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How to choose an orthopedic pillow and what it should be

Orthopedic pillows are used as a prophylactic and as adjuvant in the treatment of many diseases, predominantly neurological, associated with the spine. Before a person is often faced with a choice, because now there is a huge range of materials and technologies for fabrication of orthopedic appliances.

Orthopedic pillow for sleep

Select artopolescu

How to choose the right artopolescu? For this initially it is better to consult a specialist (orthopedist or neurologist), who on the basis of inspection and evaluation functions of the spinal column pick up the necessary parameters of height and bending of ortopediske.

These products have several characteristics that must be evaluated before purchase:

  • height;
  • rigidity
  • material;
  • Laundry
  • the type of the acquired products (for sleeping, sitting, cervical and so on).

The Choice of orthopedic pillows also should be based on the estimated cost and service life, modern materials (polyurethane, latex) are long, but are more expensive.

What type of item

Those who sleep on their back, better to choose the anatomic pillow with a height equal to the distance from neck to shoulder joint (about 10-14 cm). If you like to relax lying on your side, the height of the product must be a little bit more. Rate also your mattress. With its high softness of the body falls slightly, so the optimum height of the pillow will be a couple of inches less than the distance from the neck to the shoulder joint. But if your mattress is firm enough, the height, on the contrary, should be slightly larger. The choice of the rigidity also depends on what position you rest. Orthopedic pillow with high rigidity is suitable for those who sleep on their side. Fans to rest lying on your back, it is advisable to buy the product with medium hardness, but if you sleep on your stomach, then stop your choice on a soft pillow.

Cushion with buckwheat husk

How to use

Today in stores you can find pillows of different forms, but often across facilities, consisting of two rollers: small and large. If you want to sleep on your back, it is perfectly correct to put the product under a head smaller side, but if you're going to lie on your side, then more. In this case the roller should be under the neck and head in a small recess. Make sure that between the cushion and the neck remained free space. Some say that the first few days to sleep on the pillow uncomfortable, but this feeling passes quickly during regular use. In the morning if you are worried about the pain in the neck, so the product is picked up or is not quite right.

Ortopediska foam


The Material used for production of orthopedic pillows, allowing them to take the shape of the body, adapting to individual peculiarities of any person. From what they are filled depends on whether you will wash them if necessary.

  1. Orthopedic pillows filled with buckwheat husk, wash is prohibited, because thoroughly dried husk in normal conditions is impossible. This type of pillow only need to periodically ventilate or slightly to knock. The product of buckwheat husk must be carefully dried in the sun at least once a month during the summer. The life of such a small ortopediske.
  2. Filler in the product polystyrene is represented by a number of balls that are arranged in an optimal way. So right after each use, shake the pillow. To wash it even in the car.
  3. Items with latex filler is also washable, but it is advisable to do it by hand or in the machine, selecting the mode of delicate. Well, if the pillow is made of latex will be quilted, this allows for good air circulation.
  4. Items memory foam after use choose to restore its original appearance. They can be washed, but very carefully, especially if the grounds are latex mini-springs.
  5. Today is also used for making pillows based on a special gel. To wash them is not required, they are also great keeping the desired shape, also have a slight cooling effect, which is especially important in the hot season.
  6. so far, you can find orthopedic pillows with filler in the form of fluff or feather, but to purchase them is not quite right. Such fillers often develop an Allergy, Yes, and to wash them on their own are unlikely to succeed, these products must undergo special cleaning.

by frequent washings of the product with time still out of shape, so it's best to remove it from the case and wash it and the pillow just to ventilate and to dry.

advanced materials for orthopedic pillows

Pillows forseat

Ortopediske on stools and chairs help maintain proper posture and relieve strain on the spinal column, so they will be useful to those who have curvatures and protrusions in the thoracic and lumbar spine, as well as people with long-term sedentary work and the drivers.

It is Best to give preference to products with filler made of polyurethane foam (memeriksa). They have so-called memory effect, that is adapted to the curves of the back of a particular person and the price are quite reasonable.

Orthopedic pillow for couch

They are fixed to the back of the office chair, driver's seat or a regular chair with the help of special belts. The pillow should be at the level of the thoracic and lumbar. To properly keep them clean is not hard may be washed by hand or in the machine. Products on the basis of foam have a zip, opening that, you can get the filler and wash only the cover.