How to choose orthopedic shoes for women?

There is an opinion that orthopedic footwear is not beauty. Modern orthopedic shoes for women are manufactured by leading global manufacturers and often not inferior to conventional models. to Wear its not only people with various diseases, but also everyone who cares about their health.

Womens orthopedic shoes

what is orthopedic shoes

For the ability to walk on two legs, mankind has to pay many disadvantages, including diseases of the feet. Daily foot endure tremendous strain, which has a negative impact with every step.

Beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes responsible for the development of diseases of the spine, as every inch of heel significantly increases the load. High heels cause the first foot fatigue, and then more serious consequences: deformation of the foot, joint problems, arthritis and arthrosis, as well as some diseases of internal organs.

If the legs are "healthy", then most of the daily load assumes the arch of the foot that serves as a kind of shock absorber. Problems arise when deformation or flat feet.

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The Purchase of orthopaedic shoes indicated in the following situations:

  • varicose veins of lower extremities
  • pain during walking (without the identified cause);
  • rehabilitation after fractures of the feet;
  • swelling
  • flat feet
  • corns, "spurs", corn;
  • "diabetic foot" (the appearance of diabetic foot ulcers persistent);
  • moldovenii toes.

When transverse flat arch of the foot can't absorb shock and load, instead it makes the hip joint or in more serious cases, the spine. Constant loads, shock and friction lead to a gradual erasing of the intervertebral discs or the deterioration of joints. This, in turn, can lead to other serious problems: headache, pinched nerve, degenerative disc disease, diseases of internal organs.

To such serious complications may lead even such an affliction as flatfoot, which rarely pay attention.

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In addition, many people do not know that they have flat feet, wondering why so frequent headaches and fatigue. It is known that to solve this problem is very simple: you must only correctly selected orthopedic shoes for women.

It will help to avoid many problems, promotes optimal distribution of load on foot. In orthopedic shoes the joints are anatomically correct and provides cushioning during walking, preventing premature wear of the joints. Due to a correction of the load is aligned gait and posture.

benefits of orthopedic shoes

In contrast to the conventional model of orthopedic shoes you can buy not only standard size but also for non-standard feet: large, shoes big size, etc.

It will be stylish, useful and comfy to wear. In the manufacture of shoes by special order there is the possibility of fitting it to individual size.

The Second benefit of therapeutic footwear – a lot of depth. If necessary, can be put inside an additional orthopedic arch support. Such manipulation be done with ordinary shoes will be difficult. Seasonal shoes will have removable insoles that can be removed for cleaning, washing or replacement.

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The Important point is the comfort while wearing orthopedic shoes, because it is initially created with the purpose of its components. Ease of wear is very important, especially when diagnosed deformities of the foot, flat feet, etc. besides, it is very difficult to acquire comfortable shoes for wide feet or large size.

Choose orthopedic shoes can even women with irregular or various foot diseases: diabetic foot, high arch, wide foot, etc.

Orthopedic boots or shoes will invariably be comfortable, regardless of the time which should spend during the day on my feet. In shoes even during long wear no formation of corns and calluses.

Orthopedic shoes prefer to wear not only women with foot problems, but also those that these problems do not have. Mostly women who want to maintain health even in the presence of harmful factors: standing work, sedentary lifestyle, intense physical activity. These shoes, both casual and sporty, significantly reduces the load exerted on the knee, spine and ankle joints, so it will be comfortable to walk all day.

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Types of orthopedic shoes

Many women in pursuit of beauty often go to extremes, buying something elegant stilettos, ballet flat shoes or platform shoes, wondering why there are problems.

According to doctors, the disease of the feet caused by incorrectly chosen footwear. Determine what shoes or boots is properly selected, very simple: they are comfortable to walk even for a long time.

If the end of the day the shoes start to press or appears uncomfortable, then the choice was incorrect.

The safest option is orthopedic shoes. About her are prejudiced, that such footwear is a terrible heavy boots, designed for the elderly or people with severe defects of the feet.

And this was true not so long ago. Modern orthopedic shoes is a stylish model that is suitable for any occasion, made from high quality material, comfortable to wear and completely safe.

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Orthopedic shoes currently there are three types:

  1. Treatment. Necessary for the treatment of serious defects of the foot, the Shoe provides proper fixation and stability of the feet when walking by keeping the arch of the foot. In such shoes, the foot takes the correct position.
  2. Treatment-and-prophylactic orthopedic shoes. Is designed to prevent deformation of the stop, or to treat already existing diseases at an early stage.
  3. Comfortable orthopedic shoes. Designed for the prevention of diseases and deformities of the feet. Usually made of soft material having cushioning properties. This reduces the load on the spine and joints, which significantly reduces the risk of injury and strain.

Shoes of the first two groups shall be appointed only after consultation with orthopedic specialist who will help you choose the right model for treatment of the disease. Comfortable shoes, unlike them, can be purchased without the advice and use without restriction.

In the salons of Orthopaedics now has a beautiful and fashionable shoes for different seasons. In winter range, home, spring, autumn and summer women's shoes. It can be open or closed, leather or suede, with fur or without it. Depending on the form made sandals, boots and shoes.

Orthopedic shoes

Where to buy orthopedic shoes?

In the case of serious violations often requires the fabrication of work on order, since this work should be performed by qualified specialist.

Women's orthopedic shoes are made by specialized factories to individual measures and comparisons. In this case, you can be sure in high quality of the result: the Shoe is not only perfect fit on the leg, but will provide comfort and a better treatment result. Address factories may recommend an orthopedic surgeon.

At the moment there are orthopedic stores that sell model women's orthopedic footwear. If orthopedic shoes or boots are only necessary for the prevention or there are minor breaches in the structure of the feet, you can buy everything you need in these stores.

An Important point when choosing the material of manufacture. Usually use real leather or suede, for summer models cotton is used. Preference is given to the natural materials, as the products do not cause sweating of the feet, even after a long socks no blisters. Good orthopedic shoes should be elastic sock. Otherwise, the fingers will be crushed and over time will change shape.

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Another important factor – size. Summer orthopedic shoes for flat feet is chosen so that between the toe and the fingers remained not less than 0.5 and sometimes 1 see Winter boots and shoes can be safely taken on a size larger because then it will be a possibility in cold weather warm socks to tease.

When the valgus deviation of the first toe, or "bone", therapeutic footwear should be selected so that it was larger than normal. The size should be selected according to the size of the larger foot, as many people the length of the left and right legs are slightly different. The width should be sufficient.

When choosing a it is important to pay attention to the heel height. It is preferable to choose models with a small heel (4 cm or less), or on a small platform. Then the load on the tibia is reduced, will decrease the risk of swelling. Selecting the model, you need to walk around a little, appreciating its convenience. If the Shoe is too tight or appears uncomfortable, you should choose another pair.

Orthopedic shoes in various diseases

There is a classification of orthopedic shoes made on the basis of the diseases, treatment which the products are destined.

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When the inflamed joints of the fingers footwear is chosen according to some rules: at least a half size up, so that there was no discomfort for the toes. Choose shoes recommended at a certain time, at the end of the day, when feet are someincreases. The model should have a rigid heel that will capture the foot in the right position to provide optimal load. Despite the fact that now there stylish footwear with a narrow toe and high heel, to buy it is not recommended: the maximum heel height should not exceed 5 cm.

Molotkoobraznyj finger is formed after long period of wearing narrow shoes. Therefore, the main requirement for orthopedic footwear is of sufficient width. Shoes with a narrow toe is contraindicated. From the toe to the tip of the longest finger should be at least 1 cm. Summer footwear is better to choose wide straps that will not chafe and pressure.

The disease also leads to reduced sensitivity of nerve endings at their fingertips. Blood circulation worsens, as a result, all wounds heal very slowly. You may receive the flu by increasing perspiration. Therefore, footwear for diabetics should have enough comfortable and durable front end to protect from injuries. Another requirement is the lining to absorb excess moisture.

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Useful additions to orthopedic shoes

For orthopedic footwear is recommended to buy additional orthopedic insoles. This is one of the main recommendations of doctors-orthopedists.

To orthopedic insoles must meet certain requirements:

  • the correct location from an anatomical point of view;
  • load must be evenly distributed
  • insole should be made of high quality material;
  • insole should support your rise feet.

To Buy orthopedic footwear without special insoles is not recommended. But to buy insoles, purchasing shoes, it's possible. This solution can be optimal for those who are as yet unable to part with your favorite shoes or boots. Although if they are old, worn and deformed, it is better to them to throw. Orthotics will make your favorite "placebo" footwear more secure. Insoles can prevent the development of flatfoot, deformity, provide stability and good shock absorption.

Some models of insoles have ultra-high frame. Due to this, they reduce the load on the spine and joints: the hip, ankle and knee.