Orthopedic pillow: how to choose and properly use

Sedentary work and low physical activity during the day is not uncommon these days. But if we add to this the fact that most of us the main part of the day, and quite often at night and are in an uncomfortable position, it is not surprising that diseases of the back so prevalent.

Latex orthopedic pillow

during the day you can walk or to do something to change his uncomfortable position for a more comfortable, distraction or to do some physical exercises. But at night it all depends on whether you have a bed and pillow. Today is a very popular orthopedic products. They can save you from many problems. The choice of orthopedic pillows we want to talk about in our article.

what is an orthopedic pillow

The Function of this product is reflected in its name. After all, this household item is a very positive effect on the state of our spine during a night's sleep. Anatomic pillow captures the body in a certain position. And you can sleep on it comfortably not only on your side, but lying on your back. In addition, a comfortable position of the head and neck during the night allows a person to get a good rest and cheerfulness and positive for the whole next day.

the Use of orthopedic pillows

Some people think that sleeping without pillow is useful, although uncomfortable. But it's not. Such a dream can not only create discomfort, but also impair the brain blood supply due to compression of blood vessels, cause myofascial pain. Orthopedic pillow with proper selection solves this problem once and for all.

It can help to reduce the risk of the emergence and development of osteochondrosis, because this reduces the load on the spine, the intensity of pain, if pathological changes are already in place. In addition, the lack of good sleep can cause depression, decreased performance, drowsiness, irritability, headache due to tension and other disorders. At rest on anatomical pillow individually, all of these problems won't bother you.


Orthopedic pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to pick up depending on your settings the one that is perfect for you. It is very important not to rush out and pre-measure at home the distance between his shoulders. Also indispensable will be a very good sales consultant, so artopolescu best to buy in a specialty store.

the Choice of orthopedic pillows


If you have wide shoulders, choose a product with a length of 70-75 cm, but if narrow, then fit the pillow and less than 60 cm If you decide to purchase a pillow for a child, it is enough length of 20-30 cm

In this setting, it is important to choose the right pillow height, otherwise it will cause you only harm. There is a huge importance two parameters:

  • as you are lying down during sleep;
  • you sleep.

If your favorite position during sleep on any side, then you can buy the pillow above 10 see Also well suited product with side bolsters that will fix the head and will not let the body take a wrong position.

If you primarily sleep on your back or stomach, you should not acquire a large pillow. Perfect ortopediska 6 cm in height. Pay special attention to the product with a small depression in the middle.

Another important parameter in the selection of a pillow is its shape. Here we can't give you recommendations on the selection, because everyone has their own preference. It should be noted fact that there are pillows not only under your head but also other parts of the body, for example, under the back, arm, shoulder. In addition to home use they can be to carry or to use in the car.

Internal structure and material

The main criterion of choice of orthopedic pillows is, of course, its filling. It is of several types:

  • latex, or a variation called "viscolatex";
  • cooling gel
  • springs made of latex, having a very small length;
  • foam is made of special material of biological origin.

There are Also anatomical pillows with natural filler. This is, for instance, buckwheat husks, which easily takes the shape of the human body and keeps it away from the muscles and vertebrae of the cervical spine, and allowing you to relax and sleep. Remember that this product requires special care and storage conditions.

orthopedic Gel cushion effectmemory

Other selection criteria

Except for differences in form and structure, orthopedic pillows differ by manufacturer and price. The production of these products are many different countries, among which the most popular pillows from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Finland, etc. The Anatomical products from Russia are also increasingly in demand in today's market.

So, for example, among manufacturers in Russia leading company "Trivers", "Relax", "Ascona", "Ormatek" and many others. They have long established themselves on the Russian market and is known abroad for its high quality material and filler, as well as ease of operation.

Tempur Company from Denmark, Bedding Industries of Italy, as well as many others reach their customers around the world.

Latex pillow

The choice of orthopedic pillows should be approached responsibly. It was from her depends largely on the quality of your night's rest. Of course, friends relatives, friends are very important. But relying on them fully is not necessary, as due to individual peculiarities of the body structure, height, weight, shoulder width that fits perfectly to them, absolutely can not use you.

the details of the choice of anatomical pillows

If while resting on the pillow you feel uncomfortable, this does not always mean that the product does not suit you. Normally addictive to it, especially if you slept on a large feather or polyester fiber pillow, occurs within a few days. If the discomfort does not pass during the month and more product to be replaced, as the choices you did wrong.

the Choice of orthopedic pillows

If you spend most time sleeping on the back than on the right or left side, then buy a low pillow. If your favorite position when you sleep on your stomach, then pick low and soft. Also of great importance when choosing ortopediske a mattress. It is softer than the above she will need. If you have wide shoulders, choose a higher and larger model. If you always want to put your hand under your head, you chose a high enough pillow.

Remember that pain in the neck, flowing body, discomfort are the main signs of the incorrectly chosen products. Also before going to the store for anatomic pillow or purchase on the website on the Internet measure shoulder length. The length of the pillow should be slightly greater than this figure.

Rule maintenance

In order For your pillow as long as possible to be usable, you need to follow a few simple rules. This includes mandatory weekly airing on the street and observance of all the recommendations spelled out in the instructions. Also remember that in order not to disturb the ventilation of the pillow, cover her with a blanket and leave in the clear throughout the day. For the same purpose do not use too dense or thick fabrics for pillow cases.

The Humidity in a room should not be high. Better than a 65-70% damage the product. Careful handling is very important for longevity. Orthopedic pillow require constant turning and shaking, it is impossible to throw, crush, or be stored for long periods in the wrong position.

Comparative characteristics of some species of

Most Often the buyer who first wants to buy an orthopedic pillow, lost in the variety of shapes, sizes, quantities, fillers and manufacturers. In addition, there are firms that produce specialized products designed for children and people recovering from injuries and already having serious back problems.

We would like to elaborate on the Italian and Russian manufacturers whose products are the most popular in our country. In Russia the production of oropouche, as mentioned above, there are several companies. Among them, "Trivers", "Relax", "Ascona" and "Ormatek". Among the most famous Italian manufacturers include companies such as Magniflex, MaterLux,Vefer and Sealy.

Price category of products, both Russian and Italian firms are about the same. The average cost of each product starts from 2000 rubles. Italian products are of peculiar shape, used natural materials. Most often the upper part of such oropouche is bent in the form of a wave and has different levels of height, allowing the most comfortable person to sleep during sleep.

The Russian company "Trelax" produces ortopediske of different types and design which are suitable for the whole family, from the youngest to the older members. A distinctive feature of this manufacturer is the presence of a range of unusual products, such as pillows designers for toddlers that perfectly cope with its primary function for the correct positioning of the body during sleep and unloading the cervical spine and protect the child from injury.

The Use of oropouche has its positive and negative sides. Below we describe the main ones.

the Advantages of the use of anatomical pillows

  1. Absolute ecological compatibility

well-Known and time-proven manufacturers in the production of such oropouche used only quality materials.

  • Security
  • It is Worth remembering that are completely safe for human health ortopediska will be only under condition of correct selection. Or because of its operation you may experience back pain and other problems.

    1. Comfort and convenience

    Thanks to quality materials used in the production of ortopediske and individually matched her mind, your sleep will be pleasant and comfortable, in the morning after waking up you will feel completely relaxed.

    1. Hypoallergenicity

    unlike feather pillows, orthopedic composition is suitable for almost everyone – regardless of price or manufacturer.

    1. Easy care

    Every manufacturer in the package insert or operating instructions in detail will tell about the peculiarities of care for their goods.

    1. Correct body position during sleep

    Each ortopediska maintains the neck and head in the correct position during the entire period of sleep. This helps prevent wicking and other problems.

    1. Long service life

    Anatomic pillow will last you a very long time without requiring special care, spending money and cleaning time.

    Cons of using an orthopedic pillow

    1. the Value

    Today, despite its popularity, the orthopedic pillow is an expensive venture.

    1. the consequences of incorrect selection

    Poor quality or incorrectly selected anatomic pillow would do more harm than good. So go to her choice seriously, not relying only on the opinions of their friends and acquaintances, commercials or reviews on the Internet. Consider your personal parameters and the structure of the body.

    As you can see, there are many types of anatomical pillows. They differ from each other by shape, quality, construction, manufacturer, price category. It is very important to pick up this pillow to sleep on which will be convenient and comfortable, and after waking up you will feel rested and full of energy. To do this, take note of all the features of each type of products, to objectively assess your options and pick up appropriate for you.