporary discomfort, because the child is physiologically cannot keep foot as it was convenient earlier. However, after a few months of hour becomes more confident, the position "X" is reduced, reduced light gap between the thighs when standing.

Removal of mold for the manufacture of individual shoes

In the initial stages of development of the disease doctors also recommended for immobilization of the limb using plaster of fixings and dressings. Be superfluous the following procedures:

  • foot baths (whirlpool)
  • paraffin
  • mud baths
  • warming up in hot springs
  • electrical muscle stimulation
  • magneto therapy
  • RTI
  • diadynamic therapy;
  • therapeutic swimming.

But all this is in addition to the use of orthopedic shoes with rigid base.

Note that when valgus installation stop to child contraindicated excessive exercise, physical training, Jogging, power sports. And in daily diet is added the enlarged portion of the protein acting as the building material of a living organism, calcium, sodium, other trace elements.

the Passage of additional procedures for treatment of hallux valgus foot

Forecast and prevention of the disease

In valgus installation stop cosmetic defect may be unobtrusive, which implies certain difficulties in the diagnosis. In this case, the pediatrist appoints the examination of the orthopedic surgeon, and he will send the patient to radiology for a detailed study of the skeleton of the lower extremities and spine. From all this we can assume that the most effective way to prevent hallux valgus is a timely consultation of the pediatrician and the orthopedist. Even if in the first year of a child's life no warpage was not observed, this does not mean that in the future they will not occur. Doctors focus on young parents that until the fifth year of a baby's life there is a very high risk of deformities, as the muscles develops to this period.

Due attention should be paid to the selection of shoes for the child. In these cases, the ideal orthopedic and serial models, if their right to choose, by size. And here at home, the kid has most of my free time to spend barefoot. Even in the absence of obvious signs of hallux valgus and it will prevent the development of flatfoot in the future.

Note that orthopedic shoes for women and girls is somewhat different from that of men. First, it is more rigid rear part of the insole. Secondly, physical exercise slightly displaced towards the center of the foot. It is necessary for normal structure of the pelvic bones of the fair sex, in which the body physiologically from childhood prepared for reproductive functions. Therefore orthopedic shoes differs for girls and boys. You repeatedly tell the pediatrician or orthopedic surgeon when examining a child.

Widely practiced for the prevention of the wearing orthopedic shoes with arch support, function is the optimal placement of the foot, preventing the accumulation of excess moisture in the lower extremities, edema.

Recommendations for when buying a orthopedic shoes

be Sure to consult with your doctor before you buy orthopedic shoes. The seller and store check certification. On the website of the Ministry of health, you can specify the number of the license, comply with medical standards by the manufacturer. It will take you literally 5-10 minutes, but will prevent purchasing low-quality shoes, wearing which will not have any positive effect, and possible injury.

The best option is turning to a certified orthopedic centersspecialize in treating problems with the activity of the musculoskeletal system. They definitely have a Department responsible for manufacturing specialized shoes according to the individual parameters. Its ultimate value over serial, however, meet all the standards of GOST. In addition, you as the buyer will be given the opportunity to choose, what materials it is made.

Conventional classification of hallux valgus deformities

Doctors classify valgus deformity depending on physiological and visual symptoms in several categories:

  • overcorrection
  • paralysis
  • traumatic
  • static;
  • congenital (her doctors have to meet more often).

However, the methods of treatment is in no way dependent on physiology. Only in some variations a static congenital valgus foot is assigned to the wearing of coarse metal frames after the patient is 4 years.

Congenital severe valgus deformities are diagnosed immediately after birth. At the moment, the prevalence is approximately 1 in 10 thousand. Unfortunately, the pathogenesis still has not been fully studied. Doctors can't say that is the main reason of developing the disease during that period, when the baby is in the womb.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say only that a positive outcome of treatment of hallux valgus foot depends on at what stage was the disease diagnosed. The sooner, the higher the chance to get rid of it without any consequences. Up to 1 year recommended 3 examination by an orthopedic surgeon, further visits were made annually until the moment the child goes to school.