What are orthopedic mattresses

For a person to properly and fully relax at night, it is advisable to use orthopedic mattresses. For healthy sleep is not enough fresh air, and 8 hours of silence. The main condition of a good recovery after the mental and physical load during one day is the correct body position while resting. This can be achieved only when the bed is moderately firm and soft at the same time. This contradictory effect can give modern special mattresses – orthopedic mattresses.

the Choice of an orthopedic mattress

orthopedic mattresses

The dream did not harm the musculoskeletal system of the person, the position of his body got to be right. This is due to the fact that bed rest is soft and elastic. In this case the surface must be sufficiently elastic and durable to maintain its functionality for a long period of operation.

The Sizes of mattresses can be very diverse. Usually they come in single and double. Standard sizes mean the length of the mattress 200 and 140 cm Width varies in the range of 80-160 cm Considering that many people prefer furniture made to order, we recommend to study range of mattresses and their sizes, in order not to face the problem of finding the right product.

Should stay on the upholstery. It is made from natural and synthetic fabrics. Some manufacturers produce combined upholstery. To consider this factor only in cases where a person has an Allergy. More practical is the upholstery is made of quilted fabric. Some models are two different materials on two sides. Wool padding will create more comfort and warmth in winter.

Classification of mattresses

The Main requirement for orthopedic products is their ability to bend to a certain depth only in the place where the bed is at the pressure of one or another part of the body. This effect can only create spring and springless blocks with special placeholders.

This product is a product, which take the form corresponding to the contours of the human body. The spine retains its natural shape. Modern manufacturers offer customers various types of products.

Such categories of goods as inflatable mattresses or water, will not be considered. Inflatables are good for the beach or for guests for a short time. Water tanks are generally not meant for normal travelers. They are more luxurious or exotic than a place for normal sleep. Caving in one place, they protrude in the other. As a result, the body takes on a very unnatural position.

let us Consider only those groups of products which are really not harmful to health and have a deterrent effect on the progression of spinal disorders.

spring mattresses with a dependent block

Products of this type have the longest history. At one time they had the prefix "orthopedic". This name they received just a few years ago when mattresses were advertising. Actually sprung mattresses with a dependent block can be called therapeutic very conditionally.

Orthopedic mattress with a dependent spring unit

They consist of many springs that have a common base at the top and bottom. On top of a steel frame sewed on a layer of hard tissue that provides a smooth outer surface. This design is a kind of spring box, which is used to produce double and single mattresses in various sizes for adults and children.

Number of springs per 1 m2 determines the rigidity of the product. The concentration of springs in the dependent blocks is 100-200 units per square. This provides a certain rigidity, which is enough for a person of average weight. For obese people need a more firm mattress with a greater concentration of springs per unit area. Typically, the technology of creation of dependent spring units are not capable of.

Based on this, similar products are only good for a certain category of people. To choose a mattress of this type you need based on specific data of the person to whom it is intended.

spring products there are certain features that should be considered before choosing this design for your bed:

  1. Since all the dampers are interconnected, with pressure on one area of the mattress is the curvature of the entire surface. This leads to the fact that sleep two in a double mattresses quite uncomfortable. The slightest movement of one person affects the other.
  2. Dependent system withtime loses its shape. Their surface is pressed, disappears elasticity. This mattress can cause considerable damage to the spine. This should be considered when choosing a mattress for children and the elderly.
  3. Due to wear and corrosion after a few years, the spring system begins to creak. Get rid of this squeak is impossible, since the springs are covered with a fabric cover.

To increase the quality of products and prolong their service life by laying on top of them additional mattress pad. This will help to evenly distribute pressure over the entire area of the bed, to reduce wear of the springs and their places of articulation.

the advantage of mattresses with a dependent block is their affordable price. TOOOhey may well be used for garden furniture, where to use them regularly. This will allow you to have a comfortable bed for tens of years.

Orthopedic mattress with independent springs

This category of goods is the ideal option that combines high quality and affordable price. This type of bed will suit both for children and for older people. In performance products with independent springs are far superior dependent blocks.

Mattresses with independent spring unit

At the core of the mattress is also this type of spring. As a rule, they are made in the form of a cylinder. For their placement is a special form of tissue resembling honeycomb. In these cell and inserted the springs. This technology makes it possible to place on 1 m2 from 256 to 1024 springs. This solution allows to avoid many technical and medical problems.

Orthopaedic mattresses with independent springs have such advantages:

  1. Each absorber is in a separate pocket, which completely eliminates this undesirable phenomenon, as the friction and the dependence on neighboring elements. This allows much more effective to distribute the load over the surface and react to all the bumps of the body.
  2. Springs are thin enough to be sensitive to the slightest touch. But they are so numerous that the mattress is quite hard and can withstand the weight of even a very complete person.
  3. lifetime independent spring units are quite large. This is due to the fact that in the process of compression and straightening involved only those dampers that are under pressure.
  4. Independent spring field has a therapeutic effect on the patient's spine. In addition, the ridge it is with the maximum comfort, flexible springs provide support and fixing action.

A Certain nuance, which is worth paying attention to, is that the steel is resistant to corrosion. So do not buy these types of mattresses for bedridden patients. Can I attempt to repair the mattress at home is nearly impossible.

Because the manufacture of such products requires more than high technology and the share of manual labor, and the price they will be higher than products with dependent units. But health and comfort are worth it.

mattresses without springs

This category of products has recently appeared thanks to the introduction of new technologies in the furniture industry. If we talk about the mattress with no springs, they have existed throughout the history of mankind. Covers in different shapes stuffed with hair, grass, hay, cotton and feather birds. To say that these products differed elasticity. In the last century was invented a foam. But the popularity of this material is not acquired. Its lifetime was limited. In addition, within 2-3 years he was selling and lost elasticity.

So of these materials as therapeutic we mention it will not. Focus only on those kinds of mattresses that you can choose for a really healthy holiday and support the spine. To mattress without springs was at the same time soft, elastic and supple, you need a truly innovative solution. This decision was based on the idea of using natural materials, and substances obtained by means of polymerization process. A more progressive solution is the manufacture of multilayer products in which collected together several materials with different properties. In them a softer top layer compensates for the rigidity and elasticity of the base.

Springless orthopedic mattress

For the creation of mattresses without springs are used, separately and in complex materials such as coconut fiber, latex and polyurethane foam.

This type Products have the following advantages:

  1. material has a unique memory. It allows him to repeat the configuration of a human figure with maximum precision.
  2. the Ingredients used in the manufacture of mattresses, resistant to moisture, not affected by mildew and rot. Their owners do not need to wrestle with when deciding how to clean soiled bed. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
  3. Flexibility and compactness. Springless mattresses are easy to roll and pack in the carrying case. They can be used in field conditions, to accommodate guests at home and at the cottage. If necessary, the mattress can be pushed into the closetor on the balcony. He is not afraid of the cold, heat and dampness.

The Cost of such products is quite high. But the positive effect of their application deserves the highest praise.

How to choose a mattress

Find the right size mattress is not difficult. As a rule, a standard length of 200 cm is sufficient for the average person. Product width is limited by the dimensions of the bed. More difficult to determine the degree of hardness of the mattress. It should choose for each particular person. Here great importance is its age, weight and state of health.

Recommendations on the choice of mattresses of different categories such as:

  1. Hard. Products of this type it is advisable to purchase for children. Their body is in a stage of development and growth. Teens pretty restless sleep and long to be in an unnatural position. If it does not compensate for a quality mattress, you may develop degenerative disc disease or scoliosis. Recommends this type of product and the people who love to sleep on your back or leading a sitting lifestyle. Mattresses will contribute to the straightening of the back while resting.
  2. Medium hardness. These mattresses are considered universal and suitable for almost all people. They combine sufficient softness and elasticity, which prevents strong deformation even under considerable weight of a person. Typically, products of this type are made of coconut fiber or polyurethane foam and latex.
  3. Soft. These mattresses can be used by people who have no back problems. They are also well suited for the elderly. This is especially useful for women with their shapes.

For a more comfortable stay, it is recommended to use special mattress covers. Besides the obvious convenience, they protect the mattress from soiling and getting wet.