How to choose and buy orthopedic pillow for neck

The Spike distribution of spinal deformities in the last decades has forced us to think seriously on the problem. As a way out by doctors-vertebrologists were offered pillows are a special form of high-tech materials. The transition from a regular feather on the headrests of the special form is recommended by orthopedists.

what is the therapeutic effect

It's No secret that the spine suffers from incorrect load distribution both day and night. Sleep on your side, back and stomach when you use a regular feather pillows leads to excessive flexion and tension of the neck.

Orthopedic pillow

The Deformation in the cervical spine contributes to the development of:

  • degenerative disc disease
  • vertebral artery syndrome
  • migraines
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia.

For the prevention or treatment of the aforementioned diseases, it is essential to stop the nightly overload in the neck, and means to discard old bedding.

correct head position while sleeping

People that replaced the square head restraint out of the pen and down on an orthopedic pillow, you notice the improvement of health. They are:

  • stops a headache
  • is the aching shoulders
  • in the morning, after sleep, does not feel fatigue;
  • improved vision and hearing;
  • skin looks fresher
  • tightened chin
  • no Wake "bruising" on his face.

The Effect of the new bedding accessory is achieved by the anatomical shape, designed specifically for neck support during sleep. Orthopedic pillow allows the spine to straighten up, relax daily clips muscles. Blood circulation in this case is normalized, and the brain receives enough oxygen.

neck position

Choose the right pillow

Manufacturers of orthopedic bedding offer dozens of models:

  • various shapes and sizes;
  • synthetic and natural fillers;
  • with a coating of natural fabrics with special additives
  • significantly different in price.

How to make the right purchase? Because today it is rather a subject for medical purposes than simple bedding.

Search models should be based on the characteristics of the physique, the posture in which people sleep, and personal preferences. From the places of purchase I can recommend a shop orthopedic pillows Pillow.Ru.


Orthopedic neck pillow has a rectangular shape. Standard size 60x40 80x60 and. The length of the rectangle should be wider than shoulders. Therefore, before going to the store this parameter should be measured.

The Next envelope of the head restraint height. It should match the length of the shoulder, if the person likes to sleep on your side, or to compensate for cervical lordosis for those who sleep on their back. In the first case, we recommend a height of 14-16 cm and the second cm 6-8

Modern cushions "ergonomic wave" have a special cushion that provides the correct height. The latest models are designed for both travelers. In such an airbag cushion, one high and the other low. If the "wave" cut a recess under the shoulder, the subject was created specifically for those who sleep on their sides.

cushion foam

Fans of sleeping on your stomach should choose the lowest samples. For them, the presence of a bead not necessarily.

Universal option would be a pillow in the shape of a bone. It is convenient to attach to any vacation option.

The ascetic advocates of a healthy lifestyle can make use of a cylindrical roller, which is placed under the neck. Thus the head rests on the mattress.

Orthopedic pillows for children are size: 50х25, 43х23 and small height: 5, 8 and 11 cm.

In the case of a special headrest in the shape of a cone. Orthopedic travel neck pillow wraps around the neck and gives you the opportunity to sleep in a sitting position.

cushion-collar in the carthe Filler

The Material from which made pillow, health is not less important than its size and shape. The filler provides:

  • the necessary rigidity of the head restraint
  • its hygiene
  • easy maintenance
  • save the form.

feathers not meet the high requirements of hygiene: they infest dust mites, fungus and other parasites. Such bedding may cause dermatitis or allergic rhinitis.

As a substitute for feather and down offers a synthetic non-woven materials:

  • ecofiber;
  • natural and synthetic latex;
  • cold foam
  • viscoelastic foam with memory effect.

memory foam

To stay on my back better to choose a harder pillow (latex), in side position suitable headboard medium density, for sleeping on your stomach is the most soft.

Pillow with memory effect"fitted" to the shape of a person and not "pushed" up. This creates particularly favorable conditions for the relaxation of the muscles of the neck. After sleeping on a pillow with memory effect is not a headache.

cushion with buckwheat husk

Modern orthopedic Stuffing pillows and natural exotic fillings:

  • cherry pits
  • seaweed
  • buckwheat husk
  • the fibers of bamboo.

These headrests lightly massaged the skin. But they should be used.


Covers and pillowcases also can have therapeutic properties. First, it is better to prefer cotton and silk covers. They are hypoallergenic, easily washable, long life.

Contemporary blankets for bedding impregnated with extracts of herbs, they interweave bamboo fiber. All of these helpful supplements have a beneficial effect on the skin, guarantee a quiet sleep.

The Choice of orthopedic accessories for sleeping extended objects with additional properties. In this list you can add:

  • musical headrests with built-in speakers
  • massage with cooling of the skin;
  • for pregnant women;
  • anti-stress – in colorful pillowcases.

cooling pillow